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Georgian Shepherd


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 17th November 2022

Georgian Shepherd is a molosser breed that was used as a working dog in the Georgian country of Caucasus. Classified into the short-haired (Nagazi) and long-haired kinds, the Georgian Shepherds, are strong-boned dogs with an athletic body stature, characterized by a large head, hairy ears, powerful legs and a feathered tail. These breeds were used to herd their sheep, a tradition that continues up to the present time.

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Quick Information

Other namesGeorgian Mountain Dog
CoatThick double coat
ColorAny color (black, tan, mottled, pied, white)
GroupMolossers, Mountain dog
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy11-12 years
Height24-26 inches
Weight100-150 pounds
Litter size6-9 puppies
Behavioral Characteristics Calm, strong-willed, courageous, tough-minded
Good with childrenModerately
Shedding (Does it shed)Moderate to Average
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationNot recognized by any major kennel clubs


Georgian shepherds derived their ancestry from ancient molosser dogs and were primarily used as livestock guardians for protecting sheep against predators as well as other harm. These rare dogs were mostly found throughout Russia, showcased in several dog shows even in the present time. At one point their importance in Georgia had declined with most of them being removed from the country. However, dog enthusiasts sought help from the Ministry of Environment and made efforts to revive this breed. Advertisements through television and newspaper were made to enhance their popularity. In the present times, they are also used for fighting purpose.


Their herding and guarding instincts make them alert, brave, strong-willed and assertive. These dogs would bond closely with everyone in their family, but not accept or get along well with strangers or people they are unfamiliar with, a quality which makes them great watchdogs. The Georgian Shepherd would also share a good rapport with children whom they have been brought up with and mingle well with dogs of their family. However, they would get territorial when it comes to unknown canines. Because of their herding instinct, they would not be a good choice for households with cats and other smaller pets.



These active breeds need to be exercised on a regular basis, with a long walk and ample playtime being sufficient for them. They do not do well in an apartment but prefer a big yard or a garden where they can run around freely. While taking them out ensure to leash your pet lest it may run at the sight of any prey.


Brushing them on a weekly basis would help to retain the shine on their coat, also lessening chances of matt and tangles. Other hygiene needs include brushing its teeth, cleaning its ears and eyes as well as trimming its nails.

Health Problems

These healthy dogs have not been reported of suffering from any breed related issues.


Because of their dominant nature, they are not suitable for first time or novice owners but needs a tactful trainer who would handle them in a firm yet gentle way.

Socialization: Since they are wary and indifferent towards strangers, it is essential to socialize your Georgian Shepherd since their childhood by making it meet different people and experience various kinds of situations. In this way, it would gradually get to know whom to accept and whom to be cautious about. Introduce your dog to people who frequent your house on a regular basis at the earliest so that he may be decent when interacting with them.

Obedience: To keep a check on its chasing habit, imparting obedience training and teaching it essential commands is a must.

Besides training it on commands, other techniques can be implemented to control the prey drive in your dog. The moment the Georgian Shepherd is taken out, it will explore its environment and lock its eyes on a particular target and then start chasing. To break this chain, have your pet focus on you. Hold a treat between your fingers and bring it to its attention. You can give it a cue or even say “Watch me” if it follows commands. Doing this on a regular basis would help you to give your dog a cue the moment he begins scanning a prey or the environment around him when outside.


You should feed your Georgian Shepherd a diet rich in vitamins minerals and proteins, that can be achieved through a good quality dog food as well as a homemade diet.

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