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  1. Austin McNeill says:

    Hi, I have never owned a Gerbirian Shepsky before and was wondering if anyone had any tips to give. I came upon this website while doing some research and figured someone would know something.I have an opportunity to buy one of these beautiful dogs, butt decided to do my homework first. Any information will be gladly accepted.
    Thanks, -Austin

  2. Celia Robertson says:

    Hello, my husband and I are looking for puppy or young Sheppard/husky mix. We are both retired and have a large yard. Our budget is limited, but we have a lot of love and affection to give.

  3. Jezs says:

    Shep/husky puppies

  4. Robert Kilpatrick says:

    What is the cost.thanks

  5. Kari says:

    I currently have a brand new litter of 8 German Shepard Siberian husky mix pups. I am looking for potential owners for these babies. If anyone is interested please email me at kstalans@gmail.com we live in southern wv. These pups are absolutely gorgeous. They’re only 2 days old but I am already in love!

  6. ERIC says:

    These Dog’s are my favorite, I own one as well. the only advice to people who want one is, don’t treat it like a “dog” treat it as if it was family. very simple and the rest will fall into place. they will follow you with out a leash they will soon be able to sense your feelings and most importantly they will know the what’s and how’s to make you have their attention. Finally…REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION!!!!!!!

  7. Sarah Cooper says:

    Hi there,
    Where did you get the photo of the Husky German Shepherd Mix, first row, 8 down, in the red collar, Please? As I am looking for a similar type puppy of this exact mix. I was wondering if you could either pass my details onto the owner or if you could ask the owners if I can contact them directly. Kind and sincere regards Sara.

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