Gray Dogs

Dogs that have a gray body may not be that enticing or eye-catching like breeds of other coat colors. Yet, they come with an elegance and sophistication of their own that one cannot afford to ignore. Some might have an entirely gray body, while a few could be a combination of black and gray or have markings or spots of this shade.

Gray Dog Breeds

List of Grey Dog Breeds

The dogs in this list are all registered by major kennel clubs like the AKCUKCCKC, and FCI.

Small Gray Dogs

Medium Sized Gray Dogs

  • Australian Cattle Dog

Big Gray Dogs

Grey Dog Breeds Not Recognized By Major Registries

Dunker, Northern Inuit DogSeppala Siberian Sleddog, Tamaskan Dog, Karst Shepherd, West Siberian Laika

Did You Know

  • The Weimaraner gray or silver coloration and its tendency to shadow its master earns it the nickname “Grey Ghost”.

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