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Chi Chi Dog


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Chi Chi is a designer breed created by crossing the Chinese Crested and Chihuahua. They are characterized by a rectangular-shaped body along with an apple or wedge-shaped head like their Chihuahua or Chinese Crested parents respectively. They even have bright and round or almond shaped eyes, a slightly arched neck that appears long and slim, narrow shoulders, slender and straight legs as well as a C-shaped tail that is curved and held over the back especially when they are excited.

Chi Chi Dog Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesChichi
CoatShort, Powder Puffed, Hairless or Long
ColorBlack, White, Gray, Brown and White, Dark Brown, Cream and Chocolate,
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Designer
LifespanMore than 10 years
WeightBetween 6 and 10 pounds while some can even be of only 4 pounds after growing up fully.
Size and HeightSmall; Below 12 inches
TemperamentFriendly, Alert, Lovable, Energetic, Bold, Gentle, and Loyal.
Good with ChildrenYes (Mostly with those belonging to the family)
BarkingFrequent ( Alerting its masters about the presence of a stranger)
Litter Size About 8 pups
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA, ACHC, DDKC , DBR, IDCR
Originated inU.S.A

Chi Chi Puppies Video


Though the history of this modern day designer dog is unknown, it might have been developed with the intention of creating an intelligent watchdog just like its parents, though with a smaller stature.

Temperament and Personality

These dogs possess a friendly, playful and intelligent nature getting along superbly well with the members of its family though they may develop a special attachment with a few of them. In spite of their cordial and amicable, they may be bold and indifferent towards animals as well as strangers on encountering them for the first time. This trait of its makes it excel as a watch dog though it may be messy and noisy at times.

The Chihuahua-Chinese Crested mix can be by themselves for a considerable period in an open yard or apartment. However, being left alone for a very long time makes them develop several behavioral issues such as losing hairs from stress, biting or scratching themselves, showing rudeness or attempting to escape. They have a wonderful rapport with kids, but the little ones should be taught to handle these dogs in a gentle way rather than behaving roughly or rashly with them. In fact, special care should be taken for the hairless variety as they have no hair on their skin to protect from wounds or scratches. It is always safe for an adult to supervise the child’s interaction with these dogs to ensure the latter’s safety.

Being excellent at climbing and jumping, they can surprise you by leaping higher than you can think, a trait attained from the Chinese Crested. Thus, if you cannot spot your little dog, search for him on top of the wardrobe or upon your piles of clothes. However, as it has delicate legs, it is essential to keep a watch on them while on stairs or even help them get down the sofa if they are unable to jump as they may easily fall off leading to injuries. The Chi Chi dogs are not adaptable to extremes of weather, getting sun burnt when left in the scorching heat or chilled if exposed to the bitter cold.



Keeping their high energy levels and active nature in mind, help them exercise regularly. Indoor or outdoor activities along with a long walk would keep them physically and mentally fit.


They do not need too much of grooming though the procedure would vary according to the kind of coats they have. Those with a smooth coat need to be regularly washed using a rag while the long-haired variety requires daily brushing. The dogs without any hair need to be applied lotion and sun block every day to prevent their skin from getting tanned or burnt. It is essential to clean their eyes on a regular basis to combat infections. Provide special attention to those inheriting the large eyes of the Chihuahua as they may have tears quite often. Brush their teeth regularly as they are easily prone to dental infections.

Health Problems

Some of the common health issues the Chi Chi may be prone to include luxating patella as well as a host of eye diseases such as glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy, lens luxation and dry eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). Chi Chi puppies often suffer from hypoglycemia, similar to their Chihuahua parent.


These smart dogs are quick learners, thus needing to be trained in a firm, patient and tactful way with a lot of positive reinforcement techniques like rewards, praise, play and cuddles implemented to yield good results. Imparting socialization and obedience training from their puppy days will help them develop a pleasing personality. Owners can use their intelligence in a positive way by teaching them a host of new tricks that will come of great aid to them while participating in dog shows or sports like obedience and agility.


These dogs require half to one cup of dry dog food on a daily basis along with a nutritious diet. However, overfeeding is to be strictly avoided as they can be obese because of excessive eating.

Interesting Facts

  • Among the variety of coats of Chi Chi dog, some may be hairless while the others might have powder puffs (a long and soft coat) similar to the Chinese Crested. Breeders often throw the powder puff variety of the Chinese Crested into a bucket of water after their birth as such dogs are thought not to be very useful.
  • In 2007, Elwood, a 2-year-old Chinese Crested-Chihuahua mix was crowned the winner in the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition with the owners getting a prize money of $1000.

7 responses to “Chi Chi Dog”

  1. the smoosh says:

    cute i wish i had one yet im very lazy

  2. Dan says:

    please visit our Blue Chi Chi website — there is information and photos of our “O’Boy” designer breed — I tried a number of time to attach a photo to my comments / post here but it won’t allow me to attach pictures — please visit : — our dogs abd puppy’s have the rare and recessive blue gene that gives us our rare blue coloring. I will welcome all breed information and your critique of our “O’Boys”

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you — Dan

    PS — if you know others that love Chi Ch’is please make them aware of our website — I hope to set up a blog called “you show me your Chi Chi and I’ll show you mine — site will encourage others photos and breed information.

  3. Eric Brewer says:

    I am a 51 year old diesel mechanic and shared this old ball of dirt with a Chihuahua Powder Puff Chinese Crested mix named Rufus for 15 years. He was the best, smartest and most loving little guy I ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. He passed a year ago last Easter and I still can’t talk about him without both smiling and tearing up. I would recommend this breed to anyone who wants a friend for life. I used to tease my wife saying Rufus loved me more than she did because if I locked them both in the trunk of my car then came back in a couple hours… Only Rufus would be happy to see me. 🙂 One of these days I’ll get another just to make sure Rufus wasn’t a fluke.

  4. Stephanie shepherd says:

    I have a chi chi the problem i have is she definatly does like men how can j get her to stop barking at my own usband every time he walks into a room?

  5. kaitlyn says:

    hello i have a chichi named daisy and i started training her by myself at the age of 4 1/2 shes pretty smart she can sit,stay,over a bar up to 1 or more feet tall and 3 feet wide,spin,sit pretty,shake,paw,high five,stand,dance,name,go to a place,down,stick em up,pray,

    • Tammy says:

      Hey I got a question my baby girl was born February 14th and it is now September 9th how old is she. And then I got another question when she plays with a certain toy she will humping

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