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  1. Debra Garrett says:

    We have adored our Springer Spaniel, two for 15 years each. We lost our second pup Leah earlier this year and really miss having a dog in our lives. Doing much research I find the Chilier is a good fit for us. I recently had spinal surgery and know that a smaller dog would be a wiser choice. I am fully recovered and ready to begin this new adventure. I must admit the black and white Chilier does slightly remind me of a smaller Springer. Please let us know if a female pup comes your way. Thanks so much.

  2. Barbara Tucker says:

    My dog princess is about 10 inches and weighs 20 lbs she’s 10 year’s Old and blind now.. how much should I feed her. She eats twice daily

  3. Lisa Malyn Erne-Trouplin says:

    I am trying to find a Breeder in the USA, hopefully Weatern US. I had a wonderfully amazing Chilier, Fritz who was my service Dog. He passed away last year, I am desperately seeking a new Chilier pup but am not finding one. Please help if you know of any available pup.

    • RJ Suitor says:

      Wow so sorry to hear your little Chilier Fritz passed away. We too have a Caviler King Charles Spaniel Long Hair Chihuahua 50-50 mixed by DNA test. His name is Saphire (1 P) he is also a trained service dog and is now 17 1/2 years. This breed is so intelligent and well behaved dog. Besides providing Service Dog work he could perform like 14 tricks and had endless armies of people strangers who thought he is adorable. One of best breeds you can find I wish I knew who breed them. Would never want any type of dog but this.

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