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Caucasian Ovcharka ( Caucasian Shepherd Dog)


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

Mainly bred to catch bears and protect flocks of sheep from wolves and thieves, the Caucasian Ovcharka, the tall, strong-boned, muscular, black-nosed, wide-headed, large-featured dog is covered with short coat, having strong paws with hair between their toes. In Russian, they are called Кавказская Овчарка or Кавказский Волкодав.

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Quick Information

Other Name
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
CoatModerately long, dense
ColorCombinations of white, brindle, gray, tan, fawn or pied
Group (of Breed)Flock guard (sheepdog)
Lifespan10-11 years
Weight45 – 70 kg
Height (size)
Large; 64 – 72 cm
SheddingSeasonal (twice a year)
TemperamentStrong-willed, alert, courageous
Good with ChildrenNo
Litters3-10 puppies at a time
Health ConcernsHip and elbow dysplasia
Originated inRussia
Competitive RegistrationFCI, NKC, CKC, APRI, ACR, DRA, NAPR, AKC/FSS, ACA

Video – Caucasian Ovcharka Vs. Pitbull:


This dog belongs to a very ancient breed, said to have evolved from ancestors 2000 years ago.


There are two varieties of the Caucasian ovcharka according to its coat type:

  1. The long-coat variety,
  2. The short-coat variety or, the Kazbek types.

Temperament and Behavior

This hardy, brace, strong, alert and extremely intelligent dog, with a big instinct to defend, would protect anyone in the family, including other pets/other dogs, an instinct derived from the fact that they were actually to protect livestock and attack and catch intruders. Do not leave them alone with children, else they might mess trying to be over-protective. They are not too friendly with strangers, but would welcome family friends.



Since they need plenty of open area to play around, they are not meant for apartment life. If not working all day as a livestock guard, they should be taken for long walks or jogging.


In order to prevent hair-entangling, the long coat type needs frequent brushing, unlike the short-hair variety, which is especially important during their shedding periods.

Health Problems

The mammoth-size Caucasian ovcharka is vulnerable to many common dog diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia being the commonest of them all.


From the time they are a puppy, give them a thorough socialization training about mixing with people by a trainer or owner who can display a strong leadership and has enough time in hand to train. Be sure to lead the dog while jogging/walking to ensure your own pack leadership.


Caucasian ovcharka is an easy keeper for its size. A lactating or pregnant bitch and a growing puppy can eat 8-10 cups daily, but an adult, unstressed dog might eat comparatively less. Feed the dog with a high-quality food which should provide necessary nutrition. Best would be, if you can check with your dog breeder to see what diet they would recommend, since some breeders would supplement its food with yogurt, goat milk, cooked meat etc. Feed the young puppies 2-3 times a day, and adults 1-2 times daily. The huge Caucasian ovcharka, naturally, has a huge appetite. It needs a big diet daily of up to two large bowls during meals. A high quality dry dog food is recommended.

Interesting Facts

  • The Caucasian ovcharka is popular in many names including Circassian Sheep Dog, Armenian Khobun, Sage Ghafghazi, Georgian Nagazi, Kavkasiuri Nagazi, Kavkazty Uasahichala, Kars Çoban Köpeği, Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Zhaul Zhali.
  • The dense fur helps it cope with living outdoors in its own kennel or some proper shelter.
  • To the present day, these dogs are used to guard live flocks, poultries etc.
  • Traditionally, these dogs’ ears are cropped, however, some modern Caucasian ovcharkas are kept unaltered, since many dog lovers feels that, this act is cruel, and also because it is not considered to be a necessary attribute for the traditional working conditions of the dog any more.

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  1. sarang says:

    Caucasian overchakra is good for median size apartment

  2. Henry ishongu says:

    Please how much does a puppy go’s for and also a male adult

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  4. Pamela Attebury says:

    Would like to purchase a caucasian orvcharka puppy. Could you send names of reputable breeders in USA and in Russia. Thank you. You have many beautiful dogs and puppies on your site to represent this magnificent breed. I have been researching them for the past year.

    • Liz Abrams says:

      I got a Ovcharka puppy a month ago, a male. He is super cute and listens well gets along great with my adult French Mastiff. Got him at Maxomagic kennels and am extremely happy and Dan is super nice I went there they have beautiful dogs !!!

  5. Stanley Johnson says:

    Interested I. This breed of dog

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