4 responses to “Chimation”

  1. Frank Brown says:

    Looking for a Chimatian pup in North Carolina

  2. Bambi’s Mom says:

    Does anyone know of a breeder in the mid-Atlantic region that has this breed available? I have a Greyhuahua rescue and looking for a second pup to keep us company.

  3. Sara Radtke says:

    So anyone have any to breed email me .

  4. Sara Radtke says:

    My dog Riley was a stray who my friend found when he was about 1 yr old wandering down the street . He looks to me be mixed with chiauhah and miniature Dalmatian or maybe miniature pin or whip It. We know he’s definitely apple head chiauhah . he has Dalmatian markings..exactly and most people guess he’s that. All I know is he is suck an excellent dog. Youre right though …they can get on well with little children but is strongly suggest watching them as kids man handle and these dogs can be high strung. But cuddly, loyal to the death as well as overly protective especially of his, me, main#1 owner and other sibling pets and family members. He’s sweet. Of get one of breed one. He is awesome!!!

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