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The Daug is a medium-sized designer breed developed by mixing the Pug and Dachshund. Characterized by a big, round head, wrinkled face, dark eyes, Pug-like curly or a straight, curved tail and a slim to muscular built, the Daug is affectionate and friendly, qualifying to be a good house pet.

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Quick Information

Other namesPugsund
CoatSmooth or wiry shorthaired coat, or even longer ones
ColorBrown, black, tan, silver, fawn
Breed typeCrossbreed
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy12-15 years
Height (Size)Approximately 11 inches; Medium
Weight15-25 pounds
Behavioral Characteristics/ PersonalityIntelligent, loyal, devoted, friendly, affectionate
Good with childrenYes
Shedding (Does it shed)Low to Moderate
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationDRA, DDKC, DBR, ACHC, IDCR

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Besides being friendly and laid back, the Daug is extremely devoted to its owners, which makes it a great family dog.

Most of them are deeply attached to their master and would be content in staying in their laps just like the Pug. The Dachshund Pug mix always craves for a company and would resort to destructive activities when left alone for prolonged periods.

They are extremely cautious and wary when strangers are around the domain of their home, while a few might even be aggressive enough the moment they spot an unknown face like the Dachshund, a trait that makes them excel as good watchdogs. However, once they get to understand that the unfamiliar person is of no harm to their family, the Daug would display friendliness towards them.

They are frequent barkers, a trait inherited from its Dachshund parent and may be quite vocal about the intrusion of an unknown person into its territory. They get along well with children also sharing a comfortable rapport with other dogs and non-canine pets, provided they have been brought up or socialized to interact with them.  However, they might display a territorial nature and even an urge to chase smaller pets, thus needing supervision during their interaction.



Though an energetic breed, they have low exercise needs and would suffice with one long walk or two short ones on a daily basis. Since they thrive well in apartments, giving them balls, soft toys and other interactive playthings would help in providing mental stimulation.


Since the Pugsund is a low to moderate shedder, it has low grooming requirements, being perfect for busy owners. Combing it on a bi-weekly basis using a brush with soft bristles would be fine, though during the shedding seasons regular brushing is recommended. Clean between the areas of its wrinkles and folds to prevent bacterial built up, if your Daug has too much of it like its Pug parent. Other hygiene requirements include cleaning its eyes and ears, trimming its nails as well as brushing its teeth on a regular basis.

Health Problems

An otherwise healthy breed, it might suffer from problems like diabetes, eye concerns, ear infections, back problem, epilepsy, nerve problem, allergies, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and Cushing’s disease. Since most of them are not as flat-faced as the Pug, they might not suffer from severe breathing problems as the latter.


Though they are intelligent and eager-to-please their masters, the Daug might be stubborn and obstinate at times, thus needing a firm hand to deal with it tactfully.

  • Socializing the Daug puppies are of utmost importance so that they get to mix with different people and get acquainted with various kinds of environments from a young age, which would eventually help them to identify the good from the bad. To help them overcome their territorial nature and chasing instinct, take them to dog parks quite often, though with a leash so that they get to meet several dogs and gradually come to know them.
  • To help it get over its urge to bark unnecessarily, teach him to bark only on command. Acquaint him with “speak” and “quiet” so that he would start barking on hearing the former and stop once you utter the latter. His exposure to varied situations would gradually help him understand when to be vocal and when not to.


Feed you Dachshund Pug mix a good quality dog food in combination with nutritious homemade diet to keep it healthy.

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  1. Gary says:

    My pug just give birth to 4 beautiful Daug puppies

  2. Rose. Foster says:

    I. Already. Have. A. Dashound. Part. Pug. Am. Looking. For. Another.

  3. Pam Williams says:

    I currently own one and would love to have another. Where can I get one?

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