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Chi Chon

The Chi Chon is a breed of dog produced as a result of a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Chihuahua purebred dogs. Its compact body with a fluffy coat and round, black eyes give it an adorable toy-like appearance. It is an appealing breed not just for its looks but also its good-natured disposition. The playful and cheerful Chi Chon dog can become an enthusiastic companion in no time. Despite its small size, it is less fragile than its Chihuahua parent.

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Quick Information

Other namesChi-Chon, Bichon Frise-Chihuahua Mix
CoatLong, curly, and fluffy coat is common though short hair is also possible
ColorWhite, light brown, brown, golden, black, brown and white, black and white, black and brown
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedNon-sporting, Toy
Lifespan12-15 years
Weight4-10 lbs (1.8-4.5 kg)
Size and HeightSmall; 8-10 inches
TemperamentLoving, energetic, friendly, intelligent, sociable
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inThe USA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DBR, DRA, DDKC, IDCR

Video: Chi Chon Playing

Temperament and Behavior

With a noticeably pleasant and winning personality, the Chi-Chon is thoroughly proficient at fascinating its family and neighbors. It craves for affection and can sometimes bark to attract attention. It is capable of adjusting to various lifestyles, provided it is not left alone for too long.

If the owner is away for many hours, the dog may exhibit destructive behaviors, tearing and chewing everything in sight. Therefore, it is prudent for an owner to leave his/her dog in a crate even when leaving for a short time.

It is a good family pet, which can cope well with children and are often seen playing with them. Even though it is friendly by nature, its interactions between young kids or other animals should always be supervised to prevent accidental bites or pulling of the tail or ears.



Like most energetic dogs, the Chi-Chons love to run and play. They are the happiest when they play with their owners. Therefore, taking your Chihuahua Bichon Frise mix outdoors for long walks as well as playing fetch games will help develop trust and build a strong relationship with your pet. You can also keep it occupied with soft chew toys.


Allot a significant amount of time to brush and bathe your Chi-Chon. Loose, worn out hairs should be removed by brushing frequently; otherwise, it can result in tangles, mats, or other serious skin problems. Periodic bathing is advisable, as it will keep your dog clean and free from bad odors. Mucus or eye discharge can accumulate and may cause eye problems, thus cleaning the Chi Chon’s face and trimming its hair is necessary. If you are not comfortable with the grooming job, seek help from a professional groomer for brushing, bathing, and trimming your pet’s hair and nails, as also for cleaning its ear.

Health Problems

The Chi Chon puppies are prone to cataracts, which is a hereditary condition in its Bichon parent. Problems of the joints and bones such as patellar luxation and hip dysplasia; bladder problems like infections and formation of stones; food and contact allergies; as well as heart diseases may affect the Chihuahua Bichon mix.


Sign up your Chi Chon puppy for obedience classes to teach proper canine etiquettes. This will make management of your dog with basic commands (sit, stay, drop, etc.) much easier. Early socialization is also important in your pet’s life since it helps your dog learn to get along with other household animals. While training your smart little dog for agility, rally competition, and competitive obedience, you should avoid harsh treatments and scolding. Also, make sure that it feels satisfied in a safe and cozy crate.


Provide your Bichon Chihuahua mix an optimal diet containing enough nutrients that promote healthy body and skin. As a dog owner, you have some choices for your pet’s diet including raw foods, processed dry kibble, and rehydratable dried foods. When it comes to dry kibble, choose the one that is free from grains, corns, and wheat as these are likely to cause allergic reactions as well as digestive problems. The daily amount of dry food should be an approximately 1/2-1 cup. Sweeteners should be avoided since they might cause diabetes.

20 responses to “Chi Chon”

  1. Theresa says:

    Can the chi chon breed be registered.

  2. Amy says:

    I have 4 Chichon’s of my own and three puppy Chichon’s that I’m currently looking to sale. I love them so much! It’s a crazy story how we started into this but I would not change anything. These dogs are my very best friends and I literally credited them with saving me last year during what was the worst year of my life. There’s nothing better than walking thru your front door and being greeted by your dogs. The sincerity in their happiness is so real and makes you feel so good. They are the best…I won’t have nothing other than them ever again!

  3. Kathy Hill says:

    I have a white Chi-Chon who is now 8 years old.. the most loveable dog I’ve ever had, she looks more like a Bichon she has the face of a chihuahua, her hair is white and curly. She loves to cuddle and is not a big barker. She gets along very well with my other dog which is a Yorkie. You would not be disappointed with this mix!



    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Elena,
      Mouthing is a normal behavior in most puppies. However, some may bite out of frustration or fear and this behavior with excessive tantrums may indicate problems, including aggression in the future. If you suspect that your pup or dog’s mouthing is due to aggression or fear, consult a certified animal behaviorist in your area.

  5. Barbara says:

    My name is Barbara. I have a Female Chichon that is so Presious. She hardly ever Barks. We live in NC. We wearer looking for a Male for Mabel.
    Her mother was a Chihuahua and the father was a Bishon Frise. She was the 5 of 5 puppies and the other 4 look just like a chihuahua… Mabel look like she is solid
    White but, has some tan mixed in now. She is 2 years old. If you have a Male, and are willing to stud out your Male; Please let us know. Also, most live in Nearby will not ship my Mabel anywhere

  6. Sharleen says:

    I am getting a chi chon in 2 weeks time, wondering if they are okay in the crates? Do they bark much?

  7. Courtney says:

    I absolutely love my chi chon puppy. She is about 10 weeks old. She is very cuddly, playful, rarely barks, and gets along incredibly well with my toddler daughter, other medium sized dog (wire whippit lab), and our two cats. She is very small and sweet. I’ve never really had a small breed dog such as a bichon or chihuahua so the whole “tear stain” is something new to me. I highly reccomend this breed! She is such a blessing to our family. Thanks for the interesting article.

  8. donald trostle says:

    Looking for chichon puppy..

  9. Jun Li says:

    I would like to have a mini chichon that weighs about 4 bls

  10. debbie loveridge says:

    I have just purchased a Chi Chon and although she barks for play she is not a constant barker. Have always had full Chihuahua previously and find the Chi Chon easier to train, both potty, and basic commands. I have 2 cats and all three get on great, Lou Lou is more Chihuahua like than Bijon some was supprised at how little barking she does

    • Courtney says:

      My 10 week old “chi chon” is also more chihuahua-like than bichon. She also rarely ever barks. This mixed breed is so interesting.

  11. Jun Li says:

    I would like to get a chi chon miniature dog

    • Derek says:

      I’ve got one.she’s adorable and called cuddles .fantastic dog and the description is 100% correct

      • Shelley says:

        Does she bark a lot?

        • Sam says:

          Yeah mine barks alot and is of a nervous predisposition, so I would advise when getting your new puppy, should you do so, to watch each individual puppy interact on its own accord around you and the other pups to spot which character would be best suited for you. I would also advise you take them to puppy parties and classes, so you can rectify any negative behaviour towards people and things early on. And remember to get them socialised! With mine, it was moreso he was very nervous from the start, and getting him nuetered didn’t help his nervousness towards people at all. To this very day we are working with him to get better, and trust prople more. Hope this doesn’t discourage you in any way of getting a chi-chon as nervousness and antiexty can be found and diagnosed in any dog regardless of breed! All-in-all he is a great family dog, fine with other dogs and our rabbit (just a bit too rough and playful with him so we keep them separate anyway). He is just very nervous around strangers and barks at anything passing by the house!

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