List of Popular German Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherd, a medium to large working breed is noted for its efficiency in performing police, military, search and rescue as well as disability-assistance tasks with efficiency and skill. They are renowned for their increased intelligence level, eagerness to learn and strong guarding abilities, alongside an obedient and protective demeanor. The crosses of German Shepherd would mostly display the latter’s guarding abilities, alongside characteristic features of their other purebred parent. The list below contains some of the popular German Shepherd mixes.

German Shepherd Mixes

1.  Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Siberian Husky)

It is a heavy, muscular breed with a brave, fearless and alert nature, emerging as the family’s ultimate protector.

2. German Sheprador (German Shepherd x Labrador Retriever)

Large and heavy in size, the German Sheprador is loyal, lovable, sociable, and even-tempered, renowned for its intelligence like both its parents.

3. Shepherd Pit (German Shepherd x Pitbull)

Being an outcome of two fierce-tempered breeds, the Shepherd Pit has a dominant approach, with a robust, muscular built. They take after their parent’s guarding instincts, displaying a protective, possessive nature, especially when it comes to strangers.

German Rottie

4. German Rottie (German Shepherd x Rottweiler)

This breed is a great guard dog and could exhibit the aggression of both its parents, alongside their loyal and obedient nature.

5. Shepadoodle (German Shepherd x Poodle)

Cute and adorable in appearance, the Shepadoodle is sweet, easy-going and friendly as the Poodle and may even inherit the German Shepherd’s protective, courageous disposition.


6. Shollie (German Shepherd x Border Collie)

Athletic, protective, agile, affectionate, playful and intelligent are the traits that sum up the Shollie’s character.

Boxer Shepherd Dog

7. Boxer Shepherd (German Shepherd x Boxer)

Alert and protective, the Boxer Shepherd is a perfect family dog with strong guarding instincts, alongside an even-tempered, bright nature.

8. German Australian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Australian Shepherd)

Intelligent, alert, and loyal, being extremely devoted towards its family, though not suited for first-timers, because of its leadership skills and confident nature.

9. Doberman Shepherd (German Shepherd x Doberman Pinscher)

A giant-sized versatile dog, known for its watchful, loyal and intelligent nature, excels in a host of disciplines like military services, racing, sighting and herding.

Beagle Shepherd

10. Beagle Shepherd (German Shepherd x Beagle)

An active, energetic breed, with a loyal, intelligent personality, the Beagle Shepherd makes for a protective and efficient watchdog.

Chow Shepherd

11. Chow Shepherd (German Shepherd x Chow Chow)

Medium in size, the Chow Shepherd has an admirable appearance, but may sometimes inherit the Chow Chow’s stubborn nature.

Dane Shepherd

12. Dane Shepherd (German Shepherd x Great Dane)

Large in size, it shares a close bond with its family and also replicate the strong watch dog skills of both its parents.

13. Akita Shepherd (German Shepherd x Akita Inu)

Powerful, robust and muscular in appearance, they are obedient and loyal, with a strong defensive instinct just as its parents.

Malinois X

14. Malinois X (German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois)

Energetic, loyal, devoted, intelligent, and fun loving, they are hardworking dogs, always eager to perform a task, since they have two herding breeds as their parents.

Mastiff Shepherd

15. Mastiff Shepherd (German Shepherd x Mastiff)

They have a loyal and gentle demeanor, but could show aggression while being over protective towards their family.

16. Alaskan Shepherd (German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute)

Athletic and sturdy, they are amicable and affectionate, with a protective instinct, emerging as a great watchdog.

Euro Mountain Sheparnese

17. Euro Mountain Sheparnese

Being a product of two large breeds, this dog is huge in size, being a perfect companion, also possessing fabulous guarding skills.

18. Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd x Corgi)

They are smart and intelligent, taking after the Corgi in terms of sweetness and friendliness as well as the German Shepherd, when it comes to its loyalty and protective nature.


19. Shephound (German Shepherd x Greyhound)

This powerful dog has an athletic body with a sturdy built, being a great family pet, because of its loyal, affectionate nature.

Shepherd Pei

20. Shepherd Pei (German Shepherd x Shar-Pei)

Some of them would have a wrinkled appearance, just like their Shar-Pei parents, alongside an alert and intelligent temperament.


21. Sheptese (German Shepherd x Maltese)

Obedient and loyal like the GSD and playful and lively as the Maltese, the Sheptese is an adorable family pet.

Saint Shepherd

22. Saint Shepherd (German Shepherd x St. Bernard)

It has the friendly, loyal and affectionate nature of the St. Bernard, alongside the German Sheoherd’s confidence.

23. Basset Shepherd (German Shepherd x Basset Hound)

Affectionate, obedient, loyal and intelligent, some of them are known to inherit the Basset Hound’s clownish skills.

German Corso

24. German Corso (German Shepherd x Cane Corso)

German Corso is docile, affectionate and well-behaved, taking after both its parents when it comes to their protective and alert nature.

German Anatolian Shepherd

25. German Anatolian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Anatolian Shepherd)

They are loyal and affectionate, being as efficient a guard and working dog as both its parents.

26. Shug (German Shepherd x Pug)

Cheerful, happy, friendly, and intelligent, it might be on the Pug’s side when it comes to its watching instincts as it would fair pretty well as a watch dog but lacks guarding skills.

Apart from the above-mentioned breeds, the German Shepherd is mixed with a whole lot of other dogs like the Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Blue Heeler, Catahoula Leopard, Dachshund, Leonberger, Vizsla, Shiba Inu, and Bulldog.

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