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  1. Debbie Travis-Moore says:

    Please Please I want to find a puppy or young adult Cojack.
    My 17 year old best friend died 2 weeks ago and I am lost without him.
    Debbie 8 0 8 2 2 o 7 8 7 8

  2. Dennis Rayon says:

    We have a male Cojack, he is 8 yrs old, this is the best dog we have ever had. We are looking for another Cojack, male preferred, female is ok too. How does this process work?.
    Do you ever get 2-4 yr olds. We are in our early 60’s live in the country, own 9 acres for them to run on.

  3. Gabino says:

    Also, they take on the owner’s personality… Their body movements, facial expressions, bark, etc implies they know exactly what you’re saying… Best companion…One of kind breed

  4. Gabino says:

    I have a CoJack over 16 years old…. All tan in color… He’s still sprightly as the moment I got him… I never thought an animal can be seen as “Handsome” but he is lol… Very handsome many have said…He looks like Scrappy Doo as that is his name… His body is very muscular and dense… Looks similar to a race horse… He is the definition of loyalty… Amazing intuition and can sense when someone is perhaps not what they say or who they portray themselves to be. He’s fierce and fearless similar to a Dogo Argentino… His agility and lateral movement is impressive… He refuses to mate with any female dog… His K9’s are unproportioned to his size… Very strong and pronounced jaw line, neck, etc… Small, but mighty, for truly the heart of a giant… Intelligent breed… Also, extremely affection… It seems he has a bit of OCD as well… I’m going to be crushed when it’s time to have to put him down… Best dog, EVER… They have spunk and personality…

  5. Annette says:

    Is there a breeder in Queensland(Australia) please?

  6. Betty Resley says:

    I just lost my pup in March after spending 16 wonderful years with her. She was my everything and I miss her so much. She was super smart, I use to say she spoke English, and she did everything with me. The vet thought she was a Jack Corgi mix which I agree with after reading descriptions and seeing pictures. My daughter picked her up at a shelter but I fell in love with her and kept her. I am now ready to get another dog. I know she can never be replaced but would like to find another companion who is intelligent and would like to do stuff with me. I live in the Kansas City on 11 acres and currently have a 4 year old lab mix and a 12 year old Husky mix who get along great with all of the other dogs in our family. If anyone has puppies please let me know. I am willing to travel to you if it makes sense.

  7. Jen says:

    My lil cojack will be 7months(15lbs) the 27th.. His name is Nugget and man is he a handful! Like a 2 yr old toddler but worse at times.( I have 3 kids) He just discovered his back foot is always instigating him. 😂 He started chasing his nub (so funny) we started doing tricks sit shake and lay down. Now he does everything before I even say the word so I have to mix it up a bit. His lay down trick is more like “bang dead puppy” and he plops. 😂 He has his “holy sugar u catch on quick” days and his “No Nugget, bad Nugget” days.. For some reason he doesn’t like sweaters so when he’s bad he knows he’s getting the sweater. Lol so he hates his sweater. Lol almost looks like a baby tee on him 😂. I’m very happy with my Nuggy.. got him for Xmas from my parents.. He’s not just any dog.. He’s one of the family, our lil Nuggey ❤️


    I had a cojack for just over 8 years from 6weeks old pup, the best family dog ever , knew everything, unfortunatley he developed back issue which then disabled his back legs and he couldnt stand up, i had no choice so he had to be put to sleep, it has broken our hearts as he was so okay otherways. He is buried in our home garden and we wont forget him ever, life can be cruel at times, we didnt know they can have this degenitive problem with their spinal cord and nothing prepared us for that.

  9. Gina says:

    We inherited a Cojack. Learns commands very easily. Stands like a Meerkat. Prefers to be left outside in bed rather than inside if we go out. Loves walks. Wakes all the children up every morning. Very loving. Does shed a bit. Brushing outside helps. Minimum health issues. Very social with other dogs. We think he is 13. Still sprightly.

  10. Aida Izetbegovic says:

    I just list my dog Corgi – Jack Russell cross of 19 years and am heart brojem. I want to get similar.
    Please help – where can I get dogs like this Cojack

  11. Natalie says:

    My boy sheds a lot, corgis are a high shedding breed! He is 14. I adopted him 8 months ago and he is great with kids and my 2 cats. So very bright and intelligent and he never stops speaking! he has the jack Russell snout and the beautiful corgi eye liner and tall ears.

  12. Katerina says:

    Hi everyone!
    I recently adopted a dog, who was obviously bred and left alone. He is lovable and energetic, and my family loves him already. Today I found out he most probably is a cojack since his outlook and temperament confirms it. Though I can’t be certain he is one I am very happy I found more info about this cross breed.

    • stefhenie lopez says:

      I have a 5 yr old female, ive had her since she was 10 wks, She is the best dog always excited to see me after work, very stubborn when she want to play ball she will bring her ball to u she will try and toss the ball to u then bark she will continue doing this until u take her out & play ball. She is an attention whore, she loves other animals but don’t try & pet them around her she will not have it she will do almost anything to get the attention back on her. I never thought I could love a dog like this but she is my 4th child I cant imagen my life without her. Watch out they r very curious and adventurous Lucy loves to be out in the woods but she does try to wonder off, she like squirrels, chipmucks and bunnies she loves the chase, I don’t think she would hurt one, we have a 8 wk old kitten in the house she is very protective of it. I do hope that I will be able to find another CoJack soon Lucy needs a playmate when I move in the next 6 months

  13. Zitrena Fair says:

    I have a cojack name Taco. He is my Dog. I looooovvvveeee him.

  14. Clint Smith says:

    One other site had a column of dog traits similar to this one, that included availability, and it said “easy” Not so! I lost my Janie over a year ago and have had no luck finding another. I would prefer to adopt a young adult, and not pay 1200$ plus airfare for a puppy.

  15. Rita says:

    These breeds shed like crazy! Please correct that part of the description! =P
    I love my Cojack to the moon and back. He is the absolute best, most loving, well-behaved cutie pie I’ve ever had.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rita,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What we have described here is the general characteristics of Cojack. However, there can always be some variability among individual dogs within a specific breed.

      • Matt says:

        I too have a cojack that sheds as if he is trying to breed a small army of himself.

        • Linda says:

          Mine too ! Her hair gets everywhere and anywhere , nowhere is safe lol

          • Stephanie Cahill says:

            My guy, Hollywood, also sheds very very badly. I keep his long wirey coat trimmed down. I use clippers with a number 3. We live in florida so the short haircut works well. By far one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. He can be a bit of a bully with large breeds and his tolerance for large clumsy puppies is minimal. He is in love with my kids but loves the entire family. He literally follows you step for step all day long. He is 6 yrs old and very much still plays like a puppy playing fetch or keep away. He likes to smile when he is excited, those little lips curl up and he tries to sneak in mouth kisses. He never mets a stranger.I highly recommend this breed if you have to energy to keep up with them.

          • Laura says:

            Sheds like mad!!! But oh so sweet!

  16. Alan Barlow says:

    I lost mine just before christmas age 9 appox with cancer,he was a great dog. Got him from a dogs home. I would love to get a new one,

    • Jayne Lux says:

      Hello, Alan. I’m considering re-homing a six m.o. female I acquired a few weeks ago. Upon meeting her I learned her breed type had been misrepresented in the ad, but she was in need of an immediate rescue so I took her home. She appears to be a “cojack” and has the expected personality. Do you live in the Northwest?

    • Debbie Travis-Moore says:

      I lost my little Cojack, Sammy on December 1, 2020. Best dog I ever had. I have grown up with over 60 dogs in my lifetime to play with as we lived on a ranch and now in Hawaii on a big acre ranch, The only dogs I kept close to me as my own were my Collie/shepherd when I was 8, and my Wrotweiler/Ridgeback , and my Cojack. Sammy was the best dog ever and he lived 17 years. I couldn’t find another one anywhere. i see them a lot but learned that people who have them, keep them, and when a litter is born, all are spoken for and never advertised.
      Thus, my Husband and I have purchased a purebred Corgi female, and a handsome Jack Russell and are going to breed them ourselves. Considered a Hybred and not a cross breed, they ARE in demand and we will be able to have another one and help people who have lost theirs and need a new baby.

  17. Linda says:

    I just adopted an 11 year-old Cojack from one of the local dog rescues (sad story, she was sent to another town shelter by her owners to be euthanized, as they got a puppy and decided to get rid of their older dogs), and she is the sweetest thing! House-trained, bonded to me very quickly. She does bark to alert me to a stranger at the door, and is getting used to being alone on the days I have to work. Loves her long evening walks! I highly recommend this breed, and if you can, go the rescue/shelter route!

  18. Robert William Kufleitner III says:

    I lost my cojack over 6 months ago. She got really sick and had to out her down. I was wondering where I could get one and how much one would cost me. I really want another cojack dog

    • Kerry Slaubaugh says:

      Did not know if you were still looking for a cojack. I just had a litter this morning 6 females and 1 male. Bradenton FL

  19. Cathie Howell says:

    Interested in a Cojack puppy, but having a hard time finding any that are for sale. I live in Harper, OR, so puppy would probably need to be shipped to me. Please help me find a Cojack puppy.

    • Kerry Slaubaugh says:

      Did not know if you were still looking for a cojack. I just had a litter this morning 6 females and 1 male. Bradenton, FL

      • Elaine says:

        I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the breed such as do they have the short legs? Tail? Are the crosses with pembrook or welsh? Do they tend to be
        More like the corgi or jack? Sorry for so many questions. Oh one more please are they usually solid colored ticked or spotted. Thank you

        • Clint Smith says:

          “Are the crosses with Pembroke or Welsh”? There are two types of corgis, BOTH of them are Welsh. Cojacks are crossbred with the more common Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The other, less common variety is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which is generally slightly larger, has slightly rounder, less pointy ears, and a tail. Cardigans are also reported to be more laid back in tempermant.

      • Rita says:

        Will you be having more litters in the future?

      • JLJohn says:

        Kerri, I adopted the cutest rough coat Cojack from a shelter in KY. She was purchased as a therapy dog but the person did not realize she had to train her. Long story short, she is the best and I’m trying to find her breeder. Any chance you are or you know a cojack rough coat breeder?

      • Linda says:

        Hi Kerry!
        Do you have any litters of cohack puppies?
        I am looking for either a puppir young girl.

      • Linda says:

        Hi , I just lost my cojack, she was 11 1/2 years old. She was the best dog I’ve ever had, does anyone know of any available for sale or adoption? I would really like to havr another.

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