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  1. Anita Wilson says:

    It looks as if we have finally gotten a breed for our new rescue. She is golden wavy haired and has pointy ears that are horizontal rather than vertical . We knew nothing of her except that she had used all of her days and was to be euthanized the following day. We lost the last of our inside babies about 2 months ago due to old age. Rusty a shepherd / lab was 14, Buster of questionable lineage at 16, and Emily a shihtzue
    for only 2 years. All of these were literally found in the highway. Our latest rescue mentioned above is a rescue as well, and beginning to relax around us now. As we are senior citizens we want to maybe lower the number of babies, but if the need be, there is always ROM for one more.

  2. Vicki says:

    What are the best flea treatments for a 7 week chipoo puppy?

  3. Sheri waters says:

    Looking for a female white beautiful chinese crested and chihuahua mix female puppy

  4. Joey bruno says:

    Chipoo are the best dogs in the world loyal loving and just good dogs

  5. Kim k. says:

    My little rugrat just turned one this month. Sooo smart! By 4mths I had taught him At least 12 tricks! But he’s too smart. Can’t find toys cuz he destroys them in seconds! His jaw strength is unbelievable. I previously had toy poodle, a girl, for 17yrs. She passed 3 yrs ago so my friend surprised me with Tucker. Boys are a lot different than girls!! Even with his crazy energy, his ability to tear up all toys,refuses to let me cut his nails, or his pestering my 20yr old cat, I’m in love with him and he makes me laugh. Lots of work but it’s worth it!(Most of the time)lol

  6. Paulette says:

    I have a 16 year old chi-poo who never liked playing with toys. Never cared for them. All she does now is sleep and follow me around. She’s adorable though. Love my baby! She’s a golden blond.

  7. Julie says:

    I live in Arizona, and I’d love a little girl with curling hair Chi poo puppy. If anybody has a newborn could you let me know. Thanks

  8. G R Kendrick says:

    I have a black with white male and a tan/blond with white male born April 16′ 2018. Oklahoma

  9. Kim cline says:

    I am looking for one let the breed today and fell in love if anyone knows where we can buy one please let me know. I like the brown ones but open to look at any color.

  10. Brenda says:

    I have a chip poodle and we got her when she was a month and a week ago her her parents died. So we ended up taking her in and feeding her on the bottle now she’s chewed the nipple off the bottle so we gave her her own dish we buy her puppy milk she loves to play she loves to bite when she her teeth are really sharp so I was wondering if it’s time for her to eat hard dog food and if so what kind or can she eat Caesars wet food would I give her diarrhea someone help if you have any answers

    • Valerea says:

      I rescued my Chi-Poo Lolo when he was about 4-5 months old from a pretty bad situation. He’s about to be three and I have learned a lot in the way of feeding him. He does not do well with dry food that has grains in it. He itched constantly. Sometimes he wouldn’t poop for a day or 2. I switched him to grain-free and the problem is gone and so is his noxious gas. I feed him Caesars homestyle (with the noodles/veggies), One to two full containers daily. He is a sturdy healthy weight. I would suggeest finding a grain-free dry food for small breed puppies and saturating some of it in a bit of sodium free chicken or beef broth to soften it. Only if she is over 8 weeks.

  11. sebrinaw@ymail.com says:

    I am looking for a Chi-poo. Our family had one for seventeen years. We would like to have another Chi-poo to help mend our broken hearts.

  12. JoyAnna Oakland says:

    I am looking for a female… any color but black… do you have any litters coming up.

  13. Wilma Bulbulian says:

    I am interested in a Chipoo puppy, small, blonde, ears down, with short hair. I live in Calif. but am willing to travel or have the puppy sent to me. I am 64 and have other older small dogs, we just lost our baby and need to add to our family.

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