List of Popular Havanese Mixes

The Havanese mixes, produced by crossing the Havanese with several purebreds, are mostly excellent family companions that stick closely to their owner’s side. Aside from being cute lapdogs, these mixes are incredibly energetic, usually excelling in dog sports. They are quite intelligent and easily trained, making them suitable for inexperienced dog owners.

Havanese Mixes

Havapoo1. Havapoo (Havanese X Poodle)

Also known as the Poovanese, the Havapoo does not make a good watchdog because it is too friendly toward strangers.

Havashu2. Havashu (Havanese X Shih Tzu)

It enjoys cuddling up with its family members and can coexist with other pets.

Havamalt3. Havamalt (Havanese X Maltese)

A sweet toy dog, the Havamalt is known for its loyalty, playfulness, and smartness.

Havashire4. Havashire (Havanese X Yorkshire Terrier)

The Havashire is a loving companion that always wants to be included in all family activities.

Havachon5. Havachon (Havanese X Bichon Frise)

Havachon is a cute, fluffy designer dog that makes a great playing companion for children.

Cheenese6. Cheenese (Chihuahua X Havanese)

Cheenese is characterized by a charming, outgoing, and comical personality, following its people from one room to another.

Ewokian7. Ewokian (Havanese X Pomeranian)

An affectionate family pet, the Ewokian craves for human companionship and is always eager to please.

Schnese8. Schnese (Miniature Schnauzer X Havanese)

It may inherit the stubbornness of a Schnauzer while being loyal, intelligent, and energetic like its Havanese parent.

Crested Havanese9. Crested Havanese (Chinese Crested X Havanese)

The Crested Havanese is easy to care for and train and can adapt to apartment living, provided that it gets a fair amount of activities.

Havaton10. Havaton (Havanese X Coton de Tulear)

One of the cutest and most lovable Havanese mixes, the Havaton will always try to seek out people’s attention and will do anything to please them.

Cavanese11. Cavanese (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Havanese)

The Cavanese is known to suffer from separation anxiety and fits best for those who can spend a lot of time with it.

Hava-Apso12. Hava-Apso (Havanese X Lhasa Apso)

A small designer dog, the Hava-Apso is a fast learner but needs firm, persistent training because of its occasional stubborn streak.

Havapeke13. Havapeke (Havanese X Pekingese)

It is tenacious, fun-loving, and happy by nature and may bark at someone or something suspicious.

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