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  1. Rosalind Olson says:

    Greetings Brad,
    my Chow of 12 years is getting older and I am now thinking of getting a second dog…a puppy.
    I n the past my dogs have been Keeshond and then finnish Spitz so you can see i prefer the spitz type dogs.Also, my dogs have included a couple of rescue chow mixes and Soft coated Wheaten terrier,Sealyham terrie and German Shepherd.I have always obedience trained my dogs feeling it makes for better dogs and relationships too

    how much do you sell your Foo Dogs for and are various sizes always in each litter?How about sex and color?
    i am a senior citizen and live with my husband, our Chow and our cat.
    Please share any information or ideas you may wish to share with me
    Sincerely, rosalind olson

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