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  1. Carole McCulloch says:

    We live in rural setting a mile off main road. We are purchasing a one year old male who has been around horses,goats,& childen

    We have a small lake wirh ducks and one goose & desire him mainly as a guard dog for them & for ourselves,We love animals, especially my husband, who is exrewmwly good with them.

    Since Eskimo is a bit of a pet (owner raises this breed for sale), do you have any suggestions on acclimaring him, or is he still young enough to adjust easily?

    What kind of dog house is best for this dog? He is extra large for this breed.

  2. Lori says:

    Great Pyrenees are considered hypoallergenic per AKC standards. We have a Pyr and can confirm that as one of our children has allergies and has no reactions.

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