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Canis Panther


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 28th October 2022

The well muscled Canis Panther has been developed by cross breeding the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Black Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Though it was initially cross bred, most researches have stated them to be true bred at present. They are characterized by cropped ears and a docked tail generally done at birth. They also have a wide chest and jaw with their rear dew claws being removed. This short-furred breed forming a remarkable guard dog is not recognized by any major kennel society or club.

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Quick Information

CoatShort and Close
ColorBlack, Chocolate, Fawn, Blue, Grey,
Breed TypeCrossbreed (bred true at present)
GroupGuard Dog (Personal Protection)
LifespanAbout 10 to 11years
Weight120 to 140 pounds (Male); 85 to 105 pounds (Female)
Height27-30 inches (Male); 24 to 27 inches (Female)
SheddingAverage to minimal
TemperamentSensitive, Intelligent, Loyal
Good with ChildrenChildren of the family: Yes; Strangers: No
Competitive RegistrationPersonal Protection Dog Association (P.P.D.A), DRA

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Temperament and Behavior

Characterized by a high level of intelligence it is friendly to the members of their family, which is ready to go to the extent of sacrificing its life to protect its family, and is rightly called the ‘Ultimate Protector’. Being territorial, they are suspicious about strangers and do not go well with dogs of the same sex, but may get along well with a non-dominant breed, if raised together. Their loyal nature makes them keen to follow the master’s commands. The Canis Panther puppies are extremely playful, enjoying the company of kids.



Heavy exercise is not necessary, however, their large size demands regular long walks, and a large fenced area to run around. Because of their unresisting short coat, do not keep them exposed to chilling temperatures. Keep them indoors especially during cold nights.


Having too short coat, which do not needs brushing, the Canis Panther requires minimal or no grooming at all. They are to be bathed and shampooed only when required, as frequent bathing may remove the natural oils from its coat.

Health Problems

Being a new and rare breed, no specific health or genetic concerns have been detected as such. However, if the dog limps with any cut on its body, it is essential to consult a vet at the earliest.


Its high intelligence level makes training easy. Being a dominant breed, it is essential to give them obedience and leash training. Socialization training works best if begins during puppy days so that they get along well with strangers and children. The owner should be assertive enough to prevent the Canis Panther from being the ‘pack leader’.


This mighty dog needs to be properly fed to be kept healthy. High quality dog food, divided into proper meals, would be suitable for them.

Interesting Facts

  • This rare breed was developed in the 1970s by the three Americans Michael Stratton, Lucas Lopez and Cleotha “Scorpio” Jones, in order to develop a protector dog.
  • These dogs are natural protectors and can bark louder than a burglar alarm.

5 responses to “Canis Panther”

  1. Sekou Carson says:

    Why do they all look so different? Some I see the dobe others the lab. I saw one that looked like a giant pitbull/cane corso all black. Does this one have special sub-specicies name?

  2. Frances Foster says:

    Am a female 100% disabled veteran in need of a service dog. Experience with XLARGE breed dogs prefer male as from personal experience they bond better and train easier, though have and do have female rescue dogs, and just recently lost my female Neopolitan Mastiff due to old age at 12 1/2 years old. Though am a disabled veteran I stay as active as possible, by appearance do not look very disabled. I have researched this breed and few others and this one is one of the most compatible in temperament, physicalality, personal preference, etc..Do you by any chance donate a pup or young dog to veteran’s in need or discount? Due to not only requirements of my disabilities but also the fact I have other pets I can’t do a rescue as some veteran’s can. My doctors have specified a pup or young dog a little over a year is needed. Great that they specify but don’t pay, lol.

  3. Kelly Anne Rodriguez says:

    Very interested in one of these beautiful babies. Where are you located and what would a puppy preferably female cost.

    • meaghan white says:

      You can check out Rock of Ages Kennel. They just had a litter that was born yesterday. You can find their page on Facebook, and they’re very responsive and great at answering questions.

  4. Yoandrys L Corvo says:

    I am looking for a male canine panther if he has a picture I would like to see him and how much do you want for the puppy

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