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  1. Gene Davis says:

    I have a black mastweiller 3 months old

  2. sue smaw says:

    I am looking for rottwilermast puppy

  3. Meg g says:

    Looking for a mastwiler puppy we live in New England. Anyone close with a litter please email me frostfamilyvt@gmail.com

  4. baudin says:

    The American bandog is not a race but just one of the lines of mastiff just like the yorkshire bandog, German bandog etc …….. the only thing to see and that they have names that please

  5. Gina says:

    I am looking for a female mastweiler any age, in missouri or Illinois

    • Blossom McCracken says:

      I have a verg protected female and male. They are brother and sister all red with dock tails. Female weight 130 Male 180.Will to give them to good hones with lots of space to run. Will protect your family with there life. Act likes puppies until they are 3 years old. I love them so. Much but my lupuus is getting bad so I am noit able to take care of them. Please gett back to me asap. 49 people wants them but I need to see who is the best canidates.

      • Pamela J Rudolph says:

        You cant spell. Probably cant raise a special breed of dog such as this.

        • Jimmy says:

          Your comment is ridiculous and isnt needed,maybe keep you stupid ass remarks to yourself. Maybe you shouldn’t deal with these breeds because of your dumb ass thinks spelling has something to do with training.

  6. David Tompkins says:

    I recently put down what I think was a Mastweiler. He was 12 or 13. I am looking to replace him. I live in Texas

    • Blossom McCracken says:

      I have a beautiffuul one he is 2 yrs. Old He last weightt 180 but he may have llost weight very big head. His all red with a dock taaill. We live in Richhardson Tx 75080. I got him as a puppy and paid. $2700 foor each dog. It was him and his sister. Very well protected dogs. They still act like pupppies. Im willing to give them to good homes since I am very ill. Please contact me asap.

    • Etta E Bernhard says:

      I have a litter born today. 8 males

      • Barb Perry says:

        Hi Etta I have been looking for a male mastweiler puppie for a while now so I am very interested in finding more info about yours location, price coloring etc. My phone number is 763-447-8768 I am available after 3:30 or my email is madoosa10@hotmail.com

        Thank you
        Barb Perry

      • Jen says:

        Still have puppies? If so any pics? Lost my mastweiller 2 years ago last Christmas. He was 11.

        • Brandon says:

          I have one male neo and rotty left he looks more of the rotty but markings are brendle my nimber is 5055921433 out in farmington nm

  7. David Tompkins says:

    I am looking for an English mastweiler puppy that is less expensive. Are there any in Texas?

    • Blossom McCracken says:

      Yes 2 nale and femake 2 yes old all red with dock tails in Richardson TX 75080. Each was purchase for $2700 ea.puppies totalung $5500 with tax. I am willing to give them to someone that will love them more them me.

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