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  1. Gythels Grove says:

    I plan to breed my papered St. Bernard stud to my 50 percent saint bernard 50 percent golden retriever Dam summer of 2020 if interested in reserving your puppy please contact me. This will be their first litter.

    As a certified dog trainer, I also offer free training consultation for the lifetime of the puppies as well as discounted training packages.

    • Al Clark says:

      My Golden saint “Chewbacca” has been a vital part of our family for almost 10 years now. He was a pound rescue, about 3 years of age when we adopted him. I had owned a Couple of Golden Retrievers over the years, but this was a first for a Golden Saint hybrid. I fell in love with the breed the minute I laid eyes on Chewy.
      Alas, Time in Dog years is much faster than in human years, and my dear old friend is fading. Every day the climb up the stairs gets slower and more painful. The look in his eyes when he can no longer make it up from the basement is absolutely heart breaking. I know his time is short, and I know its going to tear me up to let him go. I would like to keep this breed in our family, and hope to add another pup while Chewy is still with us to “show him the ropes” so to speak. I have noticed that when Chewy is around pups, he does seem a little more perky and energetic. perhaps a new companion may add some time to his stay with us. If you have any Pups coming available , I would be interested in adopting one.
      Thank you for your time, and for producing what may very well be the best breed of dog ever..

  2. Rhonda Weatherly says:

    Looking for a Golden Saint Puppy,preferably a male .

  3. Steve & Sandy says:

    Have a great Golden Saint now, 12 years old, looking for the next generation. Any new litters on the horizon?

  4. Laura says:

    Looking for golden saint puppy- please let me know when a litter is coming! Thank you

  5. Melody says:

    I’m looking for a Golden Saint. I had one as a kid (Rufus) and he was so sweet and smart. I’m looking for a breeder possibly in California. If anyone hears anything please let me know.

  6. Linda Korengold says:

    I have the most wonderful Golden Saint. Never chewed, easy to toilet train (actually has a bladder of steel), I had to teach him to bark and the most loving personality. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

  7. Ann Sachs says:

    Having a litter of Golden Saints in October 2018.

  8. Frederick Olson says:

    looking for golden saint puppies or breederd

  9. Stefanie says:

    Have puppies arriving in a few days

    • Michelle Marie Hollis says:


      I am seeking a male Golden Saint puppy. Do you have any available ? I am in Michigan, but would pay for shipping.

      Michelle Hollis
      ( 734 ) 404-7111

      • Al Clark says:

        I am in the 734 area code as well. My 13 year old golden saint is coming near the end of his journey and it is heartbreaking. If you have any luck finding a Golden Saint Breeder in our area, please let me know at clarkallmci@gmail.com or text me at (734)778-8167

  10. Rebecca Resor says:

    Man I want one of these little dudes!!!

  11. Rebecca Resor says:

    Looking very hard for a golden saint, or a breeder.

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