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Last updated: 22nd October 2022

Chinese Foo Dog


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 22nd October 2022

Named after the Chinese city Foochow (present Minhow), the Chinese Foo is an extant breed of Spitz-type dogsthat come with a compact, square-shaped body, broad head, pricked ears, deep chest, muscular loin, and a tail that is carried over their back.

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Quick Information

Alternative Names Chinese Choo Hunting Dog, Chinese Dragon Dog, Chinese Celestial Dog, Sacred Dog of Sinkiang
Coat Thick, hard, weather-resistant, double-coated; straight-haired, coarse outer coat; soft, dense undercoat
Color Blue, black, brown and blue, black and tan, red, orange, gray/silver, sable, cream, fawn
Breed Type Purebred
Category Working, Hunting, Guarding, Companion
Lifespan 10-12 years
Size Small (toy), medium (miniature), large (standard)
Weight Approximately 20 lb
Medium: 21-50 lb
Large: More than 51 lb
Height Small: Up to 10 in
Medium: 10-15 in
Large: Over 15 in
Shedding Seasonally heavy
Size of Litter 3-4 puppies
Temperament Courageous, friendly, alert, active, devoted, intelligent
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Good with Children Yes
Barking Rare
Country Originated in China
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information ACA, DRA

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  • Its origin is debatable since it is thought to have been developed by crossing the Chow Chow with North European hunting dogs. It is also claimed that the Foo Dog could be the missing link between the Mongolian Chow Chow and the Chinese Wolf.
  • These dogs have been traditionally used for hunting, herding, and sledding.
  • The Tong fraternity raised Chinese Foo Dogs and considered them as lucky charms. They are used to symbolize the Tongs.
  • The International Chinese Foo Dog Association and the Chinese Foo Dog Club of America were formed to preserve and promote the breed. It is eligible for registration by the International Kennel Society and can take part in dog shows and exhibitions organized by the North American Kennel Foundation, World Wide Kennel Club, Federation of Rare Breeds, etc.

Temperament and Behavior

Known for its strength and liveliness, the Foo is an effective working dog that also makes a loving family companion. It is extremely loyal to its owner and bonds well with other members of the family.

Because of its hunting ancestry, the dog can occasionally be an independent thinker and dominating, but never aggressive.It is distrustful of strangers and will always guard its people against all kinds of threat.



Foo Dogs need a moderate amount of daily activity including regular walking and jogging. Recreational sports such as fetching a ball and catching the Frisbee will give them a great workout. Since they are easily exhausted during warm weather, make sure that they are not overly exercised.


Their coat needs daily brushing and combing to prevent mats. Trim their nails if they are too long and clean their ears gently in case of excessive dirt and wax build up. Cleaning their body using dry shampoo is also recommended.

Health Problems

They are immune to major health problems. Some members, however, are susceptible to cryptorchidism as well as problems with their bones and joints.


Since the Chinese Foo can sometimes be stubborn and domineering, training could become a challenge for first-time dog owners.

Socialization: To help your Foo Dog get along with other dogs, you can head to a safe environment like the dog park where they can interact and play nicely with each other.Take your pup to dog training workshops where it can spend time together with other owners and their dogs.

Obedience training: Teaching your pet dog to obey commands like “come,” “stop,” “sit,” “go,” etc. is essential to handle its dominance.


Provide a healthy diet comprising bones, meat, fishes, and other sources of protein.

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  1. Rosalind Olson says:

    Greetings Brad,
    my Chow of 12 years is getting older and I am now thinking of getting a second dog…a puppy.
    I n the past my dogs have been Keeshond and then finnish Spitz so you can see i prefer the spitz type dogs.Also, my dogs have included a couple of rescue chow mixes and Soft coated Wheaten terrier,Sealyham terrie and German Shepherd.I have always obedience trained my dogs feeling it makes for better dogs and relationships too

    how much do you sell your Foo Dogs for and are various sizes always in each litter?How about sex and color?
    i am a senior citizen and live with my husband, our Chow and our cat.
    Please share any information or ideas you may wish to share with me
    Sincerely, rosalind olson

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