A hybrid dog is a breed that develops through breeding between a dog and another member of the Canis genus. Apart from dogs, the genus includes wolves, coyotes, and jackals. The wild members of this genus are all collectively known as canids. So a hybrid between them can be referred to as a canid hybrid; however, a dog hybrid only includes those that involve a dog.

For example, a Jackal–dog hybrid is between a golden jackal and a dog, and a coywolf is a hybrid between a coyote and a wolf. Both are canid hybrids, but both cannot be considered dog hybrids.

Wolf-dog hybrids are often the ones to fascinate pet lovers most, but there are other equally amazing hybrids. Here are some of the best dog hybrids that have also gained a reputation for being good pets.

Hybrid Dogs

List of Dog Hybrids


Q.1. Are wolf-dog hybrids dangerous?

Ans. With proper training and familiarity from a very early age, wolfdogs can become excellent companions and loyal pets. However, the ‘wildness’ inherent in their nature can make them dangerous, especially in the care of inexperienced pet owners. This is why these dogs are not recommended to anyone unless they understand and can provide the proper care.

Q.2. Are wolf-dog hybrids legal?

Ans. The legal status for hybrids between wolves and dogs varies throughout the United States. Some states legally permit keeping them as pets, while others consider them wild animals, banning or restricting individuals from keeping them.

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