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  1. Rainy says:

    I also have a chug who is the sweetest little boy ever. He loves to eat carrots and give kisses 😍 I love him so much ❤️❤️ he is just amazing!!!!!

  2. Courtney says:

    My male chug cooper just turned a year old but he’s always a been a picky eater! It’s not so much the food cuz we’ve tried a ton of different kinds, he just never seems to want more then a few bites at a time and it really worries me!! Vet says he has no health issues just that some dogs r like that but it still worries me!! HELP!! Any other chugs parents have this issue or any tips on how to fix??

    • Mel says:

      Our chug prefers company when eating. He is not a fan of eating alone. Our routine is around dinner time i will sit with him and tell him “go ahead” and boy he chows down. They are most content in company of their people.

    • Mary says:

      Yes I have the same problem with my chug she is a yr 1/2 old now & it seems she don’t put on any weight the vet said she has high metabolism & keep her on puppy food but she only eats a few bites here and there

  3. Cate says:

    I love my Chug more than any dog I’ve ever had and I’ve had all kinds of sizes and breads. He is my sweet baby, always loving, hugging and kissing. We call him our toddler, very playful and childlike. He loves to lay on his back with feet up and get belly rubs. He is so funny and keeps us laughing at all times. He loves family hugs and to be surprised when playing. I never thought I’d be so in love with a dog, but as others have said, this breed really does steal your heart. I cant imagine life without him now. Chug love!

  4. Jessica says:

    My chug Jack is the sweetest little guy ever I’m only having issues with his using the blankets and stuffed animals to use the bathroom on any ideas from anyone he was puppy pad trained when we got him and he is let out very frequently during the day and twice throughout the night but I always wake up to poo or pee somewhere in the house any ideas he will be 5 in December and I’ve tried everything anyone else have this issue?

  5. Kelly says:

    My chug Buddy is 7 yrs old and I absolutely adore him! My husband never had pets growing up but it didn’t take Buddy long to win his heart. He is the funniest dog I have eve had and his facial expressions kill me! He is a huge cuddler and loves to give kisses. I can’t imagine my life without my lovebug

  6. Cynthia says:

    I have a question does anybody else’s chu like veggies ?

    • Odelia Carpenter says:

      I have a chug named Cinnamon. She’s my heart. Very smart and protective. She’s good with my grandkids, but won’t let to many people pet her if she doesn’t know you. She listens at times. She will be 2 in October. She’s an excellent house dog. She lets me know if someone is outside. Excellent hearing. I love my Chug. She’s got a big piece of my heart.

    • Nicci Love says:

      Mine lives eating carrots with my rabbit and watermelon with me. He’s 3 1/2 and just an absolute pleasure to have around. What does yours eat?

  7. Cynthia says:

    I have a 10 month chug and she is funny with the way she plays you with her eyes and noises she makes to get your attention, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  8. Heather Neilson says:

    We have a chug that’s 3 months old his name’s Osiris and he’s the best addition to our family we have three other big dogs will two big dogs and one that was supposed to be small dog but he is so happy and loving and playful he thinks he runs the house I highly recommend anybody to get a chug they might be small but they’re very very fun and you can take them anywhere

  9. Kelly says:

    Having trouble getting chuggy potty trained. He was born Nov 18 son gave him to ME for Christmas 22nd of Dec. Love him to death just won’t potty where’s he’s supposed to. He’s a Chug

  10. Kenya whitehead says:

    I have had my chug now for 2 years he will be 2 years old on the 1st I’m a first time dog owner and I must say I love him with all my heart he makes me feel whole and he shows me unconditional love I love that he just loves me no matter what and he protects me and my kids no matter how big the person is I love my mister knuckles

  11. Jim says:

    I got Surin at 6 wks old. She is too smart for her own good and the neighborhood kids love her! She can be very stubborn and I truly believe she believes I am her pet human. I tell people she is half Chihuahua, half Pug. She has a big mouth but has to be everyone’s best friend, and its so true. She has a strange personality. She loves to snuggle, give “kisses” and is a huge lap dog, but otherwise, not very affectionate, she does not like hugs or to be petted much, but is very much a daddy’s girl otherwise. I have had dogs since I was 5, and never came across a demeanor like hers, but she does have a very special place in my heart and I would be lost without her.

  12. JENN says:

    My Chug Iggy, is the best family pet, i got him from a shelter, when he was 2, hes now around 10, he has had issues with teeth from day one, could never eat crunchy treats, chew on anything, and is on soft food diet, this pastt year we had to have 15 teeth removed, a few months after that very expensive SURGERY, WHEN he was in for a check up, he was diagnosed with diabetes,,,i cook all his meals, and he takes insulin twice daily, still working on dose, due to his high numbers still not going down, ive been looking around to see if any other CHUG owners have heath issues as we do, I’ll do whatever it takes for my lil guy, as he has been an angel to my 3 daughters, and me and his DADDY,,, hes such a loving pet, yet FIERCE and so brave, he was injured when a coyote came into our yard, my little 15 pound CHUG got between the coyote and me, and the coyote dragged off my dog, thankfully i had him on his leash still and litterally punched and kicked the coyote until he released my chug,,,
    So please never leave SMALL dogs unattended, this happeaned at 11am, 3 miles outside Indianapolis, and so many snall dog owners in my neighborhood have invisibke fense, or just let out dogs, with no fense, i take a stick and pellet gun, whistle, when we take walks now, ill never let a coyote touch my baby again, and im not a violent person, i always found coyote, and wolf packs beautiful, until they were going to eat my CHUG, now im quite frightened by them, and they live everywhere now in the USA, i did a lot of research after what happened, and they FOLLOW you, walking your small pets, stalking, waiting for the right moment to grab the animal, also,, when i noticed a change in my chug, it was, he was drinking a lot more, had accidents in his room at night, and was more tired, i thought he had a uti, so i took him for a check up and it was diabetes, so really pay close attention to your pets, this was within a 2 week period , it was just so sudden,,, so i know my chug is in the older scale, but it can happen to young animals too, always watch their patterns, and be vigilant because they cannot talk!! For new chug owners, heres a few funny weird traits, he recognizes all our cars so hes ready to jump everyone, hes fast,,, i cant catch him, dont let him loose, in traffic!, he hides under blankets, plays dead, if he does not want to go to his room when i have to leave house, i say his room, but he picked it, he goes in there at 9 each night to bed, and his food water, etc is there, he has about 100 babies, lil stuffies, he loves them,, sleeps with them, has favorites, the ones he dont like, he bites, off the heads, we throw them away, lol,his room is a mud room between garage and kitchen, i feel he eas crate trained before ee adopted jim becsuse he wants to go in his room at might to sleep, and when we leave, ee put him in there for his protection, he eill climb on everything, and fall off the top of couch if he is sleeping, once he climbed the xmss tree, got stuck in lights, lol,, he is protective to the point of DEATH, as he was sacrificing himself thinking the coyote was going to hurt me, at vets, three giant poodles came in, he was going to kill them, lol and they just wanted to lick him and me i had to grab him in a bear hug, , he will try to protect our family from all delivery people, however, he loves my parents, and other relatives that come, he is picky about kids, as i have 3 DAUGHTERS, 90% of their friends hes tried to bite, the others he curls up on their lap and licks, so u cannot assume he or she willnot bite, even small kids, babies, its a gamble!! While walking,, ill have to warn, kids to please not pet, BECAUSE hes a biter, over the years hes gotton more grumpy, and we call it old man diease, lol,, but im sure its due to his teeth, now diabetes. Vet said he was born with too many teeth, thats why they always bothered him, so it was a cross breed defect,,, so check your chugs teeth, get them cleaned, and be prepared to spend money,
    I recommend insurance at a young age, and keep it, always upto date, it could save a lot , thanks, enjoy your Chug!!

    • Sadie says:

      You wrote such a lovely story about your chug . I have a 2 year old chug called Chase he is 2 years old and I love him to bits. He is very greedy and would eat forever. So I have to watch his weight. Also he has a terrible habit of chewing on stones from the garden. Such a worry. He has swallowed some of the small ones. So I have to check on his poohs ! Saying all that I couldn’t live without him

      • Sadie Moss says:

        After reading your story I had to reply. I also have a chug called Chase he is 3 years old. He is very greedy and would eat forever so I have to watch his weight . Also he too has the habit of chewing on stones. Sometimes swallowing them. Luckily only tiny ones and he poohs them out.

    • Rebecca Price says:

      This is the cutest story about your chug. We have a 3 year old chug named Axel and your dog sounds a lot like our Axel. He’s my son’s dog and is spoiled rotten! Thanks for sharing your story. I couldn’t help to laugh about the coyotes because I could picture our Axel being carried away by coyotes as you described because he has little dog syndrome bad!!! Hahaha!

    • Meredith Colson says:

      I really like your story about your dog. Mine is 7 and I’m really starting to see his age get him. But he’s healthy. Is name is Spencer. I’m really worried about his hips. They pop sometimes and seem to bother him. Does that happen to your dog. Spencer weighs about 11 to 12 lbs. So I was wondering if his weight was bothering his hips. I’ve had vets tell me he was over weight

  13. Sall says:

    Best dog EVER. A sassy smuggler who loves to
    sit on my stomach and snore. Fiesty and friendly. Loyal as can be, loves to hike and even swims a little. Happy all the time. SO loving!

  14. Patsy Flaharty says:

    My Chug is the best sweetest little boy. He turns one this year. He was easy to potty train.He loves people especially kids. I love my Chug.

  15. Cassandra Bachrach says:

    My chug Chuy loves to snuggle, EAT, and be held like a baby. He gives tiny licks (kisses) that steal one’s heart. Everyone loves his cuteness, especially me. Never thought I could love a little dog as much as I love Chuy.

  16. Gwendolyn Brown says:

    My little guy is so loving he snuggles all the time, people love him even though he over steps his boundrys and licks their face. He loves to run and he runs faster than a speeding bullet. He does turn deaf when something gets his attention but we are working on that. At night he noses his way under the covers to sleep in the crook of my knees hes a great bed warmer.

  17. Riley's Mom says:

    I have a male Chug named Riley. He is an easy going good natured sweetheart. .Rarely barks, has never chewed anything, easily housebroken and loved by everybody. He is a adorable little fellow and people have tried to buy him from me during walks. This combination results in a great pet.

  18. Mary Moffatt says:

    My Chug is adorable, loving, and just the best dog ever. She is called Princess, and everyone in the neighborhood loves to see her and say Hi. Can’t imagine life without her!

  19. Jacqueline says:

    I need to know how to get my Zoey girl to stop chewing on everything even though she has Chee toys and I buy her the rawhide bones. What do I do

    • GR says:

      Make a spray with red pepper (think pizza topping) or use finely ground black pepper, as is. Start with a little on off-limit items; add more when needed. Pepper spray MAY stain. Powder shouldn’t hurt anything. And… a fly swatter is our friend– don’t even have to make contact after that first swat. Good luck!

  20. Danielle says:

    My chug is mean and always protect me even it’s my husband or kids he bites

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