Harlequin Dogs

The harlequin coat color is a rare variation of black (or sometimes blue) patches on a white background. For a dog to show the harlequin pattern, it must inherit the harlequin gene (the dominant gene) and the merle gene (the recessive gene).

This instance is so rare that only two breeds exhibit this pattern naturally. Despite that, this color variation is one of the seven coats recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

List of Harlequin Dog Breeds

1. The Great Dane

The most popular dog in the United States to display the harlequin coloration, a Great Dane with a harlequin coloration is often confused for a dalmatian.

2. The Beauceron

A rarer breed than the Great Dane, the Beauceron is a bit smaller than the Great Dane.

Health Issues caused by Harlequin Coloration

Breeds with harlequin coloration tend to be prone to deafness, vision issues, weak immune systems, and potential neurological problems.

There was an attempt to create a Harlequin Pinscher in Germany in 1958, which failed due to health problems.

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