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Doodleman Pinscher


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 18th October 2022

As a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and the Standard Poodle, the doodleman pinscher has a mix of some typical characteristics and features of its parent breeds. It is a large dog breed with unique facial features and a well-proportioned body. It has a long head, long poodle-like ears, a long muscular neck, straight back with smooth shoulders, strong front legs, and angular back legs.

Doodleman Pinscher Pictures

Quick Information

Other namesDoberman pinscher-standard poodle mix
CoatThree types of medium-length silky coats – straight, wavy, or curly
ColorBlack, brown, white, red, black and tan; can be solid or blended
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedWorking
Life span12-15 years
Weight66-88 lbs (30-39.9 kg)
Size and HeightMedium; 24-28 inches
TemperamentLoyal, affectionate, good-natured
Good with ChildrenYes, but with older and considerate children
Country Originated inUnited States of America
Competitive RegistrationDBR, IDCR, DRA, DDKC, ACHC

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Temperament and Behavior

Typically a pleasant, easygoing, and loving dog with an even temperament, it usually mingles with children and other animals, even with the non-canine pets in the house. Although obedient and cheerful, it may show signs of occasional stubbornness. Apart from being a good family pet, the doberman poodle mix does well as a watchdog, showing alertness and protecting its family, territory, and property. It remains cautious of danger, especially in the presence of strangers.



The doodleman pinscher can adapt to apartment living, provided it gets enough exercise. Because of its active and agile nature, it requires lots of physical activities to remain happy and fit. This dog has a natural fondness for long, regular leashed walks and interactive games. It should be allowed to play and run inside an average-sized fenced yard to keep away boredom.


Care should be taken depending on its coat type. It should frequently be brushed to get rid of loose and dead fur. Long and curly fur is difficult to take care of and requires occasional professional clipping. A moist cloth can be used to keep the ears clean and free from infections. Bathing once in a while with gentle dog shampoos helps to maintain its coat luster.

Health Problems

Despite being commonly referred to as a hardy breed, it is known to suffer from few canine health issues including Von Willebrand’s Disease, Wobbler Syndrome, epilepsy, PRA, hip dysplasia, bloating, and some skin problems.


Doodleman pinschers are not hard to manage, but may sometimes exhibit willful or adamant behavior towards training. Firm, patient, and consistent training without employing rough or harsh methods are required to deal with such unwanted behavior. The puppies should be trained to become obedient and sociable.


Give it a nutritionally balanced good-quality dry kibble in amounts appropriate for its age and height. Whole grains like brown rice, vegetables like sweet potatoes, and raw meat such as lamb, beef, and chicken can be given. Safflower oil can be added to its diet to keep its coat shiny.

Interesting Facts

  • Being versatile, this breed is a great choice for racing, herding, sighting, and military works.
  • Its coat can reach a length of 2-4 inches.

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