Merle Dogs

Merle coat is a distinct genetic pattern seen in certain dogs, giving them a mottled or patched appearance. Breeds with such coat textures may either have blue or red patches varying in accordance with the kind of melanin pigment which has been produced. Besides the two primary colors, the patches could also be of cream, fawn, chocolate, sable, and yellow. The Catahoula Leopard Dog and Australian Shepherd are the two most prominent breeds having distinguished merle markings.

Merle Dogs

List of Merle-Colored Dog Breeds

The enlisted breeds have attained recognition from major kennel clubs like the AKCUKCCKC, and FCI.

Small Merle Dogs

Medium Sized Merle Dogs

Big Merle Dogs

  • Catahoula Leopard Dog – Red
  • Great Dane – Red, Blue, and Mantle Merle

Did You Know

  • The merle pattern on Dachshunds is a contrast of light and dark, known as dappled, giving them a mystical and elegant appearance.
  • The term double merle often doing the rounds is no jargon but a name given to breeds born of two merle-coated dogs.
  • Though merle-colored dogs stand out for their cuteness and magnificent appeal, they are at a higher risk of several health problems like blindness, and deafness.

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