Scandinavian Dog Breeds

Which European nations constitute Scandinavia is always up for debate. Some say that the region strictly comprises the countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, while others include Iceland and Finland due to their proximity to the other three. However, regardless of which nations belong to the region, several dog breeds have originated from the area.

Scandinavian dog breeds are known for their ability to weather the harsh cold. They are hardworking breeds known for their high energy levels. Historically they were used for hunting and protecting livestock. Nowadays, they are among some of the most loyal and family-friendly breeds out there.

List of Dog Breeds from Scandinavian Countries


Faroe Islands

  • Faroese Sheepdog





These active dogs are scarce, even in their home nations. But if you do get to keep one of them as a pet, they will be a faithful and fearless furry friend for you.


1. What are some of the largest dog breeds in Scandinavian nations?

Broholmer, Black Norwegian Elkhound, Finnish Hound, etc.

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