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The Glechon is a designer cross between a Bichon Frise and a Beagle. They are small to medium sized dogs that have long been demanding the attention of dog lovers. They are known to be ‘cute’, and have a long but sturdy body resting on proportionate legs. Their muzzle is long, and so are their tail and ears. While the tail has curled up over their backs, the ears are floppy. The large, curious and round eyes set amidst a round head has added to their charm. The Glechon is one breed that makes a great family companion, as also is good for apartment life, provided they get the scope for ample amount of activities.

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Quick Description

Also known asBeachon, Beachon Frise Beagle Mix
CoatFluffy, wire, smooth, harsh and rough, curly
ColorsYellow, brown, black, gray, white, solid, multi-colored
TypeCompanion dog, Designer dog, Hounding dog, Non-Sporting dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan/Expectancy12 to 15 years
Weight15-35 lbs (when full grown)
Height (size)Medium; Maximum 16 inches (both male and female)
Personality TraitsObstinate, independent, alert, affectionate, intelligent, playful, alert, brave
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes (only with other dogs)
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA, DDKC, DBR, IDCR

Video: Glechon Dog Playing

Temperament and Behavior

Glechons are a breed of highly intelligent, easy-going, and gamesome dogs that would frequently display their love and fondness for their owners and family members. They love to be around their family and cherish their company. When they are tired, they would often want you to cuddle them on your lap or they would curl themselves at your feet. Their gentleness and loving attitude have added to their sweetness in nature. These dogs thrive for the attention of their family members, as also gets along well with other dogs, strangers, however, they might not like other animals. When off leash, they might not listen to you but might chase small prey.

They are good with children, as also love to play, and would play for hours with them. However, it is also important to keep an eye, when the kids are around your Glechon. They would also easily warm up with your friends and relatives, and all the new faces who they see are friendly with you, and hence, can hardly make a good guard dog.

They are feisty dogs with a curious nature and loyal attitude and have a highly strong sense of smell, and they might even do some tracking. They may often go stubborn once they put their nose to the ground. It will alarm its family of any approaching stranger. This makes them a good watchdog.



Exercise is important. Most of them require at least one to two walks a day. Take them out for a long, brisk walk every single day, at least for an hour. You can also make them jog with you. But the real requirement is helping it spend its energy. They are energetic and highly excitable, playful and active, and hence need their daily dose of exercising and stimulation.

You can also take them to the dog park for giving a good impetus to their mood, and help them know others – the dogs and their owners – and thus getting it used to socialization. Be sure to open the leash only inside a safe, fenced yard.


The coat of your dog is a coat of medium length and is fluffy, and hence the coat needs to be brushed regularly, at least 3 to 4 times a week to prevent tangles, and bathed as needed. These dogs are low shedder but their ears must be cleaned weekly to prevent infection. Trim their nails every six weeks.

Health Problems

Care should be taken when you feed your dog every day since they are prone to obesity. Some individuals might also be prone to asthma attacks since asthma is common in the Beagle breed and is often carried forward down the line. Other than that, also keep an eye for other general and genetic diseases and disorders.


The glechons are generally obedient dogs. However, they will often show willful behavior if not trained properly from the time they are adopted from the breeders or the rescue. The best time to train them is during puppyhood. Some glechons can also be difficult to housebreak. Hence, it is advisable to begin all training like socialization, obedience, crate, etc. right from birth, if possible.

Your dog is known for its stubbornness, so never be rude to them, nor scold them, but rather, be consistent and firm. Let your pup understand that you are the real leader of its ‘dog-pack’. Keep your cool and praise them or give them treats as and when they succeed in understanding a new thing in training, or pick up a good trick. These intelligent canines are usually obedient and well behaved and would always be ready to please their masters.


Since these dogs are quite susceptible to obesity, only choose the best quality dog foods that are specially meant for those dogs of its stature and energy levels. Do not overfeed your dog, or continuously give them food treats. Divide your dog’s daily allotted food into two parts for two different meals.

Interesting Facts

  • Glechons possess the talent of searching and rescuing.

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    I am very interested in a glechon

  2. Melissa says:

    I just had to put mine to peace on June 22. He was 14. At some point I would like another. Are there any breeders in northeast Ohio?

  3. Brenda E Kuhl says:

    Hi, My name is Brenda Kuhl and I’m looking for a glechon breeder and I live in Missouri. Can you help me?

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