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English Springer Spaniel


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Last updated: 14th January 2023

The English Springer Spaniel is a gun dog breed, belonging to the family of Spaniels, previously used for the purpose of flushing and retrieving game. This breed has a medium-sized, compact body along with light head, oval-shaped eyes, long and moderately wide hanging ears, muscular, slightly arched neck and a tail carried in the horizontal direction.

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

Quick Information

Other namesSpringer Spaniel
CoatOuter coat: Medium length, wavy or flat; Under coat: Soft, short, dense
ColorBlack and white; black, white and tan; liver andwhite; liver, white and tan; orange and white; lemon and white; red and white
Breed typePurebred
GroupSpaniels, Detector dogs, Sporting dogs
Lifespan 12to 14 years
HeightMale: 19 inches; Female:20 inches
WeightMale: 50 pounds; Female: 40 pounds
Litter sizeApproximately 6 puppies
Behavioral traits Affectionate, obedient, willing-to-learn, eager-to-please
Good with childrenYes
Barking tendencyModerate
Climate compatibility Adaptable to all climatic kinds
Shedding Moderately average
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationAKC, FCI, ANKC, CKC,  UKC, NZKC, KC (UK)

Springer Spaniel Puppies Video at Play

History and Origin

The origin of the Springer Spaniel occurred many centuries ago and they were bred for hunting game birds. From assisting hunters to bring down the birds, their role changed to that of an efficient gun dog as modern ammunitions like rifle came into the scene. It has been often said that these dogs were extremely hardworking who would toil in the field throughout the day, while at night they would retire with their family as perfect companions. During the 1870s, this, as well as the Welsh Springer Spaniel, were identified as one, and they received separate status in 1802 when the Kennel Club recognized them separately. In 1910 it attained AKC’s recognition and due to their sharp nose, teamed with a trainable and durable demeanor, they are often used for K9 detection.

Temperament and Personality

The Springer Spaniel is affectionate, friendly, loyal, with an eagerness to please, hence, emerging as a perfect family dog.

They are mostly known to have a personal favorite and be devoted to a single member of the family. It has a deep sense of attachment towards its kith and kin, and being left alone for a long time could make it resort to destructive means like chewing and digging.

These dogs would bark when they see an unknown person at their door, however, they do not excel as good guard dogs since they expect love and attention from strangers and would take no time in mingling with them.

They are friendly towards children as well as other dogs, though the English Springer Spaniel may not share a comfortable rapport with cats and also have a tendency to get after birds (keeping their past lineage in mind), considering them as prospective preys.

Because of their pleasing and friendly nature of them, they are often used as therapy dogs, taken to hospitals as well as nursing homes to bring in a smile to the ailing and dejected.

The Springer Spaniel possesses a profound liking for water, not letting go of the slightest opportunity to get wet.

Another trait shown in some of them is the tendency of submissive urination, that involves eliminating out of anxiety or excitement, especially when their master greets them after a long day out.

Are the English Springer Spaniels Aggressive

Aggressive behavior and rage problems in this breed have been common in recent years, the main reason behind the same being indiscriminate breeding. In fact, the symptom occurs all of a sudden and is usually not visible before the dog is two years of age.

Hence, it is always essential to know in details about the Springer Spaniel’s background prior to getting it home. In the case of adoption, ensure that you take a dog that is not less than four years old. Your Springer may also show rage out of a sense of dominance, wishing to place itself on top of everyone, this trait can be corrected through constant training and in case of extremities a professional behaviorist’s help needs to be sought. This study was conducted to see if the aggression in the English Springer Spaniels was owner directed, also analyzing the factors responsible for it.



Being energetic and active dogs exercise them on a routine basis, their regular workout would include daily long walks teamed with sufficient playtime. Keeping their affinity for water in mind, take them out on a swimming spree if possible. They can even be made to be participated in rally, tracking, agility and obedience.


The grooming need differs in accordance to the king of dog you are opting for, if it is a show Springer, then it would need additional combing and trimming to maintain the shine and beauty of its coat, whereas for the field springer, cleaning is needed on a routine basis. They are moderate shedders and brushing them at least thrice a week would help keep their coat free from mats and tangles. Brushing your Springer’s teeth, trimming its nails and cleaning its eyes and ears regularly are the other grooming needs to be kept in mind.

Health Problems

Some of the common health problems faced by the English Springer Spaniel include hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, elbow dysplasia, autoimmune diseases and certain allergies because of bacterial and viral infections.


  • Socialization training imparted to the English Springer Spaniel puppies would help them in distinguishing the good from the bad, making them conscious about any threats to their home.
  • Because of their spaniel rage, imparting this breed obedience training and teaching them to follow basic commands such as “No” and “Stop”, since the onset of their life is of utmost importance.
  • Leash training these dogs is necessary keeping their chasing instinct in mind.


According to the National Research Council of the National Academies a healthy English Springer Spaniel needs 1353 calories in a day.  Foods having meat meals or whole meals like turkey, fish, chicken or lamb. Carbohydrates as oats, brown rice or barley and fats obtained from safflower, flaxseed oil or poultry would be the ideal ingredients for your pet.

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