Merle Dogs

Merle is a coat color variation that gives dogs a mottled or patchy appearance with this type of coat. It is a genetic coat pattern that can be present in puppies with one or both parents. Puppies born from breeding two merle adults are referred to as ‘double merle’.

Based on the color of the patches, there are two main types of merle coats: red merle having liver-colored patches on reddish or tan coats, and blue merle having black patches on blue, gray, or silver coats. Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pyrenean Shepherd are two common examples of blue merle coats, though they also come in other merle patterns. The Australian Shepherd and Mudi breeds often come in blue and red merles. Dachshunds with merle coats are called ‘Dapple’.

Double merle dogs are prone to various health issues and have a higher risk of hearing and vision problems. It is better to get a merle puppy with only one merle parent as studies have shown this to reduce the risk of deafness and maybe other health issues as well.

Merle Dogs

List of Merle-colored Dog Breeds

The enlisted breeds have attained recognition from major kennel clubs like the AKCUKCCKC, and FCI.

Small Dogs With Merle Coat

Medium-sized Dogs With Merle Coat

Big Dogs With Merle Coat

Merle Dogs Not Recognized By Major Registries

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