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  1. Deborah Ingle says:

    Could someone give me a price range?

  2. Danny W. says:

    We have a Doxiedoodle named CC. We have had him since he was 10 weeks old. He is now 6. He is fantastic, whip smart and does not disturb anything or ever leave us “gifts” in the house. He is extremely affectionate and provides us with unconditional love. He gives much more than any dog owner could ever ask for! We love CC so much!!!

    • Sergio Ornelas says:

      Does he shed?

    • Linda capria says:

      I also have a little chocolate brown Doxipoo that I adopted in October, 2028. She was rescued by a local shelter. She was given to friends of the original Owner. These so-called friends kept my little girl tied to the side of their house leaving her to live in her own feces. I can’t believe someone could neglect her like that.She is the cutest, funniest little girl the vet guessed she is around the age of 10 yrs. Old.
      She looks like a puppy.
      I adopted her to be a Little sister to our 16 ur. Old female brindle pit mix. They are getting along ok except our little “Mia” is very bossy at times. I love doxipoos

  3. Angie says:

    I purchased a doxie-poo in September and absolutely love this breed! He is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. He loves to play with any other dog, even dogs that are much bigger than him. He also loves to be around people, especially children. We have a lot of children in our neighborhood and he loves to go outside and play with them. He is a true sweetheart. I would highly recommend this breed.

    • Trena Greer says:

      Angie, where are you located, I am very interested in owning a Doxie-poo, Please give me a call 936-347-5241, please leave a message if I dont answer, I am outside working
      Thank you
      Trena Greer

  4. Personility Plus Kennels Lindalee says:

    Well folks I breed and raise doxipoos. I find them very special animals. Not like most dogs more human like did you know these dogs are talkers and will study things and then solve their promlbem with what ever it is? Also they are the most loving dog.Lindalee

    • Julie says:

      Where can I get one ?

    • Barry Patterson says:

      My little Doxiepoo just passed away two days ago and my wife and I are heartbroken. We really want another one and prefer a female. If you can help us out feel free to call me at 8032604353 and ask for Barry, thank you.

    • Karen Dunn says:

      Where are you located? We recently lost our guy, a doxi/boarder collie mix – 15 pounds and perfect – after 17and a half years. We’re thinking about doxie-poos in terms of personality. Are you having an upcoming litter?

  5. Audrey Johnston says:

    We call are rescued “Doodle” – Doxie-Poodle – Sienna because of her undercoat. She’s fiercely loyal, plays well with other pets, & smart as a whip. She was in a hoarders house & it took her a year to overcome her fears. Now there’s no stopping her. Doodles are wonderful dogs.

  6. Briana F. says:

    I disagree with good with other pets. My dog (Riley Grace) HATES it when we come home with my grandmothers dog. She usually never barks but she always barks at my grandmother’s dog.

  7. Briana F. says:

    Me and my mom just recently rescued a doxiepoo, and we figured out that she was abandoned (her name is Riley Grace).We actually found her on Saturday, and now is VERY attached to my mother. She cries every time me or my mother leaves, but I need to find a good place to get her a microchip and tag. Does anyone know a good place I can go?

  8. Wayne S. says:

    Love my Sassy.

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