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Bully Kutta


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The Bully Kutta is an extremely dog-aggressive mastiff. They are thick-boned with a muscular structure, a broad head, and the tail tapering to a fine point [2] [6]. Their eyes are almond-shaped and ears erect but are often cropped. Like the bulldogs, they have loose skin especially around the neck and the jaw [1]. These dogs are predominantly white. However, combinations of other colors are also not uncommon [6].

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Quick Information/Description

Also known asBully Cutha, PBK, Bully, Indian Alangu Mastiff, Pakistani Mastiff, Sindhi Mastiff, Indian Mastiff [1] [2] [3] [8] [12]
NicknamesBeast From The East [6]
CoatShort, smooth [11]
ColorsWhite, White and black, White and brown, Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Black, Red
Group (of Breed)Bulldog, Guard dog, Fighting dog
Life span8 to 10 years
WeightMale: 150-170 lbs;
Female: 130-150 lbs
Height (size)Large;
: 30-44 inches;
Female: 28-36 inches
SheddingModerate [3]
TemperamentIntelligent, alert, responsive, energetic
Good with ChildrenYes (if raised with kids) [1]
Good with Other Pets/DogsNo
Good with pets/dogsNo
Litter size3-5 puppies [2]
DroolingHeavy [6]
BarkingYes (deep and heavy) [12]
Country of OriginIndia/Pakistan
Competitive RegistrationBKCA, KCP


Theories suggest that, during the British invasion, the British soldiers brought their mastiff dogs with them to India. These dogs later bred with the regional Indian mastiff breeds, giving birth to this new breed of bully kuttas [1].

There is enough debate whether this dog, also known as the Pakistani Mastiff, is the same as the Indian Mastiff. There have also been extensive disputes about the country of origin of this breed, with some claiming it to be India, while the others Pakistan. There is also ambiguity whether this dog actually originated in Northern India or in the Thanjavur and Thiruchi districts in the South [7].

Whatever the fact is, this strong and dominant Bulldog mix finds its root back to the extinct breed Alaunt that originated in Sindh (desert area of Kutch), Rajasthan and Punjab (Bhawalpur) regions of modern-day Pakistan [2] [8]. In Pakistan, these dogs are extensively used as a guard and fighting dog even to the present day [1] [3].


During British rule, the Indian continent was divided into many princely states that were divided into many kingdoms, with each kingdom having their own preferences. Thus, the Bully Kutta survived in different features and forms according to the respective zonal preferences. Some of the most common variations are:

  • Ancient Type Bully Kutta
  • Nagi Bully Kutta
  • Mastiff Type Bully Kutta
  • Aseel Bully Kutta
  • Modern Bully Kutta

Temperament and Behavior

Due to their heavy size and dominance, bully kuttas can be dangerous to both the owners [10] as also the strangers, and are potentially not good with children and other pets (including dogs). They are aggressive by instinct [10] [11].

The bullies are also not recommended for apartment life since they need a huge space. Hence, they are not recommended for first-time or timid owners. However, strong socialization is recommended to have a control of such situations [12].

Bully Kuttas have the gait similar to that of a lion or tiger [8] [10] [11]. They are intelligent and noble [1]. With their strong sense of sight and smell, they make a good guard dog that would not just protect its own territory but also the owner and his property. However, the puppy needs enough training to develop a bond with its owner [1] [8] [10] [12]. These dogs drool and are prone to sleeping all day.



It is evident how much these high-energy dogs are in need for exercise. Take them out for brisk walking and jogging sessions. This is also required to meet with their migrating instincts. When you are out with your bully, do not forget taking the lead, because they would never listen or obey the owner if they sense their power of dominance is overshadowing their masters’ leadership.

They have the instinct to wander and explore new places and tend to escape the house [11]. Hence, keep your bully leashed except during playtime inside a protected, fenced yard.


The bully kutta needs a low maintenance. It is an average shedder and has a short coat, needing minimal grooming. When required, brush them with a firm-bristled brush [12] to maintain the gloss of their coat. Bathing is not much required. Just use a damp towel to remove the dirt [3] [7] [9]. Clipping their coat is not recommended, since this might impact its regrowth. Instead, stripping is good for cleaning them; which means, removing the dead hairs by hand. Trim their nails when too long [12].

Health Problems

This strong, sturdy dog is generally healthy. However, issues like arthritis and blindness are general conditions that affect this dog later in their life. Considering their size, bloating is also not uncommon for dogs of their size, just like heartworms, dental and flea issues, halitosis [3] [13].


This strong, active, muscular breed deserves a lot of your attention in its everyday food. Adapt yourself to the feeding tendencies of your bully kutta. The puppy that is 8-12 weeks old need 4 meals per day. Decrease the number of meals with age. Serve 3 meals to the puppies that are between 3 and 6 months, 2 to those that are between 6 and 12 months, and then after 1 serving is enough.

Top quality dry dog foods mixed with canned food, water or broth are recommended. For a balanced diet, make sure you follow the formula: 40% of meat, 30% of vegetables and 30% of starch. Organ meat (like liver, kidney etc.) is mostly what your dog needs.

You can also serve general nutritious foods like cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables like potato, carrots, broccoli, cooked eggs, pasta, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, etc. Egg shell has lots of nutrition. Crush and mix it in your dog’s food.

To assure complete nutrition, as also for a change in your dog’s taste, rotate the foods from time to time. Also, keep a constant supply of water. It’s good hygiene keeping their food and water bowls clean. [13] [14]

Interesting Facts

  • Unfortunately, because of its dog-aggressive nature, many bully kuttas are illegally [8] raised solely for dogfight especially in Pakistan. This is a gruesome, bloody sport, enjoyed by hundreds of spectators, mostly ending in either victory or death [1] [2] [3] [11].
  • Pink nose, yellow eyes, tri-color face, docked or kinky tail and height less than 32″ in males and 27″ in females are a few of the traits that disqualify a bully kutta.
  • Presently, this breed is rare in India and rest of the world, but easily available in Pakistan [11].
  • The very name ‘Bully’ is said to have either been derived from dog names like ‘Bulldog’, ‘Pit bull’, ‘Bull terrier’ etc., or from ‘Bohli’, which means ‘heavily wrinkled’, and ‘Kutta’, which means ‘dog’ in Sindhi, Urdu and other South-Asian languages [2] [3] [4]

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