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  1. Patsy says:

    I’m looking for a golden border collie, (adult) can you give me any info where I can adopt one. Thanks

  2. Patsy says:

    Looking for a golden border collie 3 r or 5 call me 804_400_5698

  3. jane says:

    I am looking for a golden retriever/collie cross. Please let me know if you have one you want to revoke, or puppies

    • pandora says:

      check rescues, Sign up for Rescue Me alerts, sign in for golden retrievers and border collies and german shepherds, both of mine came from rescues also be open to getting a dog that is 5 or older. if you treat it right it will live a long time.my older dog lived to 17 i didnt feed him dry kibble just good quality canned and he is indoor dog,, only goes outside supervised. microchipped and has shots both core and alternative. good luck

  4. Cheryl Kochel says:

    I would like to breed my Golden border collie mix with a stud of same mix…no pspers… no mass producing… just a litter so we can have a few pups… she is a love… in south east Pennsylvania

    • bri says:

      I have an intact 1 year old golden border collie. His mom was a purebred border collie and dad is a purebred golden retriever. My golden border collie’s colors is black with a white patch on his chest and white on the tip of his paws. What color is your bitch?

  5. Mythili says:

    Hi, we are looking for a golden retriever collie mix female puppy. Willing to travel to pick it up. We live in west virginia and my son attends college in California so we can travel fairly extensively to pick it up.

  6. Mishelle says:

    Hello, I’ve a male border collie Bailey and a female golden retriever, and when I was informed by the veterinarians and reading a number of contributions on the internet, so I decided. 🙂 For 10 days, my Golden retriever Gina will have puppies. Although I am from Slovakia but if someone wants the puppies will be for sale

  7. Ivan G. says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if it is safe for the female BC to be bred with male GR? Thanks a lot.

  8. Jenny golding says:

    Looking for a retriever / border collie puppy , anything out there .

  9. Jen says:

    Looking for a breeder or someplace to get another golden border retriever dog. Please let me know on any leads!!!!

  10. Harvey R says:

    I’m looking for sable golden collie. Just lost mine of 12 years. Anyone know of one please let me know.

  11. Russel says:

    I’m just amazed… that little tutorial you gave on how to train your dog to not bark at the doorbell ACTUALLY WORKED! I never would have thought it would be that easy. I’ve been listening to my dog bark at the doorbell for years now, and thought it was just something I would have to live with forever…

    Thank you!

  12. Gary says:

    I have been looking for a young female Border collie/golden retriever mix. Puppies perferred. Anyone have one. I live in Niceville, FL. email me. gary3putt3@aol.com

  13. Brenda Bow says:

    Hi guys! I had a Golden/collie!He was my best friend! Sweet, guard dog, loving,playful,dog ever! Loved to hike, swim, jog, you name it! I just lost him due to a tumour on his stomach! Looking for another, trying to get over my baby! You can’t go wrong with a dog like this! Btw, mine had allergies! And constantly on meds! Other than that they are fantastic!

  14. Megan says:

    I’ve recently adopted a Golden Collie. He is smaller around 45lbs. Has a beautiful golden coat. He looks like a fox with that great fluffy tail. He loves other dogs, cats not so much. He is great. Highly recommend (ADOPTING) one.

  15. Jamie Goff says:

    I have one and his name is Bailey ! I was actually doing some research on him and came across this article. They are great dogs and companions to have !

  16. Jon says:

    Hi guys. I would like a golden retriever/border collie mix. I’d like it as a little puppy. If you guys have one or know anyone that does, please reply and let me know.

  17. Miss Cellany says:

    I want one! I love border collies but many are too shy and reactive to have in an urban environment – a mix with the docile, friendly golden retriever should make for a smart gentle dog with more of a friendly outgoing nature than a purebred BC (but still with fairly high energy and intelligence which I love about the BC).

    Will definitely keep my eye out for a cross of these dogs in rescue.

    The only thing that worries me is the heavy bone structure, bad hips and tendency to be overweight of the golden – would have to manage diet and exercise with this cross I imagine (a purebred BC regulates their own food intake usually, mine never got fat no matter how much food I put out, how fatty the food, and how many treats I gave him).

    • Gareth says:

      Hi! We have a Golden Collie named Clovis. He is the most amazing beautiful dog. His father was a red and white border Collie and mother a Retriever.
      Clovis is 7 and a half, no heavy bone structure or over weight or bad hips… he’s a fireball playing fetch and only 6 months younger than our daughter, very much grown up in the family.
      Super intelligent, best friends with 3 cats and 2 rabbits and 5 humans!!

      Here is Clovis watching the sunset from our Balcony. Auckland, New Zealand


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