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  1. Debra Bushie says:

    We were in Greenland in 1987 for 3 months. In sismuit and Nuuk. The week before we arrived in Sisimuit a 5 year old boy was mauled to death by these dogs. The town’s sled dogs were all kept in a valley staked up in pairs. There probably were a hundred or so. They were fed once per week with raw meat (seal usually) being thrown to them as the owners knew not to come so close while They ravished their food. Only (only the lead dog) was tied up outside the owners houses. They were kept mostly wild as they were believed to retain the instinct for survival if on a hunting expedition they were met with inclement weather which is often the case. One sunny 3 am in the dead of night when the sun was so high in the sky it was above mountains There were men walking in orange overalls shooting older puppies who were found loose in the streets and pocketing the tails (for bounty tally). This was in a town with 5,000 people. Is this happening now? I do NOT know. But 12,00 years of breeding for does not make these “kid friendly”. Avoid this breed.

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