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  1. Felix Mary Alyce says:

    Looking to adopt/purchase ahavashon female puppy.
    I live in nyc.

  2. Lori Gilbert says:

    Hi I’m Lori and we live In Sacramento, ca. Our missile is a sweet 8 month old bishon Javanese fee is. We would love to find a male pup to breed one litter. Reach me at lgilbert147@gmail.com. thank you

  3. Charlenys says:

    Hi there everyone ! I am the owner a adult Bichon-poodle Mix pup who is not neutured and I’m desperately looking for a havanese or Bichon to mate him with I reside in NYC please contact me if you know a pup:


  4. Looking for a cockup ooh puppy says:

    Looking for a cockup ooh puppy

    • Lori Gilbert says:

      I have a twelve week old havanese mix and we couldn’t love her any more than we already do! She is a spunky cute funny little doggie.

  5. Susan Simon says:

    I am very very interested in owning a Hava chon but I live on Vancouver B.C., Canada and have been unable to locale a Canadian breeder or find a reputable place where I may be able to purchase one or be put on a waitlist.
    If you can reply it would be really appreciated.

    • deeannajean says:

      Hi! I just purchased a cute little ten week old Havachon from a breeder in Maryland. The name of the farm is Windsor Oak. The owners name is Thomas Thomas. I know it’s far but worth it!

  6. Daisy says:

    It’s amazing how different each Havachon can look. And we were thrilled to see our little Daisy included in your photos! 🙂 It’s a wonderful breed and we’d definitely get another – in fact we’ve had a hard time not getting a sister for Daisy!

    • admin says:

      True! It’s like Havachons are made in nature’s own boutique! Your Havachon is gorgeous. Thanks to you and Daisy! 🙂

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