Brindle Dogs

Dogs with brindle coats have dark, often brown to orangish bodies with darker stripes of black or brown. This unique pattern can sometimes resemble tiger stripes, giving the breeds a magnificent appearance. Dark stripes are typically seen against a light background in the brindled pattern. A reverse brindle coat occurs when the opposite happens, that is, light-colored stripes are present on a dark background.

It is worth mentioning that brindle-coated dogs are not always the most popular, especially when adopting a pet. It might be because of a misconception that brindle dogs are more likely to have an aggressive personality. Their ‘untamed’ look may be the reason for this misconception. In reality, the coat color does not usually make such a drastic difference in a dog’s personality.

Brindle Dogs

Types of Brindle-colored Dog Breeds

Most breeds possess a fully brindled coloration, while some, like the Bulldog or Boston Terrier, may have patches of white, too, especially in the area around their neck. Certain dogs may also have a combination of fawn, liver, and red with a brindled pattern. All the breeds in this list have attained recognition from prominent kennel clubs like the AKC, UKC, CKC, and FCI.

Small Brindle-coated Dogs

Medium-sized Brindle Dogs

Big Brindle-coated Dogs

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