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  1. Melody says:

    I want to buy a daisy puppy from a breeder who is honest and reliable also making sure has healthy puppies can you help me

  2. Kris Parker says:

    My name is Kris Parker. I purchased a 4 lb. Yorkie from you in 1993 or 94 Charlie Chaplin. He was a great dog he rode across the country with us on our bike. I’m looking for another small 4 or 5 lb. Dog to fit our active life style. We bike alot and our yorkies have also gone with us where ever we go. Kind of looking for a female. Small size is important.

  3. Hope says:

    I’m getting my Daisy puppy on Tuesday and we’re hoping this info really helps!!

  4. Jane Barr says:

    Im preparing and hoping for a little Daisy puppy any time this year or next. The sooner the better, of course. I would appreciate info on your location and pricing. I am a doggy lover to the extreme. Please email me as soon as convenient. Thank you kindly. Jane

  5. Natalie says:

    I too am looking for a Daisy Dog bitch after meeting a 4 year old today. Bred on the Isle of Man. It would be the perfect companion for my Bichion. Anyone able to offer contact details of breeders please.

    Than you 🐶

  6. Sandy Berryman says:

    Hi, My name is Sandy and I have been recommended to you by Kay Cull North Carolina who has purchased 3 dogs from Ms. Peterson. I live in the Ann Arbor area and am wondering if you have pups available.

    I would appreciate a response. Please call or respond via text (313 820 6891) to whom I can call.

    Thank you,

  7. Kelly Kruppa says:

    Iam very interested in finding more information on daisy dog picture…the blonde pup. or interested in finding out prices please…or pitbull shitzu pups…

  8. Carol Lightfoot says:

    This is exactly the wonderful temperment I’ve been looking for. I am retired and need a sweet companion if not too expensive. I don’t care about colors, I would love them all.

  9. Annette Birmingham says:

    Hi i am looking for a daisy dog, preferrably blonde, reddish, or a mixture of both. This dog would mainly be for our 11 year old daughter who really wants a fur baby to love

  10. Kathy Gaw says:

    I am looking for a small puppy or young dog for our home. My husband and I are empty nesters now that the kids are in college and working. Can you help us?

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