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The Cocker-Pei is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Chinese Shar-Pei. These medium-sized, cute, serious-faced dogs have been popular for their loving demeanor and loyal disposition. If the tails of the pups are left long (uncropped), they would often curl up, and eventually, are left wagging. These cute little dogs are not very common.

They may have either a black, or a pink nose, contrasting with their green-colored eyes. The Cocker-peis have floppy ears, and a very strong bite, and even the pups have razor sharp baby teeth. Their paws are large and webbed, while the tail can either be cropped, or left natural. They can fit comfortably in apartments and townhouses, provided they get plenty of scope for daily exercise and regular activities.

Cocker Pei Pictures

Quick Description

Also known asCocker Spaniel / Chinese Shar-Pei Mix
CoatSoft, silky, straight
ColorsBlack, white, red, fawn, cream, dark brown, light brown, chocolate, golden
TypeDesigner dog, companion dog, sporting dog, non-sporting dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy10 to 15 years
Weight40-65 pounds (for full grown male and female)
Height (size)18-21 inches (medium)
Personality TraitsLoving, alert, social, stubborn, active, protective, playful, intelligent
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDRA, ACHC, DDKC, IDCR

Video: Cocker-Pei Puppy Playing

Temperament and Behavior

Typically, the Cocker-Pei is an extremely social dog with a friendly disposition. They make wonderful pets dogs that are tender, level-headed, and gentle with the kids in their families, as also with the other dogs and pets in the family. In fact, they cherish the company of other dogs in your family. They make a very good watchdog, a family and companion dog, giving you the pleasure of its fond company.

These dogs are not very comfortable with warm climate. Though they are intelligent, they are at times stubborn as well, and would often display independent behavior that might apparently oust the general patience of the owner. But this is what they are, with two completely bipolar behavior, juxtaposing affection and independence, which they inherited from both their parents. If they are not really happy or amused, you will hear about it, as they can well be boisterous and noisy. These canines have a deep, loud bark, compared to their size. The Cocker-Peis tend to bark when playing. Some CPs might be prone to barking at people passing by your house.

The cocker peis are so much possessive about you that, they might suffer from jealousy. They are protective of their family, and would guard the premises and property of their owners. Be it during the day, with your friends coming in, or at the guarding hours of the night, when they would frequently patrol around your yard, they would yell at anything suspicious just to warn you out of sheer love and loyalty. By virtue of their inherited qualities, they are equally good in herding, military work, racing, sighting abilities, provided they are trained accordingly. These dogs don’t enjoy the idea of being left alone.




The cocker peis need a moderate level of daily exercise routines. However, you must also keep in mind that, these dogs tire out rather quickly, compared to other breeds. Take them out for walks every day, or for a jog, but it’s your duty to remember that, they might need breaks in the middle of exertion and activities, and you would often see them laying down to rest. Take them out to dog parks, or open their leash for playing and jumping freely, especially, if you have an enclosed yard. But, be aware, not to let it over-exercise when it is out, since it is not unnatural for them to get overheated easily.


These dogs are very low shedding. But primarily, they shed more in hot weather. Brush them to keep the coat nice and free from loose hair at least twice a week. You can take them to a professional groomer to get their nails clipped from time to time, since they grow very quickly. They can be bathed if you think they are dirty.

Health Problems

The Cocker-Pei may have issues with their eyes, and you might need to take these genetic issues seriously. Some may need multiple eye augmentations for reducing irritation caused by wrinkles turning the eyelids under. Their fur might scratch the eye to such an extent that, they might even develop cherry eye, a condition that might demand surgery. They may also be susceptible to an eye condition, which is similar to pink eye. However, this can easily be cured by using healing ointments. For any of these conditions, you should take your dog to the nearest vet for a consultation. Your dog might also be prone to getting a lot of eye gunk, which needs to be wiped out, as and when you notice.

Some individuals may suffer from seasonal allergies and an allergy to grass. Considering their floppy ears, the Cocker-Peis are also prone to ear infections and resultant stinks. Hence, it is recommended that, you clean their ears at least once a week. Be sure to clean any visible wax or dirt.

Finally, because of their large jowls, the face and the teeth of your dog require cleaning, since they might suffer from issues related to foul breath.


The breed can take to positive reinforcement training very quickly. Hence, because of their whims and sense of independence, never underestimate your Cocker Pei. Remember, your dog is all set to ‘protect’ you out of affection, only in return of a little bit of your attention and love. It is always eager to please you, and hence, it won’t really be tough for you to train it, unless you are impatient yourself. All that your dog needs is a calm, consistent and firm training regiment in order to curb its obstinate disposition right from its puppyhood.

Given this breeds strong will, it might apparently seem to be impossible to easily train this breed. But, honestly speaking, you must begin training from the time you bring your puppy home from the rescue, or from the breeders for adoption. Socialization with your other pets, including dogs, rodents, and of course, your children, should begin soon after its birth. This should also make the process of other trainings like crate, obedience, housebreaking easier.

Also, if you can act diligently to prove yourself as the leader of its dog pack, the intelligent canine would surely learn to understand, what it takes to be obedient. Give them treats, and praise them from time to time, as and when they pick up your tricks and training successfully. This should work, since, this would leave a message in its mind that, the easiest way to impress its master is to try to learn things diligently. However, if you are really a novice about dogs, a professional training class should also help.


Feed them with the same routine meal, recommended for dogs of its size and energy levels. But be sure not to compromise with the quality of what you buy for your doggie from the pet store. Suggested: divide their day’s meal into two equal portions.

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