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The offspring of the Havanese and the Bichon Frise, the Havachon, is a dog with an even, affectionate disposition. These crossbreeds are small size dogs with black, button-like eyes and long hanging ears, with their whole body covered with tufts of dense, silky hair that can be of varying colors. The havachons are not recommended for people living in warm climatic conditions.

Havachon Pictures

Quick Information/Description

Also known asFrise Havanese
CoatShort, silky, curly, glossy
ColorsWhite, Black, Silver, Blue, Brown, Golden, Tan, Salt & Pepper, Cream, Gray
Group (of Breed)Toy, designer, non-sporting
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Weight10 to 17 pounds
Height (size)10 to 15 inches
SheddingVery low
TemperamentIntelligent, independent, loyal, affectionate, social, alert, obstinate
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with other dogs/petsYes
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

Havachon Puppy Video

Temperament and Behavior

Havachon is intensely loyal and affectionate to its owner and the family with a sweet, eager-to-please attitude, expecting a little attention in return. Although, at times, their independent nature might lead to obstinacy or an ‘alpha-dog’ attitude [3].

They are inquisitive and would hang around all the corners of the house. The fluffy, little dog can be a great play pal to kids and are equally good to the guests and the strangers. Though usually quiet and unaggressive, they make good watchdogs, alerting its family of any sound at the door. All these virtues in its behavior (coupled with its cute looks) make it a great family pet.



Havachons are playful, active dogs that need exercise in the form of walks or jogs, at least once a day. Keeping them engaged in indoor activities with toys and other play stuffs also adds up to their exercise needs. Allow them to play unleashed if you have a safe, enclosed space.


The havachons inherit either the curly coat of the Havanese parent or the dense hair of the Bichon Frise, or a combination. Either way, their coat type demands brushing at least twice a week [6]. Although they shed extremely less, havachons need brushing at least twice a week to prevent their coat from getting entangled. It is advisable to trim their hair when long enough to pester them, especially around the eyes, pads, paws and ears.

While bathing your dog, use a mild dog shampoo that maintains the natural oils of your dog’s hair. Additionally, you may use a conditioner if your dog has a less oily coat.

Trim their nails when long and keep an eye for any ear and eye infections. Do clean their eyes properly to ward off possibilities of such problems.

Health Problems

There are no inherited or breed-specific health issues, except that, some individuals might suffer from eye problems like the bichon frise, though rarely.


The clever and intelligent havachons pick up training easily. They also possess the skill to perform tricks. However, it would try to take the lead if proper ‘pack leader’ training is not given.


The havachons can be put on the same diet plan like any other dog of its size and energy.

Interesting Facts

  • Like its Havanese parent, the color of the havachon often fades with age, e.g., a golden havachon puppy might turn into an adult cream dog.

18 responses to “Havachon”

  1. Barbara says:

    Interested in a new puppy. We have been parents to two Shichons for 10-12 years, and recently lost our 12 year old.

  2. Shanna says:

    Interested in purchasing a Havachon
    What is the cost?

  3. Alan Daniels says:

    Have you got a male havachon for sale black/white or brown/white

  4. France Bernier says:

    I would love to adopt an havachon or a havanese but i find difficult to find a correct breeder.
    Thank you

  5. Cynthia Rodriguez says:

    I would love to get a Havachon. Does anybody know a good and reputable breeder around Mount Morris New York? Please let me know.

  6. Brett says:

    I am looking for a male Havachon. I live in Manhattan, can anyone tell me of a reputable breeder?
    Thank you ????????????????

  7. Cynthia says:

    Seeking a havachon puppy. Live in Rhode Island

  8. Damst says:

    Hi I’m Lori and we live In Sacramento, ca. Our missile is a sweet 8 month old bishon Javanese fee is. We would love to find a male pup to breed one litter

  9. Felix Mary Alyce says:

    Looking to adopt/purchase ahavashon female puppy.
    I live in nyc.

  10. Lori Gilbert says:

    Hi I’m Lori and we live In Sacramento, ca. Our missile is a sweet 8 month old bishon Javanese fee is. We would love to find a male pup to breed one litter. Reach me at [email protected]. thank you

  11. Charlenys says:

    Hi there everyone ! I am the owner a adult Bichon-poodle Mix pup who is not neutured and I’m desperately looking for a havanese or Bichon to mate him with I reside in NYC please contact me if you know a pup:

    [email protected]

  12. Looking for a cockup ooh puppy says:

    Looking for a cockup ooh puppy

    • Lori Gilbert says:

      I have a twelve week old havanese mix and we couldn’t love her any more than we already do! She is a spunky cute funny little doggie.

  13. Susan Simon says:

    I am very very interested in owning a Hava chon but I live on Vancouver B.C., Canada and have been unable to locale a Canadian breeder or find a reputable place where I may be able to purchase one or be put on a waitlist.
    If you can reply it would be really appreciated.

    • deeannajean says:

      Hi! I just purchased a cute little ten week old Havachon from a breeder in Maryland. The name of the farm is Windsor Oak. The owners name is Thomas Thomas. I know it’s far but worth it!

    • Sherylyn Roberts says:

      I have one. I adopted him almost 2 months ago. He was worth every struggle I had to endure to get him. My suggestion is to adopt one from a rescue facility.

  14. Daisy says:

    It’s amazing how different each Havachon can look. And we were thrilled to see our little Daisy included in your photos! 🙂 It’s a wonderful breed and we’d definitely get another – in fact we’ve had a hard time not getting a sister for Daisy!

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      True! It’s like Havachons are made in nature’s own boutique! Your Havachon is gorgeous. Thanks to you and Daisy! 🙂

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