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Broodle Griffon


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Last updated: 17th November 2022

The Broodle Griffon is a small-statured toy breed developed by crossing the Brussels Griffon and Poodle. Its head shape may be similar to the Poodle or the Griffon, with its eyes being tiny and beady, or even large and protruding. Other features include short, floppy ears, solid hindquarters, and delicate Poodle-like feet, or even broad and stocky as its other parent. These sociable, well-behaved, cute looking dogs may be the perfect companion for any household.

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Quick Information

Other NamesBrus-a-Poo, Brusapoo, Brussapoo, Brusselsdoodle, Brussels-Poo, Griffinpoo, Griffonpoo, Griffondoodle
CoatCurly ( as the Poodle) or smooth and wavy ( like the Brussels Griffon)
ColorsBlack and tan; cream; white; golden; brown; apricot
Group Toy dog
Lifespan10 to 15 years
Size and HeightSmall; 7 to 9 inches
Weight7 to 15 pounds
TemperamentCheerful, loyal, friendly, smart, intelligent
Good with childrenYes ( who can handle them well)
Climate CompatibilityWell adapted to all climates though not comfortable if it is extremely cold
BarkingModerate to High
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DDKC, DBR, DRA, IDCR
Country of OriginUSA


With the Poodle being one of its parents, smartness seems to be inherent in the Broodle Griffon’s genes. They also possess a charming and good-tempered nature.

Their cheerful disposition seems to brighten up whichever home they dwell in. These affectionate dogs crave for the owner’s attention, going to any extent to please their masters. They would love to curl into their master’s lap and enjoy a cozy cuddle.

These friendly dogs mingle well with children of the family, though parental intervention is needed if very young ones are interacting with them to make sure that they do not manhandle the small canines.

Though they are friendly enough, they might have initial reservations about strangers like the Poodle, but warm up gradually after getting introduced to the person. However, if it inherits the inquisitive nature of the Brussels Griffon, it may display defensive behavior when an unfamiliar person or dog is around, thus needing socialization at the earliest.

Some of them may have inherited the Toy and Miniature Poodle’s tendency to bark, though they are not as high strung as them.



Though they are high on energy along with a playful nature, they have minimal exercise needs, thus emerging as good apartment dogs. They would do fine with a walk or some amount of outdoor games on a daily basis, or even suffice with a proper amount of indoor playtime if the owner is too busy to take it out regularly.


Grooming a Broodle Griffon depends on the kind of coat he has inherited. Those with a curly Poodle-like coat would need brushing at least two times in a week, and the coat requires clipping after every few months. On the other hand, those with a smooth wavy coat like the Brussels Griffon need less grooming. Apart from this, make it a point to clean his teeth twice or thrice a week, and wipe its ears using a damp cloth to avoid any infections. Bathe when your pet gets dirty, with a sink being sufficient, keeping its small size in mind.

Health Problems

This hardy breed is not known to suffer from any known breed-related issues, though might be afflicted with the common ailments of both its parents such as respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, tracheal collapse, dilation, gastric issues and so on.


The Broodle Griffon may be a trainer’s delight because of its intelligent nature, strong inclination towards listening to commands and willingness to please its master.


Socialize your pet since puppyhood, so that any unwanted trait inherent in it especially anxiety towards strangers which it might have if it is too inclined to the Griffon’s genes would go away. Take it out as much as possible and expose it to people with varied characteristics or physical attributes. Acquaint it to different experiences to enable your dog to distinguish between the good and the bad, and behave in a desired way, also a remedy for preventing it in acquiring the Poodle’s high strung nature.


Since this breed cannot withstand too much of cold, it is recommended to train them to use a potty patch indoors. Whenever you feel that your puppy wants to release, take him to the pad, and once he finishes, reward him with praises or even a treat. If he mistakenly releases before going to the pad, refrain from scolding him, but make it a point to take him there so that your dog realizes that this is where he needs to come whenever he has an emergency.


Give your Poodle Brussels Griffon mix half to one cup of dry dog food on a daily basis. Combine it with a diet comprising of essential nutrients.

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