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Chiweenie is not a purebred dog, but a cross between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund. It is also called Chiweeni or Chiweeny, Chiwee and Mexican Hotdog, and is emerging as one of the top favorite designer dogs. It makes a very friendly and fun-loving toy lap dog, which would love to cuddle on its owner’s lap, and is best suited for families with older children, singles or seniors. They can adapt themselves well in smaller apartments too that have or do not have yards.

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Quick Information

Dog BreedChiweenie
CoatMedium, short, silky
ColorBlack, brown, black and tan
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Hound, toy
Lifespan12-15 years
Weight8-12 pounds
Height (size)
Small; 12 inches (maximum)
TemperamentSocial, energetic, loving, stubborn
Good with ChildNo
Litters2-6 puppies at a time
Health ConcernsGeneral like most other dogs
Originated inUSA
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

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Teacup chiweenie is a miniature variation of the chiweenie that is even more smaller in size. The chiweenie-terrier mix, chiweenie-pomeranian mix, the long-hair chiweenie are popular variations of these dogs, however, the ‘blue chiweenie’ is one that is quite rare.

Temperament and Behavior

Chiweenies are loving, caring, zealous and playful, wanting to constantly play around with their owners, and is dedicated to the family and the household. Being an extremely cautious dog, it would constantly keep an eye on everything going on around it. For this very simple reason, it also makes an excellent watchdog, and would give out a series of barks to any stranger or someone approaching the house. Hence, they are noisy. They might not as well be able to be compatible with younger children, as they would not tolerate too much of noise and activity. They can’t also withstand other pets or animals or dogs. However, if raised together along with other pets from its puppy-days, they would come to terms with them. At times, they are also known to be a bit stubborn.



Chiweenies burn a lot of energy in activities. Nevertheless, to tire them out, a daily routine walk suits them fine. A robust play session can also work effectively to keep them fit. However, because of their size, they don’t really need a very large space to run or play around. Just a sufficient amount of area right inside the apartment can also work. They enjoy the company of their owners or family during their playtime.


Both the grown-up dogs and the puppies need very less grooming, unlike other breeds. An occasional brushing of their coats is necessary, along with a bath only once a month. Frequent bathing might lead to loss of their natural coat oil. Trimming their nails once to twice a month is fine. However, they need a brushing of their teeth at least once a week (or more), since Chihuahuas are prone to dental problems, and the chiweenies are carrying their genes.

Health Problems

Being a relatively healthy dog breed, the chiweenies seldom suffer from diseases. Although, the commonest form of their health issue is allergy. They are also prone to catch certain diseases from their parent breeds, including hydrocephalus, intervertebral degenerative disc disease, hypoglycemia, diabetes, seizures, hypothyroidism, luxating patellas and some dental issues.


Both baby and adult chiweenies need very less amount of food, and they are able to regulate their own eating habits. Some eaters follow pick-and-choose diet, while the others eat it all. Feeding them dry canned food twice a day should be enough for these dogs.


Being a bit obstinate by nature, it might be tough and time-consuming to train up the chiweenies. Nonetheless, being an intelligent breed, they can take up training easily, if taught consistently, and by an experienced, affectionate, patient owner or trainer. Sessions of training should be short and must be accompanied by lots of praises and treats. Being a playful dog, incorporating training sessions playfully might work best for them.

Interesting Facts

  • Tuna, a chiweenie, became famous over Instagram because of its unique and strange look and had a few thousand followers in a short span of time, and now its owner has a website to sell products related to this dog.
  • Most chiweenies are not as long in shape as the Dachshund and not as frail and tiny as the Chihuahua.

39 responses to “Chiweenie”

  1. EmilyC says:

    For those of you going through aggression issues. Let me teach you what my over 500 dog friends taught me. I rescued a dachshund mix, maybe a chi-wiennie. She was a puppy found on a freeway. She was an angel for about two years then suddenly became aggressive. First, took her to the Vet for a full blood panel and health check to make sure we were not dealing with pain or illness. Nope, she checked out fine. I had an older dog (14) with cushings. The day she attacked him and drew blood I said that is it. I will need to rehome her. My heart was aching. I have never done that in my life and I am totally against it but what else could I do? Simple, she needed to learn I was alpha. You see, she decided to take over as the pack alpha. My friends said, anytime she shows any aggression, even a growl. Take her and turn her over on her back, put your hand squarely on her chest firmly, get right in her face and say NO! I am alpha! I am pack leader! How her down for a couple minutes longer, then let her go. It took about two or three weeks of doing this and my little angel went back to being the sweet little angel she had always been. First rule out health issues then do this simple training before you give up. It worked like a miracle here. She is bossy, I still have to remind her from time to time but there are no more attacks/biting.

  2. Bobbie Joe says:

    Hi My Little Boy is just turning three months old on the eighth of this month of June and He is a rambunctious little boy for He is into everything !!! He is okay as long as I am right there with him bit if He ever catches My back turned or if for any reason I have to leave Him alone for any amount of time He is a total disaster waiting to happen !!! If it can be gotten into or pulled down it torn up You bet My little Boy Bingo is going to be the one to do it for sure !!! I also am having a very hard time getting Him to stop bitting Me and wetting in the floor where He should not be !!! I am at wits end and about ready to give up !! I am disabled and I am not able to be cleaning up all of these messes behind Him but yet I have become so attacked to Him I really would like to find a way to break Him so that if at all possible so I can will be able to keep My Precious ❤️ Baby Boy Bingo ♥️ Please Help Me If You Can ♥️

  3. Barry Chitwood says:

    I just rescued a 10 year old female chiweenie who is so precious. My only problem is that she barks at and chases off my sweet two year old female cat. Is my situation hopeless? I have only had my dog two days.

  4. Melissa izquierdo says:

    We adopted a chiweenie who is about 15 weeks old. He’s very scared of walking around. Any suggestions?

    • Brad says:

      I too adopted a Chiweenie a couple weeks ago who was very scared/protective/aggressive

      The article is spot on when it says praise with love and lots of treats.

      Develop a common gesture that’s welcoming. I squat down and put both my palms up and he will come wherever I ask him

      Good luck!

  5. Tani Bright says:

    I had a Chiweenie, he lived 17 yrs. Toby, I miss him terribly. He looked like the Taco Bell dog. He was great with everyone. He new tricks, when he was young he was the camp dog. Have you ever seen a 10lb dog fetch a 10 ft stick? Hilarious! He thought he was a Great Dane. I am fortunate to have him in my life for 17 years.

  6. Haley says:

    So I have a chiweeni and am very curious if he might be a toy. He is very small and basically full grown at 9/10 months old. He is white with black and tan.

  7. kim anderson says:

    i too had a chiweenie, had both parents too mya was tan only pup born to a chihuahua/dachshund parents vet told me chihu’s usually have only 1 pup, i knew momma was pregnant but other family members did not think so, she went through the typical false pregnancy/nesting behavior i took to vet they xrayed her several times they saw no puppy. well lo and behold she gave birth to 1 puppy at night in our hanging luggage piece under our bed. by herself inside the bag. instead of the birthing box i made her the night before birth in our closet. she dragged the bag out to us the next morning, my hushand picked up the bag and we heard an immediate yep with momma looking up at the bag, i reached inside and pulled out a puppy, so we immediately took to vet and they couldn’t believe they missed her in the xrays. she grew a big attachment to my hubby, he passed away n we moved back to tx to bury him with his family. while here my 2 sons became addicted to heroin, the youngest son started taking care of mya, because i am handicapped from a stroke in 2002 i couldn’t do alot of the care she needed, i was unable to walk long distances, she loved her walks going, outside to potty , then my son developed drug addiction behavior. not wanting to take care of her. he was in jail alot. i was falling alot at home, so off i went into a care home, losing her broke my heart, they had to put her into a shelter, no family would take her, she had started pooping and urinating in the house, i’m sure the stress she had been through. caused her to start doing that, we had 4 other dogs and 5 cats, which she got along with very well. then her dad got out 1 day and he was my son’s dog, he didn’t put forth the effort to find him like i would have. i called every shelter and the pound every day. no luck. it was raining the day daeson got out, so i prayed someone found him and took him in, my son did ride around on his bike looking for himesp covering the streets, to make sure dawson didn’t get hit, no luck there either, then months later her momma died from old age i think. my oldest son her from a back yard down the street where he lived with his girlfriend at that time. she was tied to a pole everyday. so enough of that abuse he took her, and then gave her to me, after our other dog minpin had died she looked exactly like her. my son had to many dogs and would have had to put her into a shelter. i was here visiting n i wouldn’t allow it, so me and my youngest flew back to phx with a new dog, my hubby was deeply attached to stimpy the minpin, so i knew he would love our new gypsy girl and he did. until stimpy died. we both were in deep mourning, then my hubby died from a heart attack at 49, a year before i had my stroke. we both had smoked for over 30 years, but i had quit already. to late the damage was already done to my arteries and veins, then they discovered i had fmd (fibromuscular disease) which causes the wall of the arteries n veins to kinda fold in on themselves which formed a clot, boom stroke hits me. sorry this tale is so long, but i had to tell u about my mya girl, i pray she was adopted out. and not killed like most shelters do. i would been crushed, she didn’t deserve that. now i am crying just thinking about it. when i got to the care center i cried for weeks.i couldn’t bear to call the shelter to find out what happened to her. her life was turned upside down, her parents,both had died, her grandparents got sick n 1 died then a few of her pet pals had died, our doberman and 2 of my cats from old age too a lot of it was all of my fault. i really wanted to die and still do, i miss her so much. i kinda got off track, n i’m sorry. mya was such a funny dog. how she would play with her other furbabies. the cats would climb their really tall cat tree and she would try to climb it too. LOL. she was a pig always hungry, n with her big sad brown eyes looking up at me when i ate, i got into the worst habit of feeding her people food then she started to get fatter. then the other dogs had to have some too. i am a terrible pet parent. when they look at me with those big brown eyes, i just cave in, i love all of my furbabies. to much and spoil them badly, in all the wrong ways, my sons constantly told me to stop feeding them people food and i should have, she would bark alot but my son didn’t take the time to train her. none of my other dogs were not trained, even dawson was trained, my son taught him to play dead when he shot him, playing with him. anyway i would love another chiweenie, they are the best lap dogs. i got all 3 of them at once on my lap, esp after i went out somewhere, i came home to a lap dance by 3 little dogs, LOL i loved it.

    • Jraptor says:

      We got a chiweenie from a rescue shelter and we love her greatly. They are such beautiful dogs! Why not hope somehow she is your lost loved one. I hope it gives you peace.

      • Mindy and Biscuit says:

        I was going to say the same thing. The time frame even fits for my best friend, Biscuit. Your little lady was and is very loved.

    • Jana says:

      I have a chiweenie wanting to buy another. Can u help?

  8. V. Hawkins says:

    My chiweenie is awesome. Very smart. However she gets vicious once given a treat, vicious when eating, and even with me if she doesn’t want moved from an area where laying. How do I cure this vicious behavior? She has bitten me, but not badly.

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi there,
      It seems your Chiweenie is showing food aggression, a type of resource guarding behavior in which she becomes defensive when eating and use threats to force people away. You need to recondition your Chiweenie until she understands that she will win and get her food when she allows you to come near her. You can use the following techniques:
      • Give your dog food by hand or put the food in her bowl with your hands so that she gets used to your scent. It will reinforce the connection in her mind that people approaching her bowl is not a threat.
      • When she is eating her regular food, approach her with a special treat like a piece of meat. It will teach her that no one will steal her food if she looks away from it. She will also associate removing her attention from the food when people approach with getting a reward.
      Never back away from her bowl because it will make her food aggression worse.

  9. Bernadette Richmond says:

    I just got a puppy chaweenie for my PTSD from 9/11 I have three children 14 10 9 she loves the kids but there are moments out of know where she snaps any suggestions other wise she’s a pleasure snuggles with us all cries when kids leave in bus for school

  10. jeanne says:

    I rescued a dog, the vet says he’s about a year old, about 1 1/2 now. I don’t know if he’s a chiweenie or not. Any tips on how I can tell? Size, inches, etc?

  11. Kayleigh says:

    I have a chiweenie and absolutely love him! He is my best friend. I want to breed him because he is seriously the best dog ever so why not there be a lot of him? ???? Looking for another chiweenie!

  12. Cliff Austin says:

    I believe I have a Chiweenie as he (Umpa) looks like most likenesses on the internet. I rescued Him from a drug addicts home at about 1.5 years old. She the addict gave me Umpa, she also had 2 other small dogs, and a large cat, (she would go on to lose these animals and possess even more to lose them too, she could not take care of these animals, in fact none had ever even been to the Vet) whom Umpa was used to being around. However my job was very demanding when I first got Umpa, so I got him a buddy. It worked while I was away from home, although when I was home Umpa would not allow me to even touch the other animal. When Umpa was young and stocky he looked like spitting image of a miniature Rottweiler.I guess during these early years Umpa developed some bad habits.
    1) Hates children ( actually seems to have gotten better at this)
    2) Hates Bicycles
    3) Hates golf carts
    4) will not potty train except for #2

    Also Umpa has some pretty substantial Health Issues!
    1) Has siezures (give him a phenobarbitol a day.
    2) Has a collapsing trachea (that over a year ago was rapidly getting worse, however for the last year seemingly not gotten any worse.
    1) He looks good, looks way younger than his approaching 11th birthday
    2) He very much loves food.
    3) Enthusiactively loves his walks
    4) Hops, jumps around like a puppy

    Lifespan for this hybrid or Mutt which some call, Personally I don’t care what he is called as I am hugly fond of Umpa, Lifespan is 12 – 15 years, with the ample amount of Love devoted to this less than perfect animal, seems I could get typical lifespan for this breed.
    Next dog will be the English Bull Dog, probably named “Mongo”

    Apologize for the bad spelling, I am probably a year or two of spelling practice to get into a spelling bee!

  13. Shamus kelly says:

    I had a chiweenie once & it was the best dog ever. He died of cancer and I miss him terribly. How much are you pup? Mine was white.

  14. Jordan Khan says:

    Hi,i have all types of chiweenie,both black,brown,black and tan.they are lovely,friendly…… .for more info,contack me here””

  15. Ron T says:

    I just got chihuahua mix from a paws rescue center. After taking her to vet somebody told me she sounds like a mix with a doxie. She is a loving dog but several things she does is driving us crazy. When we picked her up she was ok until we got home and suddenly she turned into monster dog. At paws she got along with our other dog with no problems. When we got home all of a suddeun she started biting and bulling my other dog. We put her in back yard to play and all of a suden she barks at everything and everyone and won’t stop.She also bullies my other dog–a ship– and she’s afraid to eat. We have to feed her in another room.We weren’t told she doesn’t tolerateotherdogs. They knew we had one asthey made the two get together ands nothing happened. So what happened in the 2 hours after we got her to change so much. Of course we can’t return her w/o losing the fee.How can we change her to a better dog as she is lovable otherwise.

    • kim anderson says:

      chiweenies are a mix of a doxie and chihuahua. mine was black and tan, if you go on the
      net n look for chiweenies they should pop up pictures of them, the dog needs obedience training asap before her behavior gets any worse. all dogs need training to learn basic commands of healing, stop, sit, stay and come. petsmart used to have training in their stores once a week the humane society to have training in their stores once a week. give them a call and the humane society to ask if they know of any dog training sources in your area. thats where i would start.

  16. Vickie K. says:

    I have a female chiweenie/terrier and she helps me with my diabetes and has become my life. She is only 1 1/2 yes old but I had no problem training her. I do have a problem when she has to stay home without me.

    • Ev says:

      Hi. I also have diabetes and i just got a chiweenie, how has she helped you? I rescued mine from a shelter and she is very loving.

  17. Judy West says:

    Would love to know more about the chi-weenie called “Chi-weenie dog” It’s a puppy and I’m very interested.

    • Donella Kerslake says:

      We just got a male Chiweenie for my elderly Mum for her Birthday. We got him at 5weeks old she ADORES him as myself and my daughter who live with Mum. We also absolutely adore him,he has fotted in instantly even though we have 3 cats who live outside but he sees them and is always trying to make friends!! He trained fast on pet pads without a worry too but got fussy with his food. We now feed him My dog puppy biscuits and dog roll for puppies as he turned his nose up at everything in a tin lol! Pepe has been hand raised past three weeks nearly 4 weeks this Sunday = 9 weeks old say 2 mths!! I recommend them highly I am in a wheelchair with a twisted leg after an accident and he is now always wary of the wheels and not stupid at all, very smart little guy and can be very stubborn! Bought for an inside dog he does enjoy a run around on our deck and in the grass and tires easily! 5 star puppy whom we wish to breed with maybe a female chiweenie we are considering so Pepe has a friend, only one litter maybe who knows atm but truly I was worried, nothing to worry about he soon lets someone know in the night if he needs attention and has brought so much joy to my Mum and family ?❤

    • Jordan Khan says:

      Hi,if you want to know more about chiweenie,and you are very interested,contact me on

  18. Sharon McIlhargey says:

    Our Chiweenie boy lives the Beverly Hills Chihuahua lifestyle on a budget-we have a local hair salon where they love him beyond belief. We visit a local home-themed shop where he’s well-known and loved. A day at the mall involves being toted around in his “Gucci” poochie carrier with ID (Security Guards have been known to discriminate against dogs in the mall due to others’ allergies!) and a dairy-free no-fat serving of Fro Yo!

    My version of early socializing has paid off as he loves practically everyone he meets, especially seniors. It’s wonderful to see a group of them light up with joy as each one gets enthusiastic Hello kisses.

  19. donald lee horne says:

    We are looking for a black and tan male chiweenie puppy (new born)

  20. Walter Garces says:

    You should just leave her be. It’s instinctual, her way of protecting you and the home. Once she becomes familiar with friends and family that visit regularly, unless any of them tease her or act like a threat, she’ll greet them with loving enthusiasm. Being protective and possessive is in their nature. In her head she’s thinking you belong to her, not the other way around. Just be careful with which method you use to train or discipline her. If you’re harsh with her she’ll get hurt very easily. They’re VERY thin skinned and very sensitive. You can hurt her feelings very easily. ☺ Hope this helps.

  21. Kathy says:

    I rescued a tan chiweenie and absolutely love her. The only issue I am having is she is very protective and will not let any one visit. Any suggestions?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      This is a very common issue with many breeds, so there is nothing to worry about. However, you have not mentioned your dog’s age (since training them at a tender age is much easier). Initially, begin with socializing your dog. Take it to places like dog parks where it can witness dogs and humans interacting, playing together, and having fun. Take it to the park every day, until it gradually gains the courage to participate in the games. Next, ask your friends to come over to your place, and hand them over your treat box to feed your dog (but from a distance). Praise your dog and pat it, so that it understands that, you will not ignore it even when new people are around! By and by, your dog will learn to connect the treats and your affection with the ‘strangers’.
      Best of Luck!

  22. Ashley says:

    I have a beautiful white and tan puppy who I love very much and shes hard to train so really take that in consideration when thinking about getting a Chiweenie

  23. Traci says:

    Looking for a black and tan teacup chiweenie in idaho????

  24. Kathy says:

    Looking for a female chiseling Black and Tan . For spring 2017. Live in Michigan

  25. Dorene says:

    I’m looking for a black and tan chiweenie puppy in the Sacramento area

  26. Chrystal Boyles says:

    Won’t a Tea cup Black and Tan chiweenie puppy

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