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  1. Mike says:

    I adopted a Bugg Lucky almost 5 years ago now he is nearing 19 y/o. He is my baby, He has to be in sight of me or on my lap, laying on me or next to me at all times. I could not ask for a better boy, most of the time. He will not stop getting into the garbage( ok I will admit I’m not the best parent, I forget to put it up. I know better). He also enjoys (I’m sorry this is gross) eating poop. I’ve tried the powder you sprinkle on food that is supposed to stop it, didn’t work. I’ve talked to the vet, no ideas. Besides this gross habit however I have never had a pet like him. He still plays, he monitors my miniature schnauzer’s eating also. And will rgun over and chase him away from the food dish if he believes he has had more than his share. Which sometimes can be 1 mouthful of food. But all in all he gets along with him. They are best buds and are always close to one another. He has an underbite, many fatty tumors on him and has mid stage cataracts as well as heart issues. He gets meds for heart and takes canna butter for pain( ok’d by my vet). I know he is getting to the end but as my vet says his quality of life is still extremely well considering his age.
    He likes to go for rides, loves attention but is very protective of me when people are visiting( only barks at them nothing more if they move) he is very funny about when he gets into the garbage. It’s only when I’m at work. I get home & he meets me at the door excited to see me and stands on his back legs and will try everything to hold me where I am so I won’t see what he has done. By then I already know. He now helps me pick it up. I hold his paws together as “we” pick up the trash together. He is very sensitive when scolded & his feelings get hurt easily. But cuddles always make it better. My point is regardless of his quirks I love him so much and am so grateful he is part of my family. He speaks with his eyes and expressions, loves ear rubs and massages. Nope he is not spoiled at all! Hahaha. My only regret is that I wish I would have been able to have him from puppyhood.

  2. Sarah says:

    I have a litter of bugg puppies I am located in Delaware

    • Lewis Kennedy says:

      I want one.. I have a Bugg. He’s 3 n his name is Mack. He needs someone to play with. When I’m away at work for 13hrs a day..

      • Jessica Burns says:

        Bugs are very social and need attention all day. You need to get another one right away so that they have each other when you are gone to work. They will probably make a mess but laugh it off cause they are worth it. One Bugg alone cannot be left for 13 hours. Poor thing. Get a companion as soon as possible please!

    • Demetrius says:

      Hi I came across something on google that you had a litter of Buggs dec 2018 when are they available and how much are you asking

  3. Marion Allen says:

    Bug breeder contacts available?
    Would appreciate this info and or available pips and dogs.

  4. Victoria says:

    I’m in Florida hoping to find a Bugg Breeder or rescue a Bugg . Any help would br appreciated

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi. Does anyone know where i can buy a Bugg puppy? I liive in NY and Florida. Any suggestions? I am willing to travel. Thanks

    • Abby Loner says:

      I don’t know if you found one but I just flew from TX to PA to get a Bugg puppy. There are only a couple breeders that I would trust. One is in PA and the other is in VA. Look on FB and IG!! Good luck! Sweetest, best puppy ever!

  6. Heather says:

    I have a Bugg who I “rescued” at 6 months old. His previous owner thought a puppy would help her get out of the house and overcome health issues. Instead, he spent his first six months inside, eliminating on pads in front of a window. In her words, he was never outside long enough to know what grass is. This seems to have reinforced all the potential bad behaviors of his combination breeds.

    I’ve had him for 9 months now and I still haven’t succeeded in house training him! In fact, I’ve never owned such a dirty dog (he actually poops in his perfectly sized crate…even when the door is open). I walk him for up to 5k at a time…and he won’t eliminate. But the moment we get inside, it’s bombs away. I’ve tried pads, and walking, and long periods outside with him, waiting to throw him a ticker tape parade for a poop; I’ve tried crating and gating and leashing indoors; I’ve even tried a litter box. Nothing will dissuade him from pooping where he pleases. I have managed to “reduce” the amount of indoor marking he does by crating him, getting him neutered and cleaning fastidiously the places he’s gone before.

    He is also a mischievous little stinker…bathroom garbage raiding, underwear chewing, chocolate bar stealing, leaping over gates and on top of counters stealth thief…which would actually make me laugh except that 50g of dark chocolate, numerous puzzle pieces, a Q-tip and a (sorry boys) tampon have entered and exited his digestive system in the short 9 months I’ve had him. He also has a fondness for 50/pc buckets of live super worms (intended for the family’s very well behaved bearded dragon), which he steals out of my son’s closed nightstand and dumps in my bedroom. Yes, in my bedroom. I’m quite sure my Bugg either enjoys the sound of me freaking out or he thinks he’s leaving me a gift.

    Despite all of this, he’s as cute as a button, a supper cuddler and he loves to please his momma. I know that with time and patience, we’ll get him over his behavioral issues. My only hope is that he doesn’t seriously hurt himself before that happens. In the meantime, if anyone has some advice for dealing with my doggy, I’m open to suggestions.

    • CT_Homesteader says:

      Oh, my! I think what raised more of a red flag than the indoor pooping is the chocolate eating. Did you take your pup to the vet after he consumed the chocolate? As far as the poop factor goes…I had a Boston who was never fully potty trained & she had the run of the property (5 acres). She also ate an entire box of Munson’s chocolates one Valentine’s day (for which she was grounded). I attributed a lot of her behavior to the fact that she had issues…she was born with a cleft palate & I figured there must have been some other underlying factors going on there, too. Sadly, she lost her battle with Cushing’s disease in September of last year. And here I am rambling on!!! I guess what my point is, Heather, is that maybe a trip to the vet will give you some insight into why your little furbaby is behaving the way he is. I’d be interested in hearing what your vet has to say. Big hug for your Bugg!!!

      • Heather says:

        Oh yes, he definitely went to the vet after the chocolate bar incident!! The most expensive chocolate bar I’ve ever purchased!! In fact, it’s when they induced vomiting at the vets office that they found the Q-tip. They have little to offer in way of explanation. Alot of his tendencies steer toward the pug side, according to the vet and techs. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, unfortunately. He’s been taught that pooping inside is “good” behaviour and it’s up to me and my kids to convince him otherwise.

        • CT_Homesteader says:

          I’ve always had rescue dogs & as we all know, they come with their issues. Re-training is difficult, but I’ve found that a strict routine has it’s perks. I have a Boxer now that I rescued in September of last year. She’s 6.5 years old (I was told she was 4…I was lied to). She has only messed in the house once and that was my fault…she was trying to get my attention, and I was busy with something. We have a definite “schedule” now and I don’t even have to crate her anymore when we’re out for the evening. Maybe praise and the promise of a “cookie” when your boy does his business outside will make the road a little shorter. I have faith!!!

          • Heather says:

            Yup. Lot’s of Behavioural Modification in place. The problem is “catching” him in the act…outside or in. I’ve noted this week seems to be looking up, though. We’ve had a lot less accidents inside, and he’s definitely “asking” to go out (mind you, it’s by pawing at us, which is often just an annoyance to my kids…need to train them too). We’re getting better at recognizing his cues, and he’s realizing that he’s getting praised more for going outside. It doesn’t hurt that we’re experiencing a thaw and the poops he’s done outside are all collecting on top of each other. There’s suddenly a sign saying “Poop Here” 😀

  7. heather aherne says:

    I am looking for a Bugg. I would love to get a puppy, but am also willing to adopt up to two years old. I would prefer a female. We live in NC. Any ideas for resources?

    • Peter Whitehouse says:

      I live up in Ontario, there are lots of bugg breaders here if you’re interested in traveling. I recently bought an 8 week old bugg. She is auch a delight.

  8. Julie Dillon says:

    Hi all , my family just got a bug puppy 🐶 he is about 10 weeks old and we are madly in love but he’s a biter … any thoughts on this?? We are following vets direction etc… just wondering if anyone with an older boy or girl can tell me if this is a stage ???
    Also woman we got him from has 1 left and offered her to us .. we said yes so looks like we will have 2 😬 wild abs crazy pups.. anyone have 2 andvany advice ???

    • Pam says:

      All puppies Nip nd that is probably what he is doing. When they get excited and they are playing they use their mouth for play. He is only 10 weeks old and probably teething. It will get better over time but just teach him when he nips by making a sound and pulling away and Give him something to chew on when he tries to chew on your finger. Redirecting is important . Chewing and nipping etc. is normal behavior for a puppy., It is our job to teach him not to nip and bite at others. Only has toys.

  9. Emily says:

    I’ve been co-parenting my Boyfriend’s 10 yo Bugg and she is sweet, always happy and tail-wagging, loves to cuddle, only barks when someone’s at the door, and she is a million times smarter than her shih tzu “brother.”

  10. Tracy Allen says:

    I have 4 male bugg puppies

  11. Mary Lynn says:

    Looking for breeder of a bugg. I live in NJ. Willing to travel to NY or PA. Any suggestions?

  12. CT_Homesteader says:

    Earlier this week, I lost my long time companion “Chewie”. She was a Boston Terrier…born with a cleft palate & a few other issues. She was the best dog ever & I miss her dearly. Not a day goes by that I don’t cry over her loss. This morning, I met a woman at the local post office that has a friend who rescues “Buggs”. She asked if I would be interested in adopting one. I don’t want to act too quickly, as I don’t want to disrespect Chewie’s memory, but if I can adopt a pup that needs a loving home, I will. Watching the above video had me both laughing and crying. It brought back so many memories. There is nothing more true than the love of a furry companion.

  13. KML says:

    Casey Jones is our first dog ever. We were looking for a Boston and stumbled upon this accident litter. Fell in love instantly. She has a beautiful brindle coat. Everyone who meets her says she has such a sweet personality. Rambunctious at times (she’s almost 2) but not to the point where she’s out of hand at all. Loving, playful and loves running and sprinting at the dog park. She is a cuddler (especially in the winter) in the summer she cuddles near you but not on you like she would in the winter – I suppose she gets too hot :). She loves cuddling in my ‘nooks’ like between my legs or if I’m curled up on the couch she snuggles in the crook of my knee. In the winter she’s more likely to snuggle on my chest. She’s just an awesome dog and I love her to bits!

  14. sarah hawley says:

    I have a 4 year old Bugg and he’s the best dog. Very laid back, cuddles, quiet and rarely barks. He LOVES to play at the dog park and does not have a mean bone in his body. He does shed more then I thought, but if that’s the only issue I have, then I have nothing to complain about. They are an amazing breed. Just do not let them out on hot days, it’s too hard on their breathing. I usually take him out for long walks in the mornings when it’s cooler out and he’s a very good hiking buddy with my husband and I.

  15. Janelle says:

    My bug is having a lot of skin issues. Any other people have these issues with their dogs?

    • Kayla says:

      Yes, been battling it for over a year now. Still can’t track it down. Just narrowed out diet.

    • Krystil says:

      I’m not sure if you got the answers you need, but I have a bugg and he’s had issues starting at about three months… we fixed this by giving him a special diet all natural with no grains or artificial anything. And no animal by products … I also like to give him salmon skins and chicken nuckles(not bone just cartilage) and baths when needed with all natural products

    • Renee says:

      Some Buggs have issues with grains, you may needs to switch food. My Bella is fine with grains but sensitive to some shampoos

    • Karen with Bugg in PA says:

      Check diet. I do grain free diet for mine with tablespoon of virgin olive oil in it. I also rub him with organic coconut oil. Helps with his dry itchy skin and also repels fleas and mosquitos, etc. Hope this helps.

    • Peter says:

      I had a similar issue with my Bugg in the early days ( he is now 10 yrs). I switched his dog food to Multimenue Lamb & Rice dog food out of Montreal Canada. Now I use the Costco lamb & rice blend. The lamb and rice dog foods solved ithe issue

  16. Sandra Dieckman says:

    I would love to give one of your brindle Boston Pug puppies a forever home and lots of love. How much are your puppies?

  17. Carl says:

    Very loyal, and smart, easy to train.

  18. Carrie says:

    Curious about the bugg breed

    • Carl says:

      Very smart and playful dogs. They attention.

    • Melissa says:

      I love mine more than anything else in the world (human kids aside) He is smart, he is funny, and he adapted to my lifestyle and personality very well. Bear is his name, he just turned 2 in Feb. He really isn’t that stubborn, but he can also be easily bribed with treats (He LOVES carrots and cheesy poof balls!). I started a bit too young on potty pad training, but he picked it right up! Buggs are *incredibly* intelligent, and my Bear’s best friend is the cat!

    • Mel Beasley says:

      First off let me say my heart hurts for your loss of Chewie. By now, you probably already have another dog, unlike my actions. After having put down my 13 year old Pug at my vet’s insistance, I didn’t want to EVER get that attached to another dog, and have to go through another loss. However, after eleven years -and constant encouragement from my brother- I finally ‘caved’. He was dog sitting for his son (and fiancée) who owned a female Boston Terrier and a male Pug that were nearing delivery. That evening he called to wish me a Happy Birthday, and mid conversation began to yell…”the puppies are coming, the puppies are coming….that’s an OMEN…you HAVE TO have one”! At this point I must add that I have owned MANY dogs all at different times…among them two Bostons, two Pugs and several mixed breeds. The male Bostons (and one Pug) were NOT neutered, and the Bostons were way too aggressive for me. The Pug was calm …laid back and affectionate…. but this little stocky Bugg is the BEST EVER! He HAS been neutered, and he is a people stopper everywhere we go! Smarter than any dog I have ever owned– sings, watches TV….has his own favorite movie collection…is very animated in playtime—but STUBBORN. Also allergic to several things, but worth every extra minute of my time. I would love to attach a picture, but not possible here. He was SHOW DOG material when he was younger–‘Bugsy’ is eight now and has a lot of grey. Needless to say, my life revolves around this Bugg and vice versa. I don’t have a lot of years left and hopefully won’t have to experience the loss of my faithful companion–but I don’t want him to be lonely either.BEST EVER.

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