Blue Dogs

Blue dogs are rare, something you are not likely to come across as you go out for a jog in the morning. But they exist and are more gorgeous than you might expect.

A dog’s ‘blue’ coat is not comparable to the typical blue color. It is more silver-gray with a distinct cool bluish sheen. It happens due to recessive gene mutations that cause the black pigmentation of the coat to dilute and appear silvery-gray or blue. The same gene mutations also cause the dog’s nose to turn bluish.

List of Blue Dog Breeds

Blue dogs may come in several coat-color variations, including blue merle, blue tick, blue brindle, and blue harlequin. A dog could be all blue or have a marbled, speckled, or ticked pattern. The breeds mentioned here are all registered by major kennel clubs, the AKCUKC, and FCI.

Small Blue Dogs

Medium-sized Blue Dogs

Big Blue Dogs

Blue Dog Breeds Not Recognized By Major Registries

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