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  1. glenna jordan says:

    I to have a Dalmador, he is 1 year old still just a puppy. He is afraid of the water, the pool and his watering bowl. He is so cute and so active. He is white with some black spots, beautiful little dog (57lbs)He to is great with everything after he decides that they are not going to get him. Inky to loves his mama will not leave my side. The Dalmadors are very smart and hard headed. I love working with him he can play so stupid at and times and then turn around and and show me how smart he really is. Anyone would be very happy with A DALMADOR.

  2. AJ says:

    Hi I would love to talk to someone who breeds Dalmador’s but weeks of searching online has proved fruitless. Any info anyone can give me would be much appreciated!

  3. Ann Curtis says:

    I would like to buy a b/w dalmador puppie. I’ve had two … a brother and sister .. Sparky and Ember … from the humane society. Got them at 3 mos old and Spark lived to 15 and Emb to 18 yrs…. let me know if you have puppies for sale.

    • Rebecka says:

      I do not know where you are located but The Rescue Project in Kansas City had a litter of about 10 puppies that were lab/dalmatain. I adopted one today and I heard there were a few more left.

  4. Mike says:

    Have 3 yr old. Energetic only begins to fit for first 3 yrs. loves her walks and chasing a catching small animals. Even a fish. Not a mean bone but gets overly excited around people but only for a few minutes. Loves her daddy. Only barks at high flying birds like hawks. Stubborn and listens when she wants to.

  5. Helen Bayne says:

    I just got a new dog, Tipsy, that I think is a Dalmador. She’s great and very active. I had a Beagle rescue that has passed. Great dogs too. Tipsy does love the cat but she is very active. She also is only 1 year old. Not a mean bone in her body. Is very weary of strangers but comes around to most, but loves Mama and doesn’t like to leave my side.

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