List of Popular Husky Mixes

The Siberian Husky, a medium-sized working breed has a wolf-like furry appearance, with a striped pattern mainly on its face. It is gentle, outgoing, and friendly, getting along quite well with everyone, even strangers, hence not qualifying to the stature of a guard dog. With the trend of designer breeds increasing, the Siberian Husky is often crossed with a host of purebreds to develop interesting mixes. The list below would give us an insight into the same.

Husky Mixes

1. Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Siberian Husky)

Sturdy and muscular, the Gerberian Shepsky has an alert, protective and fearless nature, with an intelligent disposition.


2. Corgsky or Horgi (Siberian Husky x Corgi)

An intelligent breed with an even temper, the Corgsky, Horgi, or Siborgi is fun loving, loyal, easy-to-please and affectionate, just like its parents, with an extremely alert nature.

3. Pitsky (Siberian Husky x Pitbull)

Cute and adorable, the Pitsky is overloaded with energy like both its parents, also exhibiting a kind, good-natured and affectionate demeanor.


4. Goberian (Siberian Husky x Golden Retriever)

An intelligent, family-oriented and confident dog, it is extremely loyal to its people though not suited to be a good guard dog because of its over-friendly demeanor.


5. Labsky (Siberian Husky x Labrador Retriever)

Loyal, intelligent and energetic they are perfect family pets loyal to their owners and always having an eagerness to please.


6. Pomsky (Pomeranian x Siberian Husky)

Adorable and cute, with its playful antics, they are a perfect apartment dog one could ask for.

7. Siberpoo (Poodle x Siberian Husky)

Affectionate, calm, loving and cute, the Siberpoo inherits the Husky’s sturdy body and the Poodle’s furry appearance.

8. Hug (Pug x Siberian Husky)

The Hug is mostly found to display the Pug’s cute, wrinkly face, but some could even have the Husky’s wolf-like appearance. They have the Pug’s friendly nature, alongside a loyal, intelligent and cheerful personality.

Aussie Husky

9. Aussie Husky (Australian Shepherd x Siberian Husky)

Affectionate, intelligent, loyal, hardworking and active, is what sums up the characteristic traits of the Aussie Husky.


10. Husky-Chi (Chihuahua x Siberian Husky)

Mostly small in size just like the Chihuahua, it has an adorable nature, loving companionship, though it could be bossy at times just like its parents.


11. Rottsky (Rottweiler x Siberian Husky)

Active like its parent breed, the Rottsky may take after the Rottweiler in terms of its increased loyalty towards its owner and intense guarding instincts.

12. Alusky (Alaskan Malamute x Siberian Husky)

Playful, outgoing and charming, they get along well with people even strangers and may exhibit the prey drive of both the parents.

13. Chusky (Chow Chow x Siberian Husky)

Cute-looking, fluffy, cuddly and gentle, they have an affectionate nature, bonding well with their family members, often acquiring their parents’ working skills.


14. Boxsky (Boxer X Siberian Husky)

Powerful and energetic, it makes for a wonderful watchdog, alongside a great companion too because of its loyal, cheerful and affectionate disposition.

15. Huskita (Akita Inu x Siberian Husky)

Stout and sturdy as its parents, the Huskita is alert, energetic, protective and playful, displaying an immense amount of loyalty.

Shiba Husky

16. Shiba Husky (Shiba Inu x Siberian Husky)

The Shiba Husky is a bold, high-spirited designer breed, having a reserved and clingy approach.


17. Samusky (Samoyed x Siberian Husky)

Loyal, friendly and sociable, the Samusky could be independent as both its parents, and could even inherit the stubborn and strong-willed nature of the Huskies.


18. Huskmatian (Dalmatian x Siberian Husky)

Mostly large in size because of both its parents, the Huskmatian has great watch dog skills and may even have the spotted appearance of the breed.

American Bullsky

19. American Bullsky (American Bulldog x Siberian Husky)

Loyal, loving and affectionate, the American Bullsky mostly get along well with children, but may inherit the Bulldog’s stubbornness.


20. Bernesky (Bernese Mountain Dog x Siberian Husky)

Cute, calm and easy-going this is a hardworking breed, having two working dogs as its parent.


21. Catahusky (Catahoula x Siberian Husky)

Loyal, devoted, and intelligent, the Catahusky could be independent and immensely protective of its near and dear ones just like its parents.

Shih Tzusky

22. Shih Tzusky (Shih-Tzu x Siberian Husky)

Robust, sturdy and muscular with a compact body stature, they are playful, affectionate and loyal like their parents, and could inherit the Husky’s hunting instinct.

23. Beaski (Beagle x Siberian Husky)

These energetic dogs, are friendly, affectionate, gentle and loyal, often bearing the Beagle’s floppy ears and the Husky’s spotted appearance.

Besides the list of dogs mentioned above the Siberian Husky can be mixed with a host of other breeds like Great Pyrenees, Border Collie, Great Dane, Doberman, St. Bernard, Cocker Spaniel and Shar-Pei to form unique dogs.

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