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  1. Janis Osborne says:

    we lost our beloved 12 yr old chorkie. We are desperately looking for a puppy or young dog to ease the pain. Please let me know if there are any leads, I am not finding anything at all. We are in the Dallas, TX area. We have had many dogs and loved them all — but he was like our baby. Thank You!

  2. Sarah Gilroy says:

    My female yorkie is as almost due with her Charlie pups now!

  3. Victoria Walker says:

    My Chorkie Peanut is a love! Gets along with kids, cats, other dogs. Potty trained in a week. Never tore up a thing as a pup. Good to be left alone in the house. Hardly ever barks. Loves his toys and likes us to play with them with him. Cannot recommend enough. We are retired and he is just the right size, 11 pounds!

  4. Jo Garten says:

    I adopted my chorkie from a small dog rescue. I was told he was a Yorkie, but I doubted so did a dna. He’s 50% chi & 50% Yorkie. He’s quite aggressive toward anyone walking on “his” street. He also strains his leash to try to chase cars. He goes into a frenzy at any kind of delivery people. He goes from zero to the red zone immediately. He’s dear & loving to me, but only obeys my commands when he’s not otherwise distracted. He hears nothing & is uncontrollable when he’s in the red zone. Does anyone else see this behavior? Any suggestions for modification?

    • Beatrice oney says:

      I have female chorkie. I would like to know how to trim her hair. Thank you. She is very loving and
      Protected of me.

    • Vicki Gaestel says:

      My Chorki is the same way…the only thing I found that works is “ The Egg” which gives off a high pitched whistle when depressed. It works quite well with her & my femaleness Pit Bull. I usually follow up with “Cesar’s ssht” & find that works for awhile without the egg.
      For some reason it doesn’t work on my male Jack Russell. It’s only around $25- on Amazon.
      Good luck

  5. yorkie guide says:

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  6. Terkeyshia says:

    All the comments here have really eased my mind about my purchase of a chorkie. I am bringing a male one home this weekend. My family is very excited but are first time dog owners so that’s what makes me nervous. Thanks for all the great info!

  7. Phyllis A Rygh says:

    We have a 3 year old Chorkie.Angus.He is precocious,owly growly,snugly, cuddly and cuter than anything. He loves everyone after he gets to know them but remains a tiny bit reserved. Totally loves his family and will come to each of us all day for loves snuggles and kisses. He’s a bit leery of small kids except our granddaughter

  8. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    I’m looking for a teacup Female Chorkie. I promise to give her The Best home.

  9. Denise Clinton says:

    I’m buying one now in Oklahoma. I get her in a couple of weeks. The momma had 4 girls! In getting the one that more Yorkie. They are 1/4 Chihuahua and 3/4 Yorkie.

  10. ellie says:

    Hi, I am looking for a little Chorkie girl in Victoria. If anyone knows a legitimate seller … soooo many scammers out there it is such a shame. I would be very keen.
    Thank you

  11. Kerry mccall says:

    My Chorkie is wonderful with our 150 lb 11 year old lab and our 25lb white lab that is under a year old these are all rescues we found our Torquay downtown Miami no tag no chip nothing so decided to keep her I have that disabled child and she is very very good with him and she is a constant companion best dog in the world. Had to get rid of our 6 month old Rottweiler that he wouldn’t hurt her on purpose but just way too boisterous

  12. Dinah Facteur says:

    Two things surprise me. That is the fact that various colors are mentioned, but not Tan. See pictures 4 and 9 (with pink ribbon). My chorkie looks exactly like that. Secondly, it is stated that chorkies are not “good for child(ren)”. I do not believe that my chorkie Yentl is an exception : she is so sweet, loving, easygoing, gentle yet playful, has never bitten or growled at anyone in her 7 year life. She has hardly destroyed anything as a pup, can stay at home alone for up to 7 hours (after which time she really needs to pee), will not bark when left alone, stays at hotels with us regularly without ever barking. Loves car rides, no matter how long. We never had to teach her any of these things. The only thing she will not accept is having something taken away which she has found outside ( a bone, poo etc.). This I consider relatively normal, in fact healthy. But in the house you can take from her whatever you like, even her food. As for lifespan, I have come across several chorkies of over 20 years old on the internet.
    Our vet says that any age under 13 can be considered “young to die”. We love her to bits, as you can imagine, and she loves to please us. She came from a “bad”home (17 dogs, not house trained or socialized) at 5 months, but was always this sweet. A super character, and indeed a watch dog (will bark at night if someone enters). Could not wish for a lovelier doggy…

    • admin says:

      Hi Dinah!
      Yes, Chorkies come with three or more color combinations, including black, brown, and tan, as you have rightly pointed out in the photo gallery. As far as their compatibility with children is concerned, they are suited to owners and families with older children. Toddlers usually don’t know how to touch, hold, and approach a small dog like Chorkie. If a Chorkie is mistreated, he will not hesitate to defend aggressively. As for their lifespan, some may live for more than 20 years, but the average is around 15 years.

    • Jay says:

      That is so funny, my chorkie Delilah is the same, never growled or bitten, she hates yelling and is the most loving animal of every living thing. even killing a spider makes her snort and huff and stomp her feet. More so though is the throwing out of things she found outside. she has a stick collection of about 70 sticks or so she carried home on walks that we CAN NOT Throw out on her. she also buries bones all over the yard and under furniture and blankets.

  13. Joann Koenecke says:

    My Chorkie is all this site described…playful, good watch dog (love squirrels), etc. My Daisy plays with my cat, my 60 lb. Mastiff mix and my kids. She was easily trained to sit, lay down, give paw, come up, get down, speak, and most recently spin in a circle. She does quake sometimes when cold or scared. She does love the heat and hate the cold. Potty training is difficult because in a cold climate she’d rather go potty inside. This is also when it rains, I will find surprise “poop”. She loves car rides and friendly to people but shy at first. But I always keep her on a leash, unlike my bigger dog, Daisy will just take off running faster than any bunny you’ve ever seen.

  14. Nikki says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your chorkie Lisa. But I would like to state that I have a full grown female pit and a 6 month old chorkie. I also have 2 kids 10 and 14 and we are the happiest family! It’s so sad the pitbulls get a bad name because of bad owners. Both my dogs are female and absolute best friends!:-) everyone just remember there is no such thing as a bad dog only bad owner.

    • Sophia Ramirez says:

      So true because I had a pit bull that got thrown out of a car window and as soon as I saw it I picked her up and I so surprised to find that she was a happy little thing yet that she was so abused. She had scars all over her body but was starved and we fed her and then she was fine and found a happy home!

  15. Zee flory says:

    Looking for a chorkie puppy or young adult in the Edmonton Alberta area or within driving distance
    A rescue is also a great option

    Than you

  16. Zee fliry says:

    I am looking for a chorkie puppy or young dog. I live in the Edmonton area
    Please let me know if any that are NOT expensive.
    Rescue chorkie is a great option too

  17. Lisa says:

    A pitbull killed my Chorkie on 11-11-16 that looked just like the 1st picture in first row left side. I was walking my Chorkie and Mini Pin to get my mail. The Pitbull left my Mini Pin alone. I would like to have a Chorkie that looks like the first picture top roll. That Chorkie is the twin to my Chorkie that got killed. He was 3 yrs old.

    • I am bringing home my Chorkie baby tonight. I am so sorry to hear this “so sad” I have already been having fears of something like this happening and not to mention I have four cats and I don’t know how they will be with him.

      • Jay says:

        Awesome dogs for cats, mine raised one and will try to make friends with every cat she sees, even if it means getting beat up 10 times until the cat gives in and becomes her friend (Happened at least 4 times). She plays with birds ,skunks and other dogs. they all seem to love her

  18. Luz Diaz says:

    I am looking to adopt a chokie female at lease 1 years old please if you know any adoption agency that has this kind of doggie please let me know.

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