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  1. Lari says:

    You have done a thorough and accurate representation of the wonderful flatcoated retriever. Having owned several, and had a best in show flatcoat in obedience, I offer a few amendments to your article.

    Flatcoats have a short attention span for mundane training, but they are eager to please. Thus being a firm taskmaster is not only unnecessary, it will be at odds with this breed’s gentle disposition. Patience is the trait that the trainer best needs with their at times mischievous nature.

    Flatcoats do indeed need exercise, more in their first two years when they still have puppy like enthusiasm. But two hours a day through their life is a bit of an overestimation. A couple of half hour sessions chasing a ball, a good long hike, or several shorter walks will keep them happy.

    And while flatcoasts do indeed need to be with you, I have been able to leave them at home while I go to work. Exercise before leaving them and as soon as you get home will do.

    I wish you were wrong about the issue of cancer in this breed, sadly you are correct. Thanks for the information, and the nice puppy video.

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