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  1. Kelly Stinson says:

    I have 2 french brittanies and they do just fine in the house. Training is a must from day 1, lots of exercises and structured playtime. We do toy retrieval, have lots of toys, dog chews, bully sticks, walks, playtime and a ton of attention and love from us. My dogs are well behaved in the house and they do not wander off of our property. They need consistent training and reinforcement in order to have a well behaved EB.We also have a cat that they have been raised with and they don’t chase the cat. The cat taunts them and then they play with him. Their interaction is normal and they are very gentle with our cat. We also crate our dogs when we are not home. It’s not cruel; it’s for their safety and well being.

  2. anika says:

    i noticed that you have a picture of my dog (french brittany puppy) on here. i was wondering if you wanted a picture of him all grown up now.

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