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  1. Luis Irizarry says:

    ISO M Chi pin puppy. We rescued one 3 years ago and presented it to our then 6 year old on Christmas morning. They have been inseparable since. Tragically Rocket rocket was struck by a car recently and despite the best efforts of the great clinicians at UF Florida animal hospital in Gainesville Rocket succumbed to his injuries and passed. My family is heartbroken. My son is devastated. We know that we will never be able to replace Rocket but we have fallen in love with the breed. If you have a puppy or a lead on one please call (386) 216-1813

  2. Marlene Holmes says:

    Looking for a min-pin/chihuahua female for adoption 2-5 years old.

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi I’m Samantha looking for one to adopt
    Are there any available
    Live in Cape Town

  4. Holly Joy says:

    If anyone is needing to rehome a Chipin/minpin or similar in Michigan feel free to reply for contact information. I’m in Traverse City (north).

    I had one for 15 years, she was abused as a puppy but eventually came around and was a great companion. It’s been a few years since her passing and although we have cats, my kids and I miss having a dog to play and cuddle with.

  5. Luna says:

    I have a Chopin her name is Luna she is the sweetest thing she is very loyal and loves to play with children of all ages she is very patient when it comes to young children the only thing is I am having a hard time training her and she hates being on the leash. She doesn’t like me being in control. When I take her for walks she pulls, she trys to bite the leash and pull it away but when I walk with her through the house she walks right by my side. I love her so very much she is the best dog in the world and I couldn’t be happier.

    • LaLA says:

      I used to have the same issue with my baby Bella She hated the Leash, would pull and try and yank it out of my hands during walks. I’ve noticed that sternly talking to a chipin gets there attention. After two days of constant walks including a stern “no” when the pulling starts helped alot now I dont have that problem any more. I treat and talk to her as if she was a child a birth and that love and respect ive gotten behind it has been the best. I hope this helps if the problem isnt already fixed.

  6. Don says:

    My Chipin is approximately 13 and is lately very sensitive to being touched around her back. It doesn’t seem to be in the same spot.
    She also now is walking with a slight limp.
    Vet had no clue.
    Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Hi Don,
      Past experiences can trigger your Chipin’s present aversion to having her back touched. If her coat was badly matted, her hairs might have been pulled and caused pain during grooming. A lack of socialization during puppyhood could also be the reason why your Chipin does not enjoy being touched around her back.
      To help her learn to like being touched, put your dog on a lead and keep a pouch full of treats in hand. Play some soothing music to reduce distractions. Place a mat along with some grooming supplies and equipment on the floor and allow her to investigate. If she is not interested in the items, put some treats. Sit on the mat and instruct her to come toward you. When she comes near you, talk to her in a calm voice and reward her with treats.
      If she seems relaxed, try touching her. Start on the spots she is comfortable with and slowly move your hand to other parts. Make sure that you do not startle her. Give treats for being relaxed. To see and feel changes in her body language, you might have to train her for several sessions.

  7. Desire says:

    I just lost my chipin in a devastating accident 3 days ago where the neighbors dog got out of there yard and killed her in front of my house. I had her for 3 years along with another chihuahua. She was such a beautiful amazing dog I miss her so much. I am currently looking for another chipin if anyone knows someone selling puppy’s or will be please let me know thank you.

    • Chipin mommy says:

      Hi, I’m sorry you lost your baby Chipin. I’d definitely contact rescue orgs and shelters first before buying one; I’d contact the ones nearby as well as your city/adjacent cities shelters because loads of animals are put down when not rehoused after a certain time.

  8. Desire says:

    I just lost my chipin in a devastating accident 3 days ago where the neighbors dog got out of there yard and killed her in front of my house. I had her for 3 years along with another chihuahua. She was such a beautiful amazing dog. I am currently looking for another chipin if anyone knows someone selling puppy’s or will be please let me know thank you.

  9. Emalie lambert says:

    I adopted a rescue Chipin. She doesnt bark or growl unless in imminent danger or high alarm. We tried her to be a service dog. She knows to hurry us out of danger or alert us of an asthma attack. Or divert us of untrustworthy people. She learned very quickly. And yes she loves going everywhere with us.

  10. Linda says:

    l have one l rescue him from a place who abused him,he is two yr old,and sooooooooooooo sweet,the ones who abuse broke the curve in his tail,l bought him home with me,the only problem is he uses puppy pads instead of going outside no matter how many times l take him out,

    • Lexi says:

      OMG my mom and I got this timid dog, crouched down every time you wanted to pet her. We thought the worst, that she was abused…the more I read about this Chipin that’s her character?…she got one leader in the he house and apparently that’s me….she sleeps next to my small of my back, no matter what…never had a fur baby like this…but I always new she’s special

  11. Candace N says:

    2.5.19- I just recently lost my Chipin to a tragic hit and run. I am devastated and am looking for another Chipin. I had Chloe for 7 years (received her as a gift when she was 6 weeks old), she was the most amazing companion. If anyone knows where I can find chipins, please share.

  12. ELIZABETH says:


    • Robin says:


      I have had my ChiPin for 2 years now. Got her when she was six weeks old. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or ability to keep up with her. I’d love to see her in a good home. Contact me.

      • Carrie Phillips says:

        I’m also looking for a Chipin. If Elizabeth isn’t able to get her, please consider me next. I’m in Alabama. What state are you in? My cell is 334.301.6262. Thanks. :0)

      • DAyn C Summers says:

        U would be interested in taking a look. I have one already. Where are u locate?

  13. Scot Drew says:

    3 weeks ago, I adopted a small dog from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. My dad, who is 80 and lives on a houseboat, LOVES dogs, and has since he was a small child. My mom, myself, and my two brothers wanted to get him a dog. He insisted, possibly hundreds of times, that, while he would love to have a dog with all his heart, he wouldn’t be able to deal with the keep-up and caretaking of one. I visit my dad just about every day. I decided that I would adopt a dog and bring him/her by every time that I came to see Dad. So I did. He’s a sweet little boy named Calvin (he was found outside the shelter with another dog that the employees dubbed Hobbs… ie “Calvin & Hobbs”). I knew immediately that he was some kind of chihuahua mix, but not much beyond that. At the shelter, he seemed starved for and craved human affection; I loved him right off the bat. A few days ago, suspecting that he may have some miniature-pinscher in him, I googled “chihuahua mini doberman mix”. It was insane… the very first photo that I saw was like looking at an exact picture of Calvin! I have a Chipin! He’s such a sweet boy. I have two cats and two guinea pigs. When introduced to the piggies, it seemed like instinct took over and he wanted to kill them; good thing they’re in a cage! The cats were wary and standoffish to begin with, since I had had them for almost two years before this canine intruder came into their home. Calvin was never at all shy or apprehensive toward them, usually looking more energetic and wanting to play with them. Both cats, I think, have laid out their boundaries with Calvin; either one of them would destroy him in a fight. Last night, though, all three of them were sleeping peacefully with me on my bed! We’re making inroads. I suffer from medication-resistant, severe depression and, as such, lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Calvin is with me all the time. He follows me everywhere and needs to be wherever I am. He has no problems with strangers and always greets both of my parents with a great deal of happiness and enthusiasm whenever they meet; he even “says goodbye” to them when we’re about to go home. All of this after just three weeks! Calvin is about two years old and is an absolute pleasure to have in my life. Not only is he very gregarious, he’s also incredibly intelligent. I love my Chipin, Calvin! If you’re looking for a great companion dog, think about finding yourself a Chipin; they’re amazing!

    • Tricia S says:

      I can relate to the chipin and the depression. We recently rescued one from a bad situation and have had him just over a month. He always seems to know when I need him and is with me all the time..

  14. Cynthia says:

    We have a Chihuahua-Manchester Terrier-Min Pin who is 3 y.o. As a rescue dog she had 8 months w/a loving owner who partially trained her before dying. The next year and half + were not good to her Thankfully she has no health problems and no destructive behavior. I was hoping to be a furever mom to a JRT and fell paws-over-tails for Chi Wow Wow Min Pin. The only “problem” is that she doesn’t know how to play.

  15. Erna Crittenden says:

    I had a sweet little boy for 12 years, I rescued him from Oshawa Ontario, he was 15 when he passed.. Since then I have asked Creator to please send his spirit back to me.. We used to walk the shores of lake simcoe together collecting heart stones.. We found so many together <3 My little Slim 🙁 I miss him so.. he passed may 27 at 7:24 pm I've cried many tears missing my boy, but I was told by spirit, love yourself as much as you loved your Slim and he WILL return to you.. If you have a puppy, black and tan that was born after September 10 please contact me.. I know this is an odd post, but I believe that one day, someone will contact me and we will be together again 🙂 I went to the lake a few times to ask Creator and my Slim for a sign he will come back to me, I got it.. now it's just a matter of when.. Soon I hope <3

    • Kelly says:


      Hello my name is Kelly and I live in Wa State. Did your chipin EVER stop chewing on things? I have a nine month old chipin named Oliver, and he chews on everything. Please tell me some good news. LOL

      • Jen K. says:

        Hi Kelly, I have a 3 year old Chipin, and he loves to chew up blankets! He will chew little holes in them until we toss it and them he will find another. We try to distract him with nylabone and other chew toys, and this usually works. His chewing stops when he has had 2 long walks per day. Hope this helps!

      • Pam says:

        Yes there is hope I have one and he chewed everything up, I got him when he was 8 mos old, he is 2 yrs 3 mos. He no longer chews on things. He is such a sweet boy (Levi).

  16. Cindy says:

    My Chipin is a rescue. Now she is my ESA pet. She doesn’t bark, not even at a stranger, she looks at them but that’s it. She is not disasterious either. Oh and she is not territorial, and she gets along with other dogs.

  17. Melissa russell says:

    I rescued a chipin puppy from my shelter. My chipin actually has reddish brown markings with white fur.

  18. David McAlister Tafoya says:

    I have a chipin named her Lucky she a great dog but she is getting to be about 8 months she is very playful I can’t get her to eat hardly any kind of dog food very little she likes fruit and veggies and peanut butter I try not to give her human food what can I give her to eat that’s healthy

    • Dixie McCombs says:

      I also have a rescue pin-huahua. Vader was 13 months old when we got him. They say Border Collies are the most intelligent breed. I had 2 over the 20 years and it’s truly amazing how smart they really are. Unless Vader is unique to his breed, he is as smart if not smarter than Border Collies. As for getting them to eat. I lost both my Border Collies to cancer and one of them got diabetes which is not common in larger dogs.For the last 8 months of his life he had 3 shots of insulin a day and went blind. I’ve told you this because I decided since my dogs didn’t smoke and they weren’t involved in anything that as humans have concluded could cause cancer, i decided it had to be the dog food. As far as I know there aren’t any government standards set to regulate the quality of the ingredients used to produce dog food. With that said I decided to limit the amount of dog food I would feed Vader. Since the day I adopted him , I have made him chicken breast, steak, pork chops, ground sirloin, and ham. I give him vitamins recommended by our vet. I leave a small bowl of dry food out all the time. You said your little one won’t eat dry food. I feed him Bil-Jac. I have never seen a dog large or small that didn’t like Bil-Jac. It’s kind if pricey and not easy to find. If you decide to try it, I suggest buying it on amazon. They have the best price. A 5lb bag is close to $30. Just for the record my little guy will be 4 next month and has not had even 1 health issue.

  19. Mary says:

    Can they be reddish brown in color and have green eyes? My dog that I found wandering the streets by my house looks like this but he is the color I described. I really want to know what breed he is.

    • Glynnis Neilson says:

      Hello: I’m so sorry to piggy-back on your post, but I can’t figure out where else to post my message. I need to re-home a Chipin, chocolate brown. He’s about 6 years old, about 12 lbs, neutered. His owner’s circumstances have changed and can’t give the dog what he needs. I’m temporarily housing him until we can find him the right home. He really needs some training, and more exercise, but we can’t provide that for him. He’s loving, smart, playful, & energetic, but we’re having problems with barking, and door aggression as people are leaving. Bit a guest’s ankle. Hugs aggression with visitors. Leash aggression with other dogs. Fine with our two small dogs. Loves us. Not a good dog for kids, or cats. He’d be a good companion, but only for the right household. His name is Sagan. Please let me know if you’re interested. We’re in Southern Oregon Thank you!

  20. Julie says:

    My husband rescued two Chipins. Someone dropped them off in the industrial part of town. They are very loving but they had a rough life before being rescued. The black one is missing an eye and is very loving. The tan one is very smart. They get along with my two yourkies, Ny cat and Parrot. We had problems with them biting but it’s getting better. They came with baggage but doing better than I imagined. Great doggies.

    • Glynnis says:

      What did you do to get positive tesults with their biting problem?

      • Evelyn says:

        I use a spray bottle of water. If my Trixie starts biting, I say “no biting “ and show her the bottle right away. Since she knows the water spray will come, she stops. I also read that making a yelping sound alerts them that the behavior is not okay. This is how puppies alert each other to stop when they are playing.

  21. Jan Michaelis says:

    I just now learned I have a Chipin. Best little dog ever. He’s a jolly good fellow and very secure with himself. Very intelligent and eager to please but sometimes stubborn and won’t come when called. He has a big personality, is energetic but calm and he is easily kept happy with a daily walk that stimulates his brain and releases excess energy

  22. Joyce Price says:

    I’m looking for a chocolate tiny Chipin Dog. If anyone knows where i can find one please let me know.

  23. Rhonda says:

    I have a two year old chipin. I only have two problems, but one main one He barks a lot when we are gone out or if anyone passes by the window and also he is after “turning” trying to bite and actually have bitten strangers who put their hand to his face. It seems like people like to let him sniff their hands or something, but if they ignore him he will bark but not attack but of they put their hand near his face for him to sniff them he will get aggressive and bite…so yea other than that he is very affectionate and playful and opposite of aggressive 100%. I’m not sure how to get him out of this. I’m considering a muzel? Can you offer any suggestions??? I love my little dog

    • admin says:

      Hi Rhonda,
      The risks associated with your dog’s bite-related behaviors can be decreased by spaying or neutering him. Playing and exercising your Chipin on a daily basis can help in expending his excess energy, or else it might be directed towards aggression or nervous energy. Socialize him well and get him accustomed to different situations and people. Training him to obey the basic commands including stay, come, leave it, sit, and heel is also important.

      • Rhonda says:

        Thank you so much and that makes sense. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before I agree that spaying or neutering him will help. Thank you I will try all of it because he’s my family and worth it soo much!

        • Gill says:

          Also defend him from people, don’t let them stick their hands at his face. I have this problem too because my girl is so cute, but it’s not fair, I can see she is uncomfortable with having hands shoved at her nose to smell. She would rather a neck rub!

  24. Lacy says:

    We have a 6 month old ChiPin/Minchi, she is a wonderful companion but a def Tomboy, in a period of three days she killed 2 birds and a rat and ate both birds on our bed, I don’t mind that she’s a hunter but my parents feed the birds and I’m scarred that she is going to scare all the birds away, has anyone else had a problem with their ChiPin/Minchi bringing in small animals? It’s to the point I check the bed every time I come home to make sure she hasn’t brought in anything. She also likes to bring in wood from the fire pit, how can I stop that?

    • SherrGwen says:

      we ave chipping/minchi but we also have a an Italian greyhound chi mix she has caught a chipmunk and a bird 🙁 since they are they both are hunters and our back yards filled with bunnies birds and squirrels and chipmunks too what we have done is when we let the dogs out we make a racket so all nature scurries until safe to come out again and now when the bunnies here the door open they run and hide so they can both co exist with little help from us humans good luck 🙂

  25. cindy bizzak says:

    I adopted a rescue ChiPin two weeks ago, and honestly I was not aware there was such a breed because Linus looks like he pure Min Pin. He is adorable, and very affectionate. Please give me some advice on potty training – he goes outside to pee all the time, but will not poop outside. I think that one reason may be that there is snow on the ground. Also, he chews all my clothes and shoes. He has chew toys. Help.I had a Min Pin before who was not this difficult.

    • admin says:

      Hi Cindy,
      Since all dogs are attracted by the scent and tend to return to the area where they defecated previously, you can use this to your advantage. Pick up the poop, bring it outside to the specific potty area, and put it on the ground. When your dog poops outside, keep the recent poops in place, which will help encourage it to go in that same place. As soon as its poop is complete, quickly praise it and give it several treats.
      As far as its chewing behavior is concerned, if you catch your Chipin in the act, you need to stop it using a loud “stop” command. When it stops, give it a chew toy and then provide lots of praises. There are some dog-chew deterrent sprays available that can be used on clothes, shoes, and other household objects to keep your pet from chewing them.

    • Carol says:

      My red was the same way she would run for the house safter a pee and poop inside keep him outside longer especially after eating and have a treat ready for the first time he poops outside that will set a president treat after pooping outside

  26. Mike says:

    We rescued, 3 years ago what we, and the Humane Society thought, was a terrier. However after a DNA test it turns out we have 50% minpin, 25% Chihuahua, and 25% Mini Poodle. Has the longer wire hair, big ears that stand up, and curled tail. Looking at these photos, I’m not sure how we ever missed this. Her personality fits the pinscher to a T. She is so loyal, loving, sooooo energetic. Luckily we don’t have kids, and both my wife and I are very active so little Sal gets tons of playtime and walks. She is not the nicest dog to other dogs and strangers, and now we know why. Love learning more about our little one.

    • Radine says:

      Where are you from or where you rescued this dog. I have two dogs one is chihuahua/poodle and the other mini pinscher/chihuahua and they have had I believe 4 litters and all their babies have been given away to what i believed good homes. Its rare to hear this mix of breed and would love to hear more about your new family member. Hope all is well now I have one of my own I love her sooo much.

  27. Kristiene Stoddard says:

    My scrappy is a wonderful little guy the only problem I have with him is he wont let my boyfriend touch me. He attacks him every time he tries to. Does anyone know how i can cure him of this short of getting rid of the boyfriend.

  28. Bubba says:

    My ChiPin’s name is Mocha and she loves to play hide and seek

  29. Justin says:

    My wife and I just picked up our 11 week old little girl Chipin. Her name is lulu, we have two full grown cats and two kids. So far so good with the house breaking. Our cats are starting to come around to her. She is very loving and very playful. I am wondering how hard it would be to train her to do comands

    • Bailey says:

      I have a 4 month old chipin, it has been really easy to train her to do tricks. She sits, lays down, paw and the best is she sticks her tongue out on command ‘stick it out’ :). Paper training her was also fairly easy, however I have a very large house and paper training her number 2 habits has been difficult and she is still learning. She 100% responds to positive attention and treats and loves to please. She doesn’t seem to respond to discipline well, I’m pretty sure she forgets why she is in trouble, so I’ve gone the correct the action and praise good behaviour route. Hope that helps.

  30. Oralia Mares says:

    I’m looking for a Chipin. I having a difficult time finding one. Does anyone know of any puppies available. In the fresno CA area.

    • Marianne Jacques says:

      Check your local shelters. I adopted my precious chipin for an emotional support dog and he has perfect behavior for that purpose. He is very loving and friendly, gets along very well with my 2 giant grandpuppies (both shelter dogs with dominant breed of Great Pyranese), as well as the 2 chihuahuas in my apartment building. He was found wandering in a New Mexico, a high-kill state, and was rescued by the shelter in MA where I adopted him. Good luck finding your new fur baby!

  31. Annie says:

    I got my chi pin in July he was living in a house with 20 other small dogs his owner was sick and needed all the dogs rescued. I only went with my friend to take pictures of all the dogs so they could get rescued. Lucas ended up choosing me. He is my love bug only problem is he barks like crazy when he sees other dogs and nips at my shihtzu when we walk . How can I control this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Annie,
      When you take your Chipin to walk on the leash, make sure you remain calm. Do not display any signs of aggression or over-excitement, as your Lucas will sense this and consider other dogs as a threat. If your dog starts barking at another dog, do not pull him back since the tension on the leash will make him pull harder. You may correct his behavior by either pulling up or by giving a sudden tug to his side. You may use your body and give him a gentle nudge with the leg to keep him from nipping at your Shih Tzu while walking.

  32. Becky Rosnack says:

    Help. I adopted a chipin 7 weeks ago he is 4 months old. I am having a difficult time house training him. I need him to use potty pads as I can’t take him out to do his business. I have even tried a doggy litter pan, but he eats the pellets. He takes the potty pads and destroys them or runs under the couch with the pad destroying it. My husband’s just gets mad at the dog and yells at him each time he pees or poops on the carpet and floor. What can I do to get this little boy to go on the pad?
    Thanks Becky

    • Charlie says:

      We have a Chipin. We found positive reinforcement to work, i.e. Praiseing the dog with tears when it toilets in the correct place. Shouting at a dog will make it shy and it will toilet in hidden places.

      If it toilets where you don’t want it to, then without fuss or acknowledge, clear it. Puppies will want to toilet 1hr after drinking and approx after food.

      When taking to the garden for toilet, have a trigger word and a separate praise word. Don’t play with it when taking out for toilet breaks, just walk around the garden. If no joy, wander in, no praise and try again in 10 mins

  33. Temple says:

    I have have a chipin dog his face is chihuahua and his body is mini pin. He is very energetic and so playful. He is chocolate in color

  34. Nancy says:

    I have one. Female,got from neighbor who was giving her to shelter. Have not had dogs for over 25 years due to work and always gone. Retired now she’s 2 and my love. Very smart. Going to dog nose training right now and she loves it. Never met a dig or person she didn’t like. Very good dog my 8 year old granddaughter takes care of her to. Great dog to have

  35. ANDRE R. CONAWAY SR. says:

    Hello my name is ANDRE R. CONAWAY SR.& my cell phone# number is 443 484 6501. I have a 8 yr. old chihuahua mix with mini pnshr that i would love to give to someone who would take care of.if anyone is interested please give me a call & i,ll tell you all about PACO.oh my dog name is PACO.I cant afford to take care of him.I want to see paco in a good home. thank you A.R.C.SR.

  36. Lorelie Falzerano-Barth says:

    Does anyone know of a dog breeder of Chihuahua Min Pin dogs?

    • Lisa Kearbey says:

      Hi I have DBR registered Chipin puppies I live in Florida mine come with shots wormed and Florida health certificate and toys a bag of food and collar

      • Rhonda Alexander says:

        Lisa Kearbey, Will you please email me? I am looking for a Chipin male puppy. I would love to get on your waiting list or what I need to do to get a puppy

        • Suncoast animal rescue inc says:

          We have two males, born about a week ago. Located just north of Tampa FL. Mom is minpin, dad is toy applehead chiahauha. Should be ready mid April.

  37. Tracy Hardin says:

    We are getting ready to adopt a Chinpin from a rescue. She is 4 months old and 5 pounds. Real light tan all over her body and ears that stick straight up in the air. We both work and she will be left alone (with our cat) for up to 7 hours a day. Is it best to crate these type of dogs or will she be able to have the run of the house (which I would prefer)? I know that they don’t like being left alone, but not everyone adopting a dog can be stay at home moms or retired. And I think we are better than some families that could be gone like 12 hours a day. We have heard from the foster that she LOVES cats and sleeps with their cat. Our rescue cat was declawed when we got her, so no worries there. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Tracy!
      Given the fact that your Chipin is only 4 months old, she is not yet ready to be offered with unsupervised freedom in the house. So before leaving your pup for about 7 hours a day, you should teach her how to enjoy her own company and amuse herself in her crate without becoming stressed.
      • Train her to settle down quietly alone with a stuffed chew toy while you are in the house. In the beginning, leave her for a few minutes and gradually increase the duration of isolation. Keep her busy with Kongs, puzzle toys, and antler chews.
      • Consider hiring a professional dog walker or sitter who could give your pet a midday break. Use someone who has been recommended by other dog owners. Make sure the person you hire has appropriate certification and insurance.

      • Cherry marquez says:

        Dear admin,
        Just got my chipin last week. They’re the best! I too will be gone to work. Loved her at the spca when she gave little kisses and was bright and so energetic. She sleeps a lot at home but I do walk her. What else do I feed her? She likes dried dog food and the spca says give her boiled chicken.

        • admin says:

          Hi Cherry,
          Being a small-sized dog, she has a higher metabolism rate than the larger breeds. She needs to have a diet packed with carbs and proteins. Make sure the dry food you are giving her has protein as the main ingredient. If you make home-cooked food, use 50% fish, meat, or poultry protein, 30% complex carbs like barley, brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potato, and the remaining 20% may comprise veggies and fruits like pumpkin, carrots, beans, apple, or banana.

    • Mars Holman says:

      I have just started looking for a small minchi. I would be who ever else is to make sure you can take them to work with you….or change jobs. They will miss you….And you them

    • Iris says:

      you should never declaw a cat. you are mutilating them for your own convenience. I hope you educate yourself before ever putting a loving innocent creature through something like that again: https://www.popsci.com/declaw-your-cat

  38. roxy says:

    We rescued a little boy chipin four years ago. His name was Luke. Everything about him was wonderful. Everything everyone says about this breed is true. Unfortunately we lost our little boy just this last Tuesday morning. He had gotten into something and while we thought he had a belly ache, and were taking him to the vet when they opened, he declined in one hour and the vet could not save him. We are devastated. My husband has been inconsolable. We do not want to replace Luke, but I will have another one, one day.

    • Michelle Christopher says:

      I’m so sorry about your Luke. Something about your message made me want to reach out to you. I started fostering a min-chi a little over 3 weeks ago. He was a stray and no one has come forward to claim him. He’s about 2 and the sweetest, most well behaved dog I’ve ever been around. I would love to keep him but I travel extensively with my job and feel it’s just not practical. Would you and your husband be interested in giving him a home?

  39. Catalina says:

    I Have A Black And Tan Chipin Named Adeline She Loves Me And She Likes To Bark At People She Doesn’t Know She Likes To Lay Down With Me She Doesn’t Shed She Is Super Fast And Fun I Even Naked A Dog Cake For Her Birthday She’s 2.

  40. Joy Sant says:

    I have had my Chipin for almost 2 months. He was rescued from a kill shelter. They were going to put him down because he had been attacked by a larger dog. He had a broken rib, needed stitches on his side and back of neck. He was in bad shape. I adopted him from the rescue shelter. He is very aggressive with other dogs, wants to attack them even from a distance. Except my chihuahua. He doesn’t try to harm him in anyway. My chihuahua is pure blooded and very intelligent. My chipin, (Rocky, named him because he looks like he has black eyes and he has scars all over him. Rocky Balboa, always fights but still is triumphant)watches my chihuahua and does as he does. Very smart dog.
    He has come a long way!

  41. Caroline says:

    My Black and Tan Chipin is called Ruby she is 4 I do Agility with her she absolutely loves it and is very fast I’m in the UK and the Chipin is not that common we also have two other dogs a Lab and Flat Coat and guess who’s the boss a real character love her to bits

  42. Dawn Harper says:

    I just got a DNA test back that shows my rescue puppy is a Chipin. Absolutely adorable and very smart, fast, obedient and loyal. I’m so happy to find out his ancestry. Dawn

  43. Ayrha says:

    I have a chippin, tan in color. He is already 4 years old. I got him from a petshop when he was 4 months old. My concern is that whenever he eats and someone would come near him, he would growl and behave harshly.. he cannot pee and poop in one place. He literally poops while walking. Also, when he walks, he always raise his leg and pee even though there is no urine coming out. Most of the time, his feces is soft to/or watery.

    • Amber Williams says:

      Lol!! Is your dog still going this? I don’t have any advice I just thought it was funny.

    • MimiD says:

      My sister recently acquired a rescue named Rocket. He looks very much like a chipin. He is dark and light brown – very similar to many of the photos. He too squats to poop but continues walking away (while still squatted), so I have to pick up a trail. Cracks us up. He does like to squat or lift his leg to pee – and sometimes there is nothing coming out. I think he just wants to mark the area. His poops are solid – but are soft if we feed him anything fatty. He likes the dry dog food(Pure Balance – Wild & Free (bison) you can get at Walmart). I sneak him some white meat chicken and very low fat hamburger on occasion. He never growls when eating but does seem suspicious of others he does not know (seems particularly nervous around people with hats). He is neutered. He barks at other dogs but his tail is often wagging – so not sure if he just wants to play. He seems really intelligent and enjoys pushing a small tennis ball with his nose and chasing it. He likes to sit on our laps and snuggle/fall asleep. He has brought us both a lot of joy.

  44. Teresa Laquetta Hebron says:

    I am trying desperately to decide if i should get a chipin or a Chihuahua. I really would prefer to train my dog and keep it indoors and from what i am reading the chipin is not a good candidate for that. Heeeelp! I do have children ages 10, 6 and 5 that i want to bond with the dog.

    • admin says:

      Chipins and Chihuahuas are not well suited for small children. However, if you are too keen to get a Chipin then socialize it right from its puppy days. Supervise whenever your kids particularly the younger ones interact with your pet and make sure they are not rough in their handling.

    • Tom Daudelin says:

      Yes our chipin was the best rescue ,she adapted well into our family at 6 months old she was learning tricks,now at 5 she is very loyal and smart dosent want leave our sides great family member ,just wants to be included and yes a great watch dog !!!

    • K says:

      dont do it!!! They can be a huge handful. and with small kids already being a handful….. I would recommend seriously getting a Miniture poodle not a toy and not a large. My mom has one and she has the best temperament!! so sweet and smart and mild when need be. or get a golden retriever. great family dog. worth it!!! I have two four month old chipins!!!! im telling you handfull

    • Memelyn says:

      Look at other breeds!!! I have young grandchildren that visit (or invade!) our house with their father every other weekend. My poor Chipin, Milton is a nervous wreck during those times. I am concerned for the children and my little Milton so he simply stays in my bedroom. As the children get older he becomes more comfortable. All that being said, one of my grandchildren was bitten by a gentle dog used to children at her Mom’s house and required 11 Staples. Needless to say, she has avoided dogs since then. Food for thought.

  45. KayKay says:

    I have a bby girl n i jus love her to pieces shs made my life happy again, love u bitty!! Love moma

  46. Megan says:

    I have a chippin! She has small tan eyebrows and is black with tan at her legs and her jaw, when she runs she looks like a total idiot but it’s adorable. She is extremely fast. She is actually very smart, she learns tricks easily and is great to cuddle with, she doesn’t bark unless someone she doesn’t know approaches and she makes a great watchdog.

  47. Donna says:

    I have a black and tan Chipin, she shivers often is tat normal?

    • admin says:

      There are several reasons why a dog may shiver. Chipins have their genes linked to the Chihuahua, and the latter is known to have bouts of shivering bouts when it is cold, feels nervous or excited, is frightened or even due to the result of an allergic reaction. Check to see if any of the following reasons are bothering your Chipin or not. If the shivering still persists have a word with the vet.

      • Joanetta says:

        My Chopin shivers often and more so when he is afraid. He’s still a puppy barely 6 months old. He’s the black persuasion with spits of white under his neck and brown and tan behind his ears. He’s full of energy, loves running fast, and loves to play with his toys. I’m concerned about him because he’s deathly afraid of noises. He shakes and shivers very hard and his heart beats very rapidly when he’s hears trucks, cars, making loud noises. Hell run in the house and run upstairs and cower under my bed. At times the sound of a trash frightens him and causes him to run backwards while barking at the bag. I was taking him out for walks and all was fine until the day the garbage trucks came and garbage cans lined the sidewalks. I haven’t been successful getting him back on the leash and walking again. Help!!!!

        • admin says:

          It seems that your dog might suffer from noise anxiety as a loud sound has a great impact on him. Among the several things you can do, one would be that of behavior modification. Try getting him acquainted to various noises by playing them on a CD, start from a low intensity and go to a higher one, so that he gets used to different types of sounds. You can even speak to your vet to try for massage or other therapies that would calm him down.

        • Sherry says:

          Our little girl went through the same thing. I read somewhere some puppies go through a fear stage at around 6 months. She eventually got over it. We just let her hide when she got freaked out. She’s fine now. She worked it out

  48. Jacqueline Wright says:

    We have a little female chi pin. She is our chocolate labs best buddy. We absolutely love watching our 100 pound baby, Nestle, play with our two pound little Cookie. Our lab really is gentle with her…she, on the other hand, cuts him no slack. I think they are the perfect pair. Anyone who wants a continuous three-ring circus should love having a chin pin.

  49. Mary J Overton says:

    I have a rescue dog, he was found wandering the streets and nearly starved. Poor thing was only skin and bones. He was turned over to a shelter , nursed back to health. I fell in love with him nearly at first sight but he really chose me. You could see he was doing his best to get to me. Naturally I adopted him and renamed him Max. I’ve had him for about a year now and he is one of the best decisions I ever made. He is such a sweet and loving little dog, I joke about naming him Velcro, he sticks so close to me and is very protective. I knew he was part chihuahua but was unsure of what breed he was mixed with. I am pretty sure he is a chi-pin, especially since I’ve read you article and have seen the photos. I love my Max, he has been a big help with my depression. I just take him fro a walk(which he loves) and we both feel better.

  50. Tim and Elbia Noonan says:

    We love our Chipin lady.she is a well-behaved Smart and active dog.. We have the tan and white variety. She is fast loyal and enjoys running in our yard she loves toys and plays with them consistently.my wife and I would recommend a Chipin to any adult home who want a personal companion. Lady wants nothing more than to be with us. Our chi pin gets excited seeing people but then calms down soon afterward and just enjoys herself..we’ve enjoyed spoiling our little girl.

  51. Chris and Rose says:

    The love of my life is a Chipin. She is fierce, protective, and loyal. Everything the person I got her from isn’t. She is the fastest thing, in the dog park. I love to see her run. She has the heart of a lioness. She will square off with dogs ten times her size. She cracks me up when she does this. She is better than any drug for my mental health. She has given me hope, I would’ve lost myself with this recent health drama, but because of her I am whole. I have something and someone to live for.

    • Lorelie Falzerano-Barth says:

      Do you know of a breeder I can contact? I would appreciate it.

      • Stacey E. says:

        So you’re saying you’re okay with millions of dogs being put to sleep needlessly so you can have a designer dog? Alright then. I adopted mine who was a turn in at my vets office. I don’t deal with slimy breeders nor should any decent human being.

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