4 Responses to Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Czechoslovakian Vlcak)

  1. Alan Hall says:

    Hello , I am interested a puppy or a one year old Female. I looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Does these dog’s come with AKC registration papers

  2. Sandra cook says:

    Looking for a malamut hybrid p

  3. tundrawolf says:

    Vlcak does not have White or Black coat like the photo used. Please read FCI standard. They do bark.
    You do not need a license as they are a dog breed. The breed started in 1950’s.

    • Fabian Sanchez says:

      Where can I purchase a male czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy?
      I live in Florida but according to your comment above I wouldn’t need a license to have a czechoslovakian wolfdog?

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