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The Havamalt, a breed of designer dogs created by crossing a Havanese and a Maltese, is known for their sweet and gentle nature. This small-sized toy dog was developed by the breeders to combine the best traits of both its parent breeds. It has a compact body with soft, silky outer coat. If trained properly, it can take part in competitive dog sports like agility.

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Quick Information

Other namesHavanese Maltese Mix
CoatLong, soft, silky from outside; rough, harsh from inside
ColorWhite/cream, light brown/golden, brown and white, black and white, black
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedToy
Lifespan12-14 years
Weight10-17 lbs (4.5-7.7 kg)
Size and HeightSmall; up to 12 inches
TemperamentLoyal, loving, cheerful, intelligent, alert, responsive
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inThe USA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDBR, IDCR, DDKC, DRA, ACHC

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Temperament and Behavior

The Havamalts with their tender, amiable, and affectionate personality love human companionship. Being faithful companions, they are often seen following their owners from one room to the other. Playful and joyful, as they are, the Havanese/Maltese mix will keep their family members amused with their tricks and antics. They get along equally well with both humans and animals, showing loving and calm behavior towards children.

It is recommended not to keep them separated for extended periods, as they might become anxious and display unpleasant behavior. Even though they sometimes bark and alert their masters of approaching danger, they are not good at guarding and protecting their families.



Mainly an indoor dog, the Havamalt is not suited for plenty of outdoor activities. A daily walk on a leash and an occasional game of fetch in the yard keeps it happy and fit. Provide enough plush toys to keep it busy indoors.


Regular brushing keeps its coat from tangling, as also prevents the formation of mats. The Havamalt fur can easily become dirty and thus needs a bath every week. If your pet has already developed mats, use conditioning oil or a detangler spray to work the mats out softly with your fingers. Remove all the mats before bathing your dog. Check its ears once a week, and if they have odor or seem sensitive, consult a vet. Brush its teeth twice a week to prevent periodontal diseases.

Health Problems

It is a healthy breed with no major health concerns reported as yet. Though not all Havamalts are likely to suffer from the common health conditions affecting its parent breeds, you should still be mindful of them. Watch out for elbow and hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts.


The Havamalt, with their smartness and the ability to learn quickly, not only respond positively to obedience training but also master new skills and tricks. Aggressive or punitive actions while training could have an adverse effect on these easygoing and docile dogs. Whether you are training the puppies or the adults, make sure that you adopt a calm and positive method. Food-based incentive training also works well with them.


You can include quality canned food as well as dry food in your Havamalt’s diet, but keep the daily amount within ½-1 cup. Do not leave food out, as it will encourage your pet to eat all the time, thus making it overweight. Dog treats and cookies can be given sparingly.

7 responses to “Havamalt”

  1. Elizabeth Graham says:

    I would be interested in a female Havamalt puppy and possible breeding in the spring for summer puppies. I would only breed twice and then keep as a pet. I live in the South Jersey.

  2. Elizabeth M. Zahn says:

    Do you know here we can get a Havanese-Maltese puppy?

    We live in Horseheads, NY which is located in upstate but more to the south west (Chemung county) close to Elmira.
    We live about an hour’s away from Ithaca. Also we are Seniors (62/66) respectfully and live in an apartment complex set up to look like a town. We live in the “pet friendly section.

    Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

    Warmest regards.
    Elizabeth & Gerry Zahn

    • Melinda Doner says:

      We just had a litter of havamalt puppies. We have three females available. We are located in Norman, Ok. Feel free to email me at

      • Elizabeth says:

        Dear Melinda,

        Thank you so much for your response! We would have loved to have met you and your three Fur Babies. Unfortunately, we live too far away from Oklahoma. Also we were looking for a boy puppy.

        I’m sorry to ask this question as you have your hands filled, but do you know of any reputable breeders in Southern New York or Pennsylvania. We would be able to travel about 3 miles to 5 miles to reach any breeder.

        Warmest regards and good luck with your litter!

    • CAROL BALLARD says:

      I just purchased a Havanese Maltese mix puppies from there and she is delightful.

  3. FERN RICE says:


  4. Tami files says:

    I’m looking for a female havamalt puppy.
    I live in Northern Ca.

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