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  1. Josie says:

    I have a cava tzu but he doesn’t lie other dogs or small children, so train from as young as possible. Mine was 4 Wen I had him so hard to train him now. I don’t know what happened to him before I had him but he is very nervous around dogs and children. He is amazing in every other way though, and so loving.

  2. Peggy woodring says:

    Looking for one of these puppies

  3. Marie Blackmer says:

    We are looking for a breeder in or near Columbus Ohio for Cava-Tzu. Would you send to us information on breeders? Thank you.

  4. Marie Blackmer says:

    We are looking for a breeder in or near Columbus Ohio for

  5. Marie Blackmer says:

    I would like to know when puppies would be available of this mix in Ohio?

  6. DIANNA GOULD says:


  7. DIANNA GOULD says:

    please send me pictures and where I can purchase this little dog – I am so lost without her.

  8. Craig says:

    I live in the Twin Cities and am looking for a Cava-Tzu puppy for a cousin that lives 230 miles from here. Is there anyone near/in the Cities that has a puppy? Would like their email or phone number or website.

  9. Andrew Bousfield says:

    Hi I am the proud owner of two Cava-Tzu pups and would love to share their unique photos on this platform as my pups have taken on the characteristics of each parent creating a unique litter. With brother and sister totally different. One is more Cav and the other more Tzu.

    Let me know if of interest.

    • Candy says:

      I have only had a Shih Tzu that I had for 14 years minus 1 month and had to put him down. I truly was heartbroken but now am ready to get another dog. My groomer recommended a Cava-Tzu. I would be interested in some pics.

    • DIANNA GOULD says:

      Where CAN i FIND ONE OF THESE BEAUTIUL DOGS – i JUST LOST MINE TO KIDNEY FAILURE, AND AM SO LOST SHE WAS 14 1/2 SHE WAS BORN DEFORMED with clep lip and soft pallet, they told me she wouldnt live a year but she fooled them. She was my best friend eer she was my baby girl. I so need to find one that looks like her. cAN i SSEND YOU a picture of her so I can get one that looks like her. Pleaase let me know

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