List of Popular Chow Chow Mixes

Although not fond of being hugged or cuddled, the impressive-looking Chow Chow makes an attentive companion, loyal to all the family members. However, its territorial nature and propensity to aggression may be a bit too much for some. Chow Chow mixes, produced by crossing them with other purebreds, are neither aggressive nor shy. They enjoy playing with their people but are suspicious of strangers.

Chow Chow Mixes

1. Lab-Chow (Labrador Retriever X Chow Chow)

The Lab-Chow, also called Chabrador, has a high territorial instinct and might not tolerate other pets unless they have been raised together.

Chusky2. Chusky (Chow Chow X Siberian Husky)

The Chusky is a medium-sized working dog that likes to entertain its people with their playful antics.

Golden Chow Retriever3. Golden Chow Retriever (Golden Retriever X Chow Chow)

It is a friendly, intelligent, and tolerant designer dog known for its working ability and athleticism.

Chowpit4. Chowpit (Chow Chow X American Pit Bull Terrier)

These medium-sized designer dogs, also known as Pitchow, are friendly, playful, and independent by nature, and they enjoy learning new tricks.

Akita Chow5. Akita Chow (Akita X Chow Chow)

Like its parent breeds, Akita Chow is intelligent, devoted, and possessive of its people but may display occasional stubbornness.

Rottie Chow6. Rottie Chow (Rottweiler X Chow Chow)

Calm, confident, fearless, alert, and intelligent, the Rottie Chow is reserved toward strangers and at the same time an excellent guard dog.

Chow Pei7. Chow Pei (Chow Chow X Shar Pei)

Another loyal and alert watchdog in the list, the Chow Pei will do anything to protect its people against danger.

Boxer Chow8. Boxer Chow (Boxer X Chow Chow)

Boxer Chow is a sensitive designer dog that enjoys the company of its people but does not do well if abused or treated harshly.

Peke-A-Chow9. Peke-A-Chow (Pekingese X Chow Chow)

The Peke-A-Chow inherits the devotion and loving nature of a Pekingese while displaying the independent and stubborn behavior of a Chow Chow.

Berner Chow10. Berner Chow (Bernese Mountain Dog X Chow Chow)

Its temperament can be described as loyal, affectionate, and gentle, alongside having the protective instinct of its Chow Chow parent.

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