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  1. Sally Wright says:

    I have 2 Cheagles. And I love them very much. They are the best 2 babies ever.

  2. Katie says:

    Does anyone know of a reputable Cheagle breeder?

  3. Sandy Harding says:

    My beloved best friend Hunter Boy, Beagle for 13 years is romping around with the Angels now. I still have a huge hole in my heart missing him but actually got very excited when I came across this article on mixed beagle breeds.
    I live in Montana & since it’s been such a long time looking for a friend, I don’t have a clue where to start much less if there’s even mixed Beagle breeders in the State. I’ve checked, shelters. stores etc.with no luck so hoping that one of you may be able to point me in the direction of a Beagle someone that might know more about whats available in the Montana area.
    Thank you in advance for helping an old women heal her heart.

  4. Kathy says:

    Has anyone trained them successfully to be around children? I have two young grandchildren.

  5. Debi B. says:

    We rescued our Cheagle when she was around one year old. She’s almost 6 now. She is the best dog I’ve ever owned. She’s quiet and loving and friendly. I grew up with Beagles and she looks like a small Beagle. She’s 15 lbs. of pure muscle. She loves to go for walks and ride in a car and chase squirrels around the yard and just be with us whatever we’re doing.

  6. Debi B. says:

    My Cheagle is the best dog I’ve ever owned. I hope when the time comes, I can find another one as good as her.

  7. Elena M Thomson says:


  8. Mari says:

    I have a adorable sweet Cheagle. She is so loyal and she loves kids unless you seem suspicious. She loves to cuddle and loves kisses! She’s a baby still (6months) training her to her pads was difficult as she is still learning. She knows how to sit and stay and will only bark if you seem suspicious or another dog barks. Totally recommend these type of dogs

  9. Gavin says:

    I got one and I’m a 14 year old boy and his name is chance and he has bit me a couple times and he protects me and some is really really really hipper and I have a question so I live in the suburbs and there is this one guy that owns chickens and he told me that my cheagle killed one but he didn’t see it happen and he likes to run out the door and take off and I have to go get him I run up there and usually just chasing Chickens and I get him and he also said he ripped off a chickens tail
    Do you think that actually happened and the guy is lying

    • Elayne says:


  10. Elizabeth Nelson says:

    I had a cheagle i got her when she was 5 weeks old she was very smart and very easy to train, she passed away at thankgiving she was almost 12 yrs old. She did have heath issues she started having seizures when she was 4 till she passed away, a year before sje passed i had to have over 100 kidney stones removed from her bladder and a month before she passed away i took her in she was gaining weight and having a hard time breathing they did x rays her liver was 4 times the size it should have been she ate ol roy kibbles chunks and chews her whole life till the kidney stones. I found out right before she passed away ol roy was recalled for those reasons.

  11. Sebastian Izanngi says:

    Can a chihuahua birth the Cheadle puppies?

  12. Kendra says:

    I have a 7 year old cheagle. She’s very affectionate towards me and my mom. She is definitely mean towards men and children. Even though my brother is 10, when we got her, he was younger and she never grew to get better with him. She still has accidents and we have to leave her in a kennel at night. She seems to never learn. Whether we let her know she’s wrong or not. It’s been this way since we got her. Any tips?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kendra,
      Although it might be annoying, your dog should not always be blamed. Research has shown that dogs having an accident are actually responding to some kind of change or stress in their environment. Therefore, you should try to alleviate the issue first and then go back to fundamental housetraining. Encourage appropriate toileting by

      • Actively supervising your dog
      • Carefully managing its environment
      • Getting it on a good bathroom schedule, allowing it to go outside every hour
  13. Flnat7676 says:

    I agree with the lady that said dont yell at your Cheagle. My 1 year old female still has random accidents, and I already know before I see it because she let’s me know by hiding, or snuggling real close.

  14. Claudia Reynolds says:

    These dogs are crossed with beagles. The most stubborn breed out there. You need to train them like a beagle. We went to Pet Smart and put the beagles thru obedience training and reinforced everyday. With that said beagles are the best. They are funny and loyal. They greet you everyday like you have been gone for years. Bottom line get them trained and they will be the best dogs ever,no matter what the are crossed with.

    • Ann Skeahan says:

      Thanks. Good point. I have never had a dog and that makes sense. I have a Pet Smart right by me so glad to know they have obedience tranning.

  15. Lily says:

    We recently adopted a 3-month cheagle. We were told she was house-trained. She is very good, playful, adorable and loving. she poop outside twice a day. pee in early morning. since I work full time, my kids sometimes took her more often than I would do during the day. would that give her a habit to go out too often? I’m afraid we can’t take her that often when school starts. I would love her to stay at home during the day till late afternoon or evening.
    also, she is very friendly meeting people or dogs w/ slow approaching speed. She got so excited and bark when seeing other dogs, esp other dogs approach her relatively quick. I usually drag her away when she bark, is it the right way to do it? how to train her to bark less or less excited/hyper when seeing other dogs?

    • Jodie Gibson says:

      It isn’t about the habit as much as it is about how long she can hold her bladder. Babies have very small bladders and can only hold it for so long. I had a chihuaha mix and it wasn’t until at least 6 months old that he could hold his bladder all day. It is best for them to be able to potty at least every 4 hours.

  16. Madeline says:

    Hello my friends I was wondereing if u guys have any ineresting info because i have a school project. Thanks

  17. Anyomous says:

    hello dear friends I’m doing a school project about cheagles. I was wondereing if u guys have any jucie info about cheagles. if u do please tell me. Thanks so much.

  18. Kelly Green says:

    I have 2 Cheagles. They are brother and sister. The male, Buddy, seems trained fairly well. The female, Missy, on tge other hand in extremely stubborn. I work 12 hour shifts. I come home and there are no accidents. When I’m off and at home, the female never asks to go out. She will potty in the house. Why is that? Can someone give me advice on how to remedy the house training situation? They are both a year and half old.

  19. nedyne says:

    My Cheagal Morpheus is the best little dog ever he was potty trained early he uses his crate as his home. When he wants to go outside he barks almost in a way that lets us know he is talking. He will look you in the eye and grunt bark. He is so smart,he just turned 2.

  20. Pam says:

    My 3 month old puppy is so bad about barking, and I hate that. How can I train her not to bark? Or at least very little. Also in the last few days has become a little aggressive, growling at some people in my building, and the dogs here that get in her face. She’s an angel in public. I got her a month ago. I was told she was a chiweenie. But I saw her Mom and now that I’ve looked up chihuahua/beagles I feel this is what she is. Help!

    • BillyJames says:

      From my experience, cheagles are not very well behaved up until about 9 months of age. Thats around the time the training starts setting in. Just have to keep the dog distracted from the things that make it bark with music or the tv.

    • Rebecca Jo Baranski says:

      the ultrasonic egg is a handhels device u push button&lets ultrasonic sound to stop dogs bark. i just say bark box nowh my cheagle does her oh shit growl& stops!😊

  21. Carmen says:

    I have had my Cheagle puppy for a week. She’s so smart,I potty trained her in 4 days. Since I work home from she is always right beside me following me around all day. Because of the condition I found her, I don’t put her in a cage. She has my big bathroom to herself. I keep her in there for a few hours when I go out or during bedtime just so she will learn how to be independent as well. Because she is very playful, I’m going to buy a gate for the bathroom. I want her to get older before I leave her to my whole apartment by herself while I’m sleeping or out for a few hours.

    • Sharlaye Dezeurn says:

      how did you potty train, I literally will you pay to you to teach my 4 month old cheagle, it’s a struggle with me

  22. Jean says:

    Has anyone crate trained successfully?

    • Bahar says:

      I have. My puppy is only 4 months old but he has already been crate trained and house broken for more than a month. start right away, leave the crate door open and encourage him/her to play there on his/her own. I work full-time, I used to leave him in the crate during the day with lunch visits, now that he is house broken I leave his crate open. He still sleeps in it though when he wants to.

    • BillyJames says:

      Yes, started from 2 months. My cheagle uses the crate as his safe zone now during storms and such. Also keeps him from destroying stuff when im not home (for some reason only like to chew furniture when nobody is around)

  23. Michelle says:

    I got a cheagle puppy … she was 6 weeks old when I brought her home. She has slept in my bed with me since the day I got her (it was like having a baby all over again … 2 hour potty times but that didn’t last long before she was sleeping all night) and she was relatively easy to house break. I did find that not scolding her made a big difference. If I found a mess I simply cleaned it up and let her know in a firm voice she was bad. I now leave her all day when I go to work and she does not potty in the house. She’s great! Fun loving and SASSY

  24. Kristina Nelson says:

    I also wonder about house training. My cheagle Bentley knows he is to go outside but sometimes just chooses not to especially when I leave him

    • admin says:

      Since Cheagles are small dogs, their bladder size is small with an increased metabolism, thus needing to eliminate outside at an increased frequency.
      Some of the tips that you may follow for house-training include
      Fixing a proper feeding schedule for your puppy
      Take him out every morning to eliminate and also keep taking him outside after every half to one hour, as well as after mealtimes or when he gets up from his nap.
      Make sure he goes to the same spot every day to maintain a routine.
      After he has excreted in that particular spot reward him well.

  25. LINDA MILLER says:

    My cheagle Lucy is the best dog we have ever had, she is 14 yrs old and has always been very loving and gentle with my children and now my grandchildren.She has has slowed up quit a bit and I dread the time that she will no longer be with me.

  26. Kim says:

    We love our little puppy . She is amazing

    • Stretch says:

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