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Frenchton (Faux Frenchbo Bulldog)


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 26th October 2022

What is a Frenchton

The Frenchton, a designer breed developed by crossing the French bulldog and Boston Terrier, is mostly found to be about 75% like the French bulldog and 25% like its Boston Terrier parent. It possesses the athletic nature of the Boston Terrier and sturdy built of the French bulldog.  It is further characterized by a round-shaped head, flat face, snub nose, erect ears, straight legs and short tails.  The bulging eyes of the Boston Terrier are not seen in this breed. Their energetic nature and pleasing personality makes them a perfect pet choice.

Frenchton (Faux Frenchbo Bulldog) Pictures

Quick Information

Also known asFaux French Bulldog, Boston Frenchie, Faux Fr. Bulldog, Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
CoatShort and fine
ColorsBlack, Brindle, Black and white, brown, golden, cream
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan/ expectancy12 to 15 years
Height14 to 16 inches
Weight15 to 25 lbs
 Litter Size  5 to 10 puppies
Personality TraitsEnergetic, Playful, loyal, friendly, intelligent
Good with ChildrenYes ( Older children in particular)
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA, DBR, DDKC, IDCR

Frenchton (Boston Terrier French Bulldog Mix)  Playing at a Dog’s Park Video


Developed in the 1990s, they were designed for the purpose of eliminating certain health hazards related to the French bulldog also bringing in an increase in their mass and stamina.

The American Canine Hybrid Club acknowledges the name Faux Frenchbo Bulldog; the Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognizes Faux French Bulldog; the International Designer Canine Registry accepts the names Frenchbo or Frenchton and finally the Designer Breed Registry takes the name Faux Fr. Bulldog or Boston Frenchie.

Temperament/ Personality

Being bred from two great companion breeds, they are endowed with the antics, amusing personality and independence of the French bulldog as well as the obedience, intelligence and willingness to please of the Boston Terrier.

The French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix has an amicable and affectionate disposition, immensely craving for human attention, also loving to be cuddled by its owner.

These playful dogs enjoy the company of children, with the older ones being more suitable for these canine pets as they would not handle them in a rough way.

Though they do not have much hassle in mingling with other pets, they might show aggression towards dogs.



Though playful, these dogs have a laid back attitude too, and are well suited for an apartment life.  Similar to their parents, a moderate amount of exercise like a daily walk or little bit of jogging in the doggie park would be sufficient to keep them physically and mentally sound.  Keeping their amusing nature in mind, you can also engage them in a lot of interesting indoor games. However, they might not be well suited to extreme temperature conditions like their parents, so make sure you do not take them out in the scorching heat or chilling cold.


Because of their short hair, they do not need much grooming.  Brushing twice a week would be sufficient enough. Bathe when your dog gets dirty and try wiping him on a routine basis using a damp cloth to ensure cleanliness. Clean its ears with a damp, warm cloth, clip its nails at least in every two weeks and brush its teeth to lessen possibilities of tooth decay.

Health Problems

Though the Boston Terrier French Bulldog mixes may not have severe health hazards as their parent breeds, however, certain common concerns faced by their parents like respiratory disorders, eye ailments, digestive concerns, sensitivity to extremes of temperatures might be observed in them.


Though intelligent, it might be stubborn and demanding like its French Bulldog parent, that might make training a challenge. However, a firm and tactful trainer may handle them well.

  • To channelize the amusing personality of this dog you can teach it the “paw trick”, where it will learn to shake hands with you. Make him sit, reach out your hand and hold our dog’s paw, pronouncing the word “paw”. Now try extending your hand out and say paw, your dog will put out its paw in your hand. Keep a treat ready to encourage your pet.
  • To deal with its stubborn nature begin obedience training by teaching him to follow commands. In order to get your pet acquainted with the sit command, hold its favorite treat very close to its nose, move your hand upwards in such a tactful manner that his head follows the treat and its bottom lowers, coming to a sitting posture. Once he is seated reward him with the treat and utter the command “sit”. Repeat this exercise many times a day until he has mastered it.


Feed it with good quality dry dog food and make sure you fix a nutritious diet for your pet.

45 responses to “Frenchton (Faux Frenchbo Bulldog)”

  1. Luisa says:

    I just brought home 2 Frenchton puppies from the same litter, a boy and a girl. Has anyone had any experience with 2 puppies at one time? My daughter wants me to give one puppy back because the puppies just end up playing with each other and ignoring her. Not sure what to do as I wanted this to be a great experience for her with the puppies. I thought it would be a good thing for them to have eachothers company and be able to play together, but now I am regretting it a little. Any advice? Thanks!

  2. Erica Jimenez says:

    our 1st Frenchton puppy arrived yesterday. Should I be concerned with nasal discharge? She is 8 weeks.

    • Liz M says:

      As long as it’s clear you’re good. My Ayvah was 8 weeks when we got her. Their narries (the slits in the nose) are very small at that age. They can get wider as the puppy grows but if they stay small & dont widen the vet can do a little nose job while puppy is under getting fixed. Bc dogs can’t spit its hard for these little guys to get phlegm out. The cold (when all bundled up of course) can make the nose run & you can wipe it. However, the first few weeks keep an eye on puppy when the raspy cough starts bc some phlegn may start to come out but they will swallow it back in if you dont pull it out. Gross but ive had to pull 3 long phlegm dangles out of Ayvah’s mouth. (They have a hard time getting them out which is why you should pull it out.) Again as long as its clear you’re golden. When mucus starts turning green or is cloudy white def take a vet trip. Hope that helps! I was nervous too. 🙂

  3. GEORGIA says:

    Just brought home our 8 week old Frenchton Delilah. I thought her ears would be up by now but they are half way up the breeder told me could be another 4-6 weeks. I thought they would be up since she is 3/4 French Bulldog and a 1/4 Boston Terrier.


      Give her calcium to help her ears stand up. Add a teaspoon of cottage cheese to her meals daily

    • Kierra says:

      I have a 9 month old frenchton. At 8 weeks all his siblings ears were up. It took him until 7 months to have standing ears at all times.

  4. Alex says:

    Big fan of Frenchtons, I have an 11 month old who has been great. When I got him he was 8 weeks and about 5 pounds. Now he’s pushing 30 and is still filling out. This breed is very popular with people around the neighborhood. It’s actually a bit awkward because cars will stop to get a view of him on walks. His personality is definitely happy go lucky and extremely friendly. Almost too friendly but it’s hard to tell if it’s just his age or the breed. Another positive about this breed is that they (mine at least) seems to have retained the endurance of a Boston. If it’s not too hot, he can walk for miles no problem.

    • John says:

      Alex, I’m interested in a Frenchton for my family, but do you have any info on their medical issues. I understand, as crossbreeds, they are ok, but thought I’d ask. Also, does yours snore? Heard some will snore quite loudly.

      • Darcie Ramirez says:

        My Frenchton Tek, snores so loud it rattles the windows (ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit). That said he is so loving and affectionate that when I tell him to stop he usually adjusts himself so he doesn’t snore as much or as loud. He is such an amazing dog! I highly recommend! He is the most loving and loyal dog I’ve ever known!! I once sprained my ankle and was laying on the floor in pain and crying and he was literally in my face kissing me and trying to comfort me (not appreciated at the time, but was after)!! If anyone in the house has a cold or isn’t feeling well, he will lay by their side until they are well! He’s the best!!

    • Sara harris says:

      Can a frenchton female carry a baby naturally

    • LA says:

      Be careful your dog doesn’t get stolen, it’s common with Frenchies!

  5. Issey says:

    I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago and am looking to adopt a Frenchton. I’m willing to drive up to 100 miles, can anyone offer any insight as to what’s the best way or who’s the best person to contact please. I have a 7 year old Boston Terrier who I love dearly and would love to get a companion for him. Thanks, Issey

  6. Nana says:

    I can not tell if my new pup is a frenchton or not…her papers say she is 100% Frenchie but she has long hind legs. So hard to tell.

    • Sarah says:

      I would recommend a DNA check was told my frenchton was a full blooded french bulldog turns out two litters were born around the same time and she just move the dog from one to the other.

  7. Alexis Parker says:

    Hello we are considering getting a frenchton. And was wondering if anyone could provide us with some insight as to their overall health concerns, allergy concerns, food restrictions Etc. Thank you in advance.

    • Jessica Greulich says:

      I had a female for 10 years and still cry because she died. Very intelligent, “mature and sophisticated” as a friend of mine said. You need to put up with the snoring, as it can be loud!As she got older I paid around $1,000 for an operation on her soft palate (so she could more easily breathe) She died at 10+ years of Cushings disease. Have a lovely rescue dog (Pappilon) now, but will never forget my Maggie

      • Lori Rodey says:

        Hi there! Thought it was interesting you had a Frenchton and now have a Papillon! We had a Boston Terrier for 16 years and I am so sad she passed this past November. We also have had a Papillon for 8 years. He’s a good little guy too! Just got a Frenchton and we are so excited! She was born in February.

      • Kelli Dougan says:

        Sorry for your loss. I lost my last 2 small dogs to Cushings as well. Devasting. I now have a male 1.5y/o Frenchton named Jaxx. He is so high energy its crazy. Thankful I have a large pc of property for him to run everyday.

    • Karyn says:

      Hi, I own a 8.5 year old male Frenchton and he is pure joy! Wonderful temperament, very athletic, super friendly with people and other animals, easy going dog, does well in either an apartment or house and is hilarious. I have only dealt with seasonal allergies with him, I keep them in check with allergy meds and a special shampoo. He has never been allergic to anything else. I also own a 3 year old full Frenchie and haven’t had any problems with her. They are wonderful dogs!
      I bought both of mine in Oregon!

      • traci Caporicci-yee says:

        Hi Karyn, Last February my best buddy passed, Bruce Yee, 14 year old Frenchton. He was so great! And healthy, but the breeder i got him from are no longer available. If you could, I would be so grateful to know where you got your frenchton in Oregon. I think i’m about ready for a new friend:) Thank you, Traci

      • Rain says:

        I also would greatly appreciate the breeder You got Your baby from. My precious BooBaby passed away just coming a year ago due to breast heart is shattered.I have had alot of pets and companions over the years .but missing her has been horrible. My doctor allready has the companion / Service dog paperwork ready to go…ThankYou in advance.have a great evening…

    • Liz says:

      I have a 2 year old all white Frenchton. I haven’t had too many health concerns with him, but I found he is allergic to different things (pumpkin and bacon) and is grain free. I’ve heard having a grain free diet is common for Frenchtons, because of their sensitive stomachs, and there’s plenty of options for grain free food and treats. My Frenchton does chafe under his legs and armpits, because there’s no hair, so just something to watch out for if you live in a climate that isn’t cool all the time.

    • Jeanna says:

      We breed Frenchton and you can find info on our Facebook page. Baird’s Hybrid Frenchtons. They are a wonderful breed

    • Daniel Joseph FaJohn says:

      We breed Frenchtons and have for 5 years. They are very healthy compared to their French Bulldog kin with very few health issues. As a matter of fact I have had no health issues with any of our (20) dogs. We have one male that has a allergy to chicken. They are wonderful dogs! You will not be disappointed.
      Feel free to email me with any questions at

  8. Dietwithsofiaclub says:

    This site definitely has all of the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  9. Chandra says:

    My family and I are interested in getting a Frenchton. But we really don’t want a spanking new puppy. We’d love a dog about 6 months old. But I guess we are open. We have fallen in love with the breed. But we have no idea where to look. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We live in Georgia. And I’m not on Facebook to see any of the groups there.

    • Tabitha Steponik says:

      We bought our frenchton from SacRiver Kennel. Marti is the owner. She is WONDERFUL to work with. Amazing kennel. Health guarantee etc…
      SacRiver Kennels
      4668 N. Farm Road 1
      Ash Grove, Missouri 65604
      Cell: (479) 806-5061
      or you can try
      Good luck with your search

      • Teddie says:

        I got my Frenchton male Carson from SacRiver Kennel as well. Marti is wonderful and I have nothing but great things to say about my pup:)

    • Sandy Charnow says:

      We also live in South Georgia and are looking for a Frenchie. Let me know if you have found someone.

  10. Becky Lynn Wilhelm-McGarrah says:

    I have a three month old Frenchton female named Zoey, who I love dearly but I have two problems. I take her out to go potty just like I did with my Boston and I would think she would have got the idea that we potty out side. But nope we are outside for 20 to 30 minutes and ounces in she pees and poos on my floor. HELP!!!! what do I do.
    My other problem is she thinks my ankles are a chew toy and no make what I do she attacks them. Even if I squart her with water it doesn’t faze her. She loves Water.
    If anyone can please help I would be grateful. I mother about to pull her hair out….

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Accidents are expected for puppies, and so you need to be consistent with potty-training your Zoey. Creating a schedule like taking her outside after waking up, or after eating, drinking, and playing may help. You may confine her for 3-4 hours to a secured area or crate, as she is least likely to defecate in her sleeping area. Make sure that you clean indoor accidents so that your Frenchton pup does not smell urine and feces in the house. You can place the poop in the approved potty area so that Zoey smells it next time she goes outside.
      Now for the other issue! The next time your Frenchton pup bites your ankle, you may try giving a loud “ouch” that sounds like a puppy yelp. This will express that you are hurt, and it will make her understand what she did was bad.

  11. Gail says:

    I lost my 10 year old Boston March 2 to liver cancer. I was so devastated. His name was Magoo. He left such an empty space in our home and our hearts. I have another 10 1/2 year old Boston that is is lost without his buddy. I also have a 6 year old boxer. They stopped playing since we lost Magoo. I thought it might be too soon to get another one and no other dog can take Magoo’s place but I got a baby Frenchton. He’s not my Magoo but he is my Magee and he’s awesome with his own little personality. Very smart little boy and full of love. My boxer plays with him but my other Boston isn’t ready yet. Might never be so I just have to give him extra love.
    Jeffrey I’m so sorry about you losing your little guy. I hope you brought another one into your heart to love. They have so much love to give.

  12. Yevonne Williams says:

    My new Frenchron, Leenah, just arrived from the breeder yesterday and this little bundle of energy just stole my heart.

    I am looking for a Frenchton Club to join. If anyone is aware of one, please post the info here.

    • Savannah Perez says:

      There is a Frenchton page on Facebook that I am a part of. Just look up frenchton lovers. It’s a great page. I have two a one year old and a two year old. They are the best!!

  13. Jessica says:

    I have three year old frenchton name Marty, that I rescued from a local animal shelter. He is my first frenchton. I can definitely see some of the personality of both breeds. I also have a pure breed Boston Terrier, but overall like the personality of the frenchton.

  14. Ann Marie says:

    Just got my first Frenchton. He is so sweet. The first night was rough, but he I getting used to the leash, collar and crate. He slept in his crate without crying last night. He is getting the idea of pooping outside, and he goes pee out there regularly.

  15. Christina says:

    I just got a frenchton his name is Amos he is adorable

  16. Jeffrey Charles boles says:

    My Boston passed away after 14 wonderful years he had a brain tumor the vet tried and tried but he couldn’t save him I got to have another one they bring me so much happiness?

  17. Jeffrey Charles boles says:

    Just lost my Boston to a brain tumor about 5-6 weeks ago broke my heart he was family he was with me every day and slept with me every night for13 years didn’t think I would ever want a nother one but they bring so much Joy in this world I can’t do without one??

    • Debbie says:

      sorry to hear you lost your little guy we lost our corky a couple of weeks ago devistated would like another one but unable to find one just started looking though so empty around here

  18. Kristina wolff says:

    Frenchton info

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